Farming Guide

Seeing as who the CCC event needs things like “Defeat x Sakura Worms or X Servant” I was wondering if there was a guide to where say the most (even better most to least) Sakura Worms could be found or where a “Lawful”, “Neutral”, “Chaotic”, etc servant could be found.

Google “fgo CCC gp guide”, a really helpful one will pop up

The main site has the whole Walkthrough as usual (AP efficient and all):

But I guess it’s not that useful for you since you didn’t follow it from the beginning, so here’s the enemy locator:

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Shows what I get for just checking out the fandom wiki instead of the fandom AND gamepress wikis

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Once an event starts, go to any gamepress Fate site like the last walkthrough you used or your favorite Servant page or whatever, and 99 to 1 the walkthrough will be one of the “most visited pages” that day down near the bottom, that’s where I usually find it first. :^)