So I have been seeing the term “Farming” throw around alot but I don’t quite understand it. Like I understand if an AOE servants would be better at clearing stuff and hence make it faster, but then whether I clear daily with 3 turns or 9 turns, I would still need to spend hours waiting for AP to regenerate afterward. So the question is why would certain servants be important for farming if you can use others and just spend abit more time playing instead of waiting on AP regenerate ?


It’s true, most of the day-to-day play will be just the a couple dailies and then waiting, but during events, when you break out the apples, it can get quite a bit more time consuming. People then like to build teams to clear quests as quickly as possible to minimize this. The prime examples of this are the lottery events, in which real time is the limiting factor, rather than natural AP regen, due to everyone and their grandmothers breaking out the apple stashes. Furthermore, even during the day to day grind, people like to spend time on things that are not mind-numbing, and thus try to do even that as efficiently as possible.


Because when it comes to farming event nodes where you also use apples, you value every second of your time (and also, your sanity) so the faster you can clear a node, the better. Especially when you clear some node 30 or so times :fgo_deadinside: And some servants make your life easier in these occasions.


Here is a quick overview of my apple situation on JP. Over time, your primary concern for some events and just general gameplay isn’t AP, it’s time. Even on NA the apple count rises fairly evenly until you eventually dump them on lottery events, but even that may not be enough to deplete.

Besides, after you play the game for months you start to really want some of the more basic nodes to be done with faster and faster. 3-turn farming (especially with short animations) is ideal for spending the least amount of time possible.


Oh, how I wish for an option to skip NP animations altogether with just tap, instead of just speeding them up.


What is this lottery event that you guys talking about ?


There are two main lottery events, namely the Nero fest en September and the Christmas event in October/December. The thing about this events is that, in addition to the regular shop, they feature a lottery. This lottery is played with special drops from quests and gives certain mats, EXP cards and such. This lottery can be reset without limit, resulting in a theoretically limitless supply of these materials. This is only limited by how many of the lottery currency you can grind, which is in turn limited by AP. Most people save up the majority of apples for these events, and as such, usually end up with more apples than they can feasibly use during the event, due to the aforementioned time constraints.

To give an example of the power of these lotteries, i haven’t had to grind a single ascension piece of monument (which included unlocking all soundtracks payed for with these), and I have more than enough Fools Chains and Knight medals to max all servants that I have that need those. They’re also the best source of skill gems.


It’s just efficiency. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Lotto events are important, but so are things like 1/2 ember gatherings or qp training grounds. An Apple nets you ~7 runs and the value on them is great. So if it’s lancer ember day and you want to blow through 5 apples or so, that’s 35 runs. 3-turn farming vs 9-turn farming turns into a huge time saver.

When we had Solomon—which was a raid event—1-turn kills and apple usage were very common because the entire player base could only KO a demon pillar 2,000,000 times. After that, it was gone.

But for dead periods, you’re absolutely right—it doesn’t matter unless real time is your limiting factor.


To give a more concrete example…

On average, it took me 3.5 minutes to clear the best node for farming Petals, the currency for the Nero Fest lottery. He 3.5 minutes started the moment I tapped the node I want to farm and ended the moment I’m back at the main screen to tap that node again. That time period includes selecting my support, loading the stage, using skills, watching repetitive NP animations, tapping through the rewards, then the loading screen back to the Chaldea hub.

If those 3.5 minutes was constant, I could farm that one node about 17 times per hour. At 40AP per run, that’s 680AP per hour. 680AP would need 5 Golden Apples. And, after farming every single day of the event, at every free moment I had despite the fact that I work 6 days a week, I worked through about 40-45 rounds of the lottery (can’t remember the exact number any more).

You can check the contents of each lottery box from last year’s Nero Fest HERE. But to give you an idea of the rewards, each lottery box gave, 25 4* Embers and at least 3 MILLION QP.

By optimizing my farming team, I maximized my gains as well. If my farming team had been any slower I might not have cleared out as many rounds as I did.

The same thing happened during the Xmas lottery as well as the Solomon Raids, though I ran out of apples by the time 5 Pillars were dead.

Hopefully this paints a clearer picture of why we strive to form 3-turn farming teams during events.


SInce I have no Kaleidoscopes , and am even 2 copies shy of an MLB Imaginary Element (which I might not even do until I have an extra one even), 3 turn farming is not really a option for me. Plus, I think with respect to farming that my patience runs out rather than my time. I find this game fun to play, but I don’t think I could sustain long periods of mindless grinding. I don’t even do that in looter-shooters I play on PC/console.

I’m personally satisfied if I can clear hard farming nodes comfortably, and easy farming nodes in about 6 or so (1 turn clears of rounds 2&3).


What? You can totally 3-turn farm if you max either Arash or Spartacus’s 30% battery, run the Harry Potter mystic code, and grab a support Waver.

Arash @ MLB Dragon’s Meridian w/ Lv.10 battery skill
Spartacus @ MLB Dragon’s Meridian w/ 30% battery
Support Waver
Farmer @ 50% starting np

Turn 1: Charge Arash to 100% with his skill and the music code. NP.

Then 2: Charge Spartacus. Pop Waver’s first skill to bring the farmer to 80%. Pop waver’s other skills to bring everyone to 100%. NP.

Then 3: Final wave, final NP.

Arash is cheap to raise and the worst part about Spartacus are those crystals and 24 bonus…but it’s definitely farmable.

Since you already have 3+ Imaginary Elements you can run any servant with 60% starting + 20% charge and bring Helena/Merlin/Ozy.

Arash starts at 60. Skill to 80. Mystic code to 100. NP and die. New farmer comes in. Pop teamwide charge to bring them to 80. Pop self-charge to 100% each.

3-turn farming is definitely accomplishable for bronze setups if you’re willing to borrow a Waver and use the right mystic code.

I mean, that won’t work for events, but for daily quests it’s perfectly adequate.


Since I don’t particularly find 3 turn farming to be a goal, I’d rather be spending my mats and embers on servants I will more generally use. I will probably get Arash up to at least L9, but spending a lore just to enable a first turn Arash NP seems like a waste to me, compared to all the other servants I could get to L10 that I would use in other situations. Not ruling it out, because Arash does have uses, but right not, he’s waiting in line.

Never bothered to level up Spartacus–it’ll probably be a while before I do.

I’m more of a fan of the combat suit, so I try to wear that as much as possible (I think it’s still only L6). Using the Harry Potter suit (L1) now because I’m so restricted with time and CEs in the current quests that I want the insurance of some NP charge, but for most farming, it’s back to combat.

I can see the allure of 3 turn farming when you’re doing an event and are looking to run something dozens of times (but then again, sometimes those quests don’t let you 3 turn with budget options). But for everyday quests, I just don’t value it myself, since I’m at most going to run 3 in a row.


It was more that you said 3-turn farming isn’t an option for you since you don’t have the desirable CEs. :p


Yeah. I’ll amend my statement to “not having the CEs, and not invested high enough levels and skills in the required servants” :slight_smile:


Exactly like @LeiCiel said. There are a lot of players who have been getting gassed up on saving for lotto events. Which isn’t wrong in any way and pretty standard, solid advice. I’ll echo it: You should save your apples for lotto events. I’ll just say that If a player’s team isn’t capable of making short work(Close to 3 turns if not 3) of the most efficient node, those saved apples aren’t going to mean much, unless the player has incredible mental fortitude. It’s just gonna drag on and on and before you know it all those apples that were saved are basically all still there. I only got 56 boxes opened in this past Christmas lotto and even with it all being 3 turn farming I still questioned my sanity throughout.

For day to day stuff playing on natural regeneration I’d say it doesn’t really matter if you 3 turn or not since typically you aren’t gonna be playing more then a handful of times.


In addition to all the other advice, as you play for longer, you will inevitably get better CEs to have better performance and CE charging capabilities. Furthermore, more options become available to everyone over time in the form of new Servants. Newer Servants are often designed with more NP charging potential (or it feels that way anyway).

Finally, Skadi is a big gamechanger, even if you don’t own her. She’s a great boon to farm 2 waves of enemies with a single Servant much like Nitocris (only via refund + her NP charge) if you just borrow her. For example, I am 3-turn farming some gold materials in the latest singularity with the valks. I can then use Ereshkigal to blow up the final wave with her NP + chain (from 50 stars valk made).

The short of it is, that 3-turning gets easier over time.