Fastest NP alive

Yeah I was wondering who has the fastest np of all servant ?

I know that for example, Tesla NP is quite fast. At least a servant who know we don’t have time to hear servant speaking again and again about their np :fgo_illya:

THe guy just throw his electric disk and that’s it. Quite efficient I must say, and quite pleased I am :fgo_judge: .

So some other servant fastest than him ?



Woah don’t have her but indeed that’s is one of a hell of fast NP. So need her now :3

Isn’t Arash faster though?

Not when you have the dying animation


IIRC, Bunyan, Mephy, and Arash.

We’re talking about the NP itself though. Besides, Guts.



And that s why
Bunyan arash and spartacus are a great farmint team lol
Each np takes like what 10sec max lol ?

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opinion bad, funny emote and meme comic girl good xd

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  1. Paul Bunyan
  2. Arash
  3. Spartacus (replaced by Medusa after his new animation)

I’m sure some NP are still faster than them, but imho they are the fastest for now

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Bunyan’s NP is literally a meme about being the fastest in the game, since she’s the Riyo servant and one of the many running gags in Learning with Manga is that Gudako wants an NP skip.
So Bunyan is the fastest it’ll ever get without an actual NP skip.


I tried to summon her with FP but I didn’t get her with mpore than 100k point :fgo_illya:

I didn’t know that we can be salty with FP

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She’s not in FP summon. She’s only from event.

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yeah, she’s the 1* welfare servant.

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Oh. When will she be back ?


Just before this coming summer, assuming “authentic JP experience”

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Real Answer - Bunyan, if i’m not mistaken it takes less than 2 seconds on fast speed.

Meme Answer - Hyde, he has no NP, which technically means it lasts 0 seconds and is therefore the fastest


You can flag the post all you want, it’s still not going to change that you were wrong and Bunyan is quicker. I’ll reword the post a bit, and I did do some tests when I was Ember farming.

I use both in my farming team, so it’s pretty clear who takes up more time, and that’s Arash.

I ran a few runs and took an average, certainly not scientific but it was enough. The times were recorded from the start of the black background (indicating an introduction to the NP animation) and the exact frame we see the map again. This is all on 2x speed.

Paul’s NP averaged at about 4.85 sec per use, and Arash’s NP averaged at 5.11 sec.

I can’t help any loading variations but I did try to ensure nothing but the emulator was open.

The time difference is extremely marginal, but where speed really matters is after the NP: Arash dies. Even if you use Guts, the animation for that itself will take up time that’s not spent on Bunyan. And of course, if Arash dies, even if you tap, that’s a couple seconds wasted.

So yes, both technically and practically, Bunyan’s NP provides a quicker execution than Arash’s.

Thread title is also Fastest NP alive and Arash dies anyway so…