Farming for Valor (FEH Re-run)

Is there a good place to farm Valor? Been doing auto on Repel The Empire. I’m still at 300k Valor out of 10M, and the event would be ending soon. LOL

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Sadly, that’s the best way to do so without consistent Shadow Soldier runs on Alberian Front. And even then, it’s too slow without co-op to pull off.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Had a hunch that would be the case – you did confirmed it. :sob:

I mean it’s not terribly bad. We’re getting the Kindred Ties section Tuesday, and you’ll have an additional two weeks to get 10M Valor as a result. Should be way easier since that content’s confirmed to have co-op modes for the new maps.

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You don’t have to grind to 10m, all the good stuff is in the first million. After that it’s just augments and eldwater and stuff.

I’m at like 1.5m and I still haven’t finished the endeavours (clear Repel X times or clear Front X times). So… play the event, use the bonus wyrmprints :feh_lucyshrug:

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With full valor prints (a mub copy of both The Heroes Arrive and A Brief Repose on your whole team), Repel the Empire (RtE) on Infernal will give you ~12,000 valor per run and The Alberian Front (tAF) on lunatic will give you ~150,000.

Obviously you can auto RtE, but it gives much less valor. Buuut tAF is a giant pain in the rear and even if it only takes about 2-2.5 minutes for me to clear…it’s not something I want to do. I haven’t completed the clear endeavors for it yet and am basically forcing myself to do 3 runs of it a day to chip away at them.

All the good rewards are in the first 1 mil valor so if you don’t feel up to the grind get to that and do tAF on the easiest difficulty for the endeavors.


I greatly appreciate the responses from everyone! Thank you guys! I’ll aim roughly around 1M Valor or at least get the good stuff as far as I could.

I just completed the Endeavors for TAF, but after that I didn’t bother playing it. LOL.

Just an off topic, but seems like MH Event was more engaging.

Arguably both the Megaman and MH event were more engaging than FEH, but for different reasons. Part of it is probably because FEH was their first collab event. Even during its first run it was grindy, but tAF was really only beatable in coop and at the time it was fairly difficult even with some of the best units because it was still pretty hard to get good weapons. They couldn’t really change it too much for the rerun but they probably could have afforded to not make the valor cap 10 mil.

Megaman, while maybe lacking a bit for things to do, didn’t require a grind and had some neat boss battles.

I’d say MH as their most recent collab was also their most successful. Had a good amount of things to do, but wasn’t horribly grindy. The grind that was there was still kinda fun because the quests gave plenty of rewards in the form of base materials like orbs and insignias, which was great for newer players and let everyone stock up on them. The daily quests also kept a nice variety in what was needed for the event each day and kept it from getting too stale.

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I hope that FEH Part 2 will be as engaging as MH.

MH Part 2 was the time I started this game (The game was not available in my country before that time). So when I started, I didn’t know what to do, I missed on a lot of top Endeavors on MH (the 20k might and higher ones), but somehow was able to get multiple characters to Level 80 with 46MCs. because of the rewards from the Battles, Store, and Got to Box #30 for the summons. I ensured to get all Normal and Fire Weapons from that event, so it was a breeze unlocking the Campaing one after the other. Only it was until the HDT that I realised I rushed leveling that I did not prepare, all of my other elements where not event at 10k might, so it was only this time around that I got to Agito/HDT. (3 months later) With carefully planned Wyrmprints, Weapons, Augments, and Dragons.

Even until now, I’m deligintly reading guides and tips, specially for end-game content. Learning this game never stops for me. LOL

so, I think the kicker is going to come in part 2.

We currently have all the content that was in part 2 of the original run, when the part 1 missions gave much less valor and badges. This plus that they’re teasing more units for a part 2 banner makes me think we’re getting more missions in part 2 with higher numbers.