Farming guide for new players

Recommended Farming starters for newbs (NA)

This is a suggestions for all newbies and by no means comprehensive. As we head into summer, with so many events and content being released regularly in FGO it can be daunting. This is a guide from my experience on how to get yourself a farming squad as quickly as possible in order to give yourself the best “bang for buck” during events and get as many rewards as possible from events as well as doing double duty in chaldea gate. Events are the best way to gather ascension materials, qp occasionally very strong 4* servants and Craft essences. Having 2-3 of these servants ready to go will go a long way to your success.

This guide is intended mainly for events that have a requirement of – Clear Fuyuki. Events with higher requirements that require the Clear Solomon or higher are not newbie friendly events.

The suggestions are based on a few criteria

-All ascension materials for servants must be available before the 1st difficulty spike in the game Camelot.
-As this is for more event farming and chaldea dailies AOE will be prioritized
-Servants that have a strengthening/interlude prior to Camelot
-Unit Cost can be an issue for newer players so 1-3* are prioritized. Especially when event bonus CE’s come into play.
-Skill levels – the lower the investment the better but level 6 skills shouldn’t be too difficult
-I am assuming the maximum starting charge Craft essence a new player has is either a couple of Max Limit Break Dragon’s Meridian (FP Gacha) or 1 or 2 4* Imaginary element or a combination of these 2.
-Servants with NP Battery skills or some way to charge their np are higher priority.

Not necessary for 1-3*s use a support aoe assassin or aoe Berserker

Spartacus lvl60 – (1/6/1 skills). IMO probably the most important and easy farming unit to get for new players. Gets his NP battery very early. Easy to NP5 from FP gacha. Approx 150 gold exp cards required. All materials are available from singularities from London to Fuyuki. Level his 3rd skill if you have spare resources

A note about berserkers: A lot of newer players underestimate the value of Berserkers, expecting them to sustain and survive for long periods of time. While there are bersekers that can do this berserkers are important in farming because they have class advantage over everything except 1 class. Getting them to fire off an np ASAP makes it easier so Dragon’s Meridian or better is very important to them. In the context of farming you will commonly come up against waves of enemies of mixed classes. Eg 2 archers 1 lancer. Sabers won’t do the job unless the archers are very low hp, an archer won’t do the job unless the lancer is very low hp. That’s where a berserker comes in

Shakespeare lvl65 (1/1/1skills) is fine. The ability to charge either his own np gauge by 20% or a party member is extremely useful. At even 1/1/1 skills he provides good support to buster servants. Easy to NP5 from FP gacha. Approx 150 gold exp cards required. Having a np that does some damage can also help deal with trash waves. Level his 1st skill if you have spare resources

A Note on Hans: Hans is undoubtedly one of the best servants in this game However the focus of this guide is to enable new players to farm event nodes and which Hans is less suited to.

Medusa NP5 level70 (1/1/1 is fine)
As a 3* rider she is the most expensive unit on this list – approx 200 exp cards required. You will need to max ascend her before you get access to her 3rd skill a 20% np charge but worth the investment as she will be seeing a lot of duty. Level 2nd skill if possible

Arash Np5 lvl60(1/1/6)
regarded as one of the top farming units as his np hits ridiculously hard for a 1*. A lot of new players think because he dies for the np damage output that it is a big problem. This is actually a good thing. See the link at the for an effective demonstration. It means you can position someone else in the backrow who has an np ready to go. The drawback is he does not get his full damage potential until you complete Camelot. But still generally good enough. Only important skill here is his 3rd so get it as high as possible if you have spare resources.

A note about Euryale: while strictly not a farmer she is important to have. Especially heading into Camelot

See example of basic 3 turn farming concepts (not my video and an old video and could be done faster but it’s the basic idea)

As for Lancer and Saber I will not really recommend any here as the choices are limited

There is only 1 3* aoe saber in game – Fergus
And there are 2 1-3* aoe lancers - Romulus and Hector take your pick roughly about the same

Other Notes:
-Do the quest to get Mages Association uniform Mystic code ASAP
-Make friends with anyone who has Waver, Merlin, Helena (all casters)or Ozymandias (rider) as they have the all important Party Np charge skill
-roll the Friend point gacha daily - the most important craft essence is Dragon’s meridian. Try to Max limit break this asap.
-Squad composition doesn’t matter as much in most farming situations – it’s just getting the noble phantasms off that matter
-Events will obviously have boss battles however most of them are easy enough
-Check these forums when events are running - there will usually be budget farming comps posted within a few hours. (They will almost all involve Arash or Spartacus if not both HINT HINT)
-Do not bother with 30 ap or lower Ember gathering. 40ap only as soon as you are able to. Use a support servant preferably Jeanne or Hercules while you are getting your squad set up to appropriate levels

This was an old guide I wrote up a long time ago and I believe you need about 2-3 weeks time to get a farming squad up ready for events from experience. As someone who runs 2 accounts, 1x f2p, one whale account, everything I’ve recommended here I have done myself and tested. I started the f2p account during the original saber wars event in Jan 2018. It cleared shop of the original KnK event in that ran a month later using these servants and supports where necessary.


Hey, nice guide you wrote up here! :fgo_alterasanta:

I believe it is concise enough so as to not scare new players while keeping the BIG details that they should be aware of. Nice of you as well to link a video (even if it’s old) to demonstrate the fruits of such early-game labor.

While I still think that precisely info-dumping is what’s scaring a lot of people away from these kinds of games, you’ve managed to write up a short guide that covers the important points simple enough for new players to follow. This will be of use for the upcoming wave of people being drawn to the bikini servants (A wonderful time of the year, indeed).

I’d like to point out that you included servants such as Shakespeare and Spartacus, especially since both together can throw an NP to clear a wave Turn 1 (assuming at least one Dragon’s Meridian MLB). These are easy to get AND raise, since you don’t really want to depend on somebody else’s Waver 100% of the time ( I know I used to do that, and It was driving me crazy when the list started having a lot more Merlin and other stuff)

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Nice initiative.

I take it that Paracelus isn’t mentioned due to how difficult his materials are to obtain early on?
He is less versatile than Arash and Spartacus but Paracelsus can reach some damage requirements.

One thing I’d like to point out is that while Spartacus can be useful for the routine farming with just (1/6/1) raising him beyond that can provide significant returns especially as he is one of the cheapest options for Nero/Gil fests.
It requires maxing his battery, leveling his third skill and Shakespeares buster buff.
With a level 1 plugsuit that is enough to oneshot the final waves.

It seems I was wrong and early on there aren’t many nodes he will struggle with deleting even with his third skill unleveled, one of the rare examples is Borough Market and that one is hard to 3 turn.
Events and later lost Belts appears to be the exceptions.

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Paracelsus isn’t mentioned because as when this was written Paracelsus didn’t have the np loop potential and while he can np turn 1 with minimal investment, Shakespeares np actually outdamages his np, plus the targetable np battery is a more direct tool and easier to facilitate for newer players. That flexibility I kinda think is beneficial for limited accounts. Where as while Paracelsus’s ability to facilitate np looping is fantastic you require servants that can take advantage of it. Shakespeare also has better synergy with Arash and Spartacus.

However Paracelsus certainly is an option. And gains more value as players develop their roster.

This list was also made with the idea you’re battling time and resource limitations to get a farming squad ready for an event on short notice. It’s going a while back but I am almost a 100% sure I was able to get the ascension mats from just doing the story on my f2p account for Arash, Spartacus and Shakespeare by the time I finished London. I distinctly remember spamming the ember dailies the week before KNK and having a day to spare. The other thing is this is a bare minimum kind of setup. Having to level 2 3*s (the other being Medusa) on short notice is a bridge too far for starting players IMO. At least not in a 2-3 week time frame.


I agree that Shakespeare is generally a better pick due to his support capabilities and I’ve personally relied on Shakespeare to provide NP gauge and buster buffs.
Early on that is a massive help and he won’t be outdated, I still use him for certain farming on JP.

I mentioned Paracelsus kind of for the reason you covered, that massive battery.
While his damage isn’t the best it is still enough for some nodes.
11k neutral damage without any skill investments isn’t that bad.

Those are fair points.
The main quest should provide most of what is needed to ascend those servants, even if it doesn’t in the future it will get easier for newcomers.
Was it LB3 or 4 that made clearing main quests provide materials?
Edit: Those rewards are part of a Main Quest campaign that should arrive in March 2021.
Having a functional Ember/QP farming team is a massive QoL improvement so in that aspect Medusa is a higher priority.

I’ve just realized that I got stuck concentrating on minimal investment servants for Gilfests.
Paracelsus, Arash, Spartacus, support Waver and Shakespeare seems to be able to 3-5 turn one of the rotations.