Farming Setup for Guda Guda Avici


Hope the farming hell is treating you well!

I’m preparing for this battle and having trouble finding an optimal setup, so I want to see what others have planned.

My current thinking revolves around taking advantage of Oda’s Rider bonus against Drake and Fatsaber; add an Arash to free up cap space; and using EMIYA for Okita. Does that make sense?

Oh, and hopefully I can find a whalefriend with Okita+MLB Poster GIrl for max bonuses.

Avici lineup reference


Well, my tentative plan is to have Arash blow up the first wave and kill Caesar and Eric while the next two attacks will further injure or possibly kill (I’ll have either Cas Gil or Tamamo) Mata Hari.

EMIYA swaps in for the next group of Servants. Support Okita will be the third to help take care of Benkei and then I’ll either let her die or swap her out when Nobunaga and the Gold Nobus come in.

It’s a WIP since I don’t know how fast this will clear them out. Worst case, I take out one of the 20% Bonus Servants and use someone else in place of EMIYA as my main DPS.


I’ll just use Nobu (because of point bonus) and use a support Archer whatever it is but with an MLB Portait. That’s all matter to me. All my other team member will be thos ewith point bonus.


1x kiyo 2x merlin (with waiver switched to jumpstart that merlin np)

Nice n steady dont have apples anyway


I guess I just go for my usual bosses rush team… Vlad 3, Waver and Tamamo… Back line probably old boy Emiya Shero, Mash and a support which is not to be named.


I don’t have to care for bonus servants since I would end up exceeding Honnoji points at the end of event. And I don’t have any drop CE so I am free to put whatever is convenient.

First turn: Arash with MLB Holy Night Supper
Second turn: Santa Alter with Kaleidoscope (or Spartacus with MLB Golden Sumo but I’ll be forced to max his second skill)
Third turn: Santa Lily with Kaleidoscope
Fourth turn: Nobu with Kaleidoscope

Support is Waver. I think this setup is clean for stable 4-turn farming. For reference, front line is Arash, Waver and Santa Alter, Santa Lily swapped after Arash dies then order change Santa Lily to Nobu.


Probably l will use Merlin, Mash/Waver with Gilgamesh as Support . Backlines will be bonus servants with events ce.


Probably gonna run Waver/Support Gil/Someone else. Enuma Elish my way to victory.

Don’t think I need many points bonuses but can throw Okita, Nobu, and Emiya with my 2 Guda-O CEs in the backline and call it a day.


[support] Anything with MLBd Guda PG + Nobubu + Merlin || [backline filled with crap bonus servants]
This is my plan for now, I’ll post later if my strategy fails or I’m going to change it


for anyone that needs a free to play setup
and want to maximise points somehow
george/leo/matthew/hans with all gudaos are useful
then just bring a support cu alter


How hard is this Avici node, though? I’ve been taking it easy since the enemies are weak, but it seems Avici needs preparations…? This is my first gudaguda event, so I actually have no idea.

Hope someone answers me (I’m really curious).


@takame Avici is basically a boss rush node. Seven Servants ending with Nobu, three Giant Gold Nobus, the finally Okita herself, all in a single round of combat.

It’s not that hard, HPs range from 50k to 60k for the first 7 Servants, 13k for the Nobu, and 120k or so for Okita. IT will only be available the last 3(?) days of the event so anyone who desperately needs to farm Points or Gold currencies will need to optimize their teams for maximum gains AND fast clear times. Though given the liberal amount of Event Points, it’s more likely people will need to farm the currencies instead.


Ooh, now it makes sense. Many thanks!


What’s the point in farming that without the event CEs?


What he is probably trying to say is, he will probably try to to farm gold drop without events CE cause he doesn’t have one to maximize the drop. (Unless he borrowed one from support)


I think a team of Arash, AoE Berserker, AoE Lancer, and Kuro could work decently well for this.
Arash NP Turn 1, Berserker NP Turn 2, Aoe Lancer Turn 3, Kuro NP’s Okita for Turn 4 and a 1 or 2 turns to clean up the nobus.


The quest was scary last time because I was new. Now, with Gil and 2x Merlins I will just Enuma Elish through it with ease. The back line will be servants with bonus points.


I only have 3* CE, and almost finished buying the gold EXP and fous. Currently farming Pratapana, next step would be Tapana then Avici. Besides I need hearts.


I’m having some success with (support Merlin) Kaleidoscope Kiyohime (turn 1 NP), Jack the Ripper on the front line and Ushiwakamaru, Altria Alter lancer and Robin Hood in the back. I never got to use Robin and thought of this setup before the event started so I didn’t factor in having Oda Nobunaga. I suppose Kyiohime could be swapped for Oda Nobunaga (since there are many enemies with rider perk) but I think a hard counter for Drake is needed since she is kinda scary (at least for me). Not sure if this advice helps or not since I’m new at this game too but I wish you the best of luck on your farming.


I try to do the Avici with only poster girl in my team but it’s hard. End up using a SQ lol :fgo_dshy: