Farming QP

Finally finished with the choco ladders, and since I don’t have the items I need in the shop, should I continue to farm at the 40AP node to exchange Flavor Boost and CooCooCacao for QP or just farm in the daily treasure vault instead? Which one is more efficient and how about you guys?

Daily quest is much more efficient.

But do you also need Lanugos and fangs? The free quest in the event might be worth your while. What kind of bonus can you run?

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Event nodes are almost never more QP efficient than dailies, so it’s usually worthwhile to farm them only if they drop materials you need. Also, the mat drops rates in these event nodes generally aren’t as good as the best free quest option. So, essentially, if there is a particular material you want to farm, and you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of drop rate for some decent QP, the event nodes work. If you’re looking exclusively for mats or QP, you’re better off farming dailies or the appropriate free quests.


Actually i already have quite amount of lanugos and fangs atm, and besides Im not gonna roll new servants that need these items for some upcoming banner… so for now I purely just focus on QP only

Don’t need any drop items from free quest atm… so it’s go to treasure vault then. Thanks

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Good man.
Another Master who knows the values of QP


I’m getting a bit depressed about how quickly hundreds of millions of QP can evaporate, especially due to Setsubun prep. I’m down to 120m, even with those two lottos barely a month behind me.

Right now my feather needs are far greater, but I will certainly be back in QP hell, soon enough…

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I’m down to 60 mil again after finishing Semiramis’ skills and applying a few more lores to key Servants’ skills.

When I need a break from farming the chain and stake node, I’m going to doors. And vice versa.

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I only have 15 million QP, and I’m debating about skipping milk farming just to farm doors.

I’ve never understood why ppl farm QP instead of cleaning event’s shops. If you have the time, you should get everything, even if you don’t need right now. Who knows when you’ll get spooked by someone…


Nodes, bcs free gacha ticket drops. Unless it’s not dropping anymore, Idk.

Wait, what? Are you saying there are nodes that drop summon tickets?

Idk if all of them drop tix but I’m sure I got at least 5 tix on the last 3 nodes(black/white I don’t even remember) around a week ago.

There were summon tickets in the Manufacturing Rewards ladder. Are you certain that wasn’t what you saw? Because there are no tickets listed in the drops section of those quests. Also, I am pretty sure that if that was true, there would be a lot of talk about it.


Not sure about that part, that’s also why I haven’t really talked abt it, I just put it here to see if there’s anyone who’ll correct me or agree with me to make me 100% sure.

The one thing I’m sure about is that I got tix & got nothing from the gacha.

tickets are from choco ladder, technically it counts as “farming” tickets but they’re not node drops lol


Oh I see lmao, that means I’m just stupid sorry bout that.

2.7 x 10⁷ QP. Not enough.