Farming doubt of Halloween quest

I have seen that obtaining Farming CE is problematic, because you have to balance:

1- getting bonus spawn CE

2- getting bonus currency CE

3- gaining currency from nodes that do not give so much currency drops

So, knowing also that we have a little more than 1 week before the end of the event, what do you suggest to do if you have not a lot of time to play?

Since i can play in the next week only during the evening, i was thinking that the best solution for people in my situation is ignoring CE.

Or to say it better, no waste currency to buy CE in the shop. I borrow always a friendlist +100% spawn bonus and do that node. What i lack in currency bonus drop is mitigated by the extra number of monsters who can drop currency.

Sure, it’s not an optimal solution. But getting shop CE requires time and currency. And since next week i won’t have a lot of time, i fear that the currency spent for getting shop CE would be more than currency gained using those CE.

Your opinion, suggestions?

I mean… None of the event CE’s in the shop are game changers outside of this one event, heck most of them are kinda bad… still as this is the Re-Run it is the last chance to get them of you’re some kinda completionist .

Nah, i’m not a completionist.
I simply aim to get:

1- All Bathory brave ascension items

2- All feathers for my Waver skills

3- All the red things for my Illia skills

4- all the tears for no real reasons save for the fact that i found them hard to find in event shops, usually

On a side Note, my farming team for all nodes. (Please note a Ibaraki getting ready to bully some unlucky monsters)

Ibaraki NP1 (skill max) - Penth NP1 (Skill max) - Nobbu berserker NP4 (skill level 1)

all max level

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What’s you stance on the gatcha?all the ce’s for bonus currency are from it. the quests aren’t exactly hard to beat, but of you’re running very few event CE’s you’ll have to make up for it by running more quests?

The optimal thing for anyone who doesn’t have multiple gacha CEs to increase their drop bonus is to simply skip all bonus CEs, and spam pyramid with a friend’s +100% spawn rate CE. So yeah, it’s actually recommended for most people to skip the CEs in the shop. I did that last year (I only bought the Elly CE because I got a drop and wanted to MLB it) and finished the entire shop without using any apples, only regen AP.

Saving all SQZ for Tamashark next year and Summer Nito.

Point is, i only truly need some items, most of them need gold currency. Wouldn’t be more logic for me to run only single currency nodes?

I don’t know. If pyramid is better even if there are 3 drop currency

Well, at least with the 400 gold i farmed this morning, i have secured all Bathory ascension items.

All that remains is clearing her CQ when they will come out so that i can get her NP5.

Because in the end, materials can be farmed anytime. But Bathory Brave NP5 level 80 comes on in this event.

Better loosing some materials than loosing a Event Servant that won’t come back

Basically just calculate how many of each currency you need using Gamepress’ farming calculator, run Pyramid until you’re done with 2 out 3 currencies and then run the node that has the remaining currency. Use a friend’s appearance rate CE at all times.


Ok, so i should look what kind of spawn bonus CE to use.

Brown for golems

silver for snakes

gold for…don’t remember

You can just check the additional spawns of each CE in the game. Pick a Support, check his CE.