Fastest way to get 5000 mana prism

So Bella Lisa is coming out and somehow I only have 100 mana prism. What would be the best way to farm mana prism so that I dont miss out on q MLB Bella lisa?


Lottos. The next best is buying all mana prisms from event shops, silver embers, and doing 30 ap hands.

You’re most likely boned out of Bella, bro. Hope you get an rp to buy it!


Since there are no Lottos currently the best way is buying the Prisms in the Gudaguda 3 shop, buying the silver embers so you can burn them and then doing the 30AP daily over and over again with Silver Ember auto burn on.

Doing the 30 AP gives you a minimum of 7 Silver embers IIRC so after a 8 runs (244 AP) you get 56, a week of that 392 and a month is over 1500, in less than 3 months you have 5000.


roll that fp gacha and burn everything


Yep, what most people said here.
Roll FP gacha and burn the everything (you get 1 prism for silver CEs and servants and fous).
Buy out mana prisms and all embers from the event shops to sell these for another 100-200 mp + 500 mp.
Burn the extra gold CEs you already limit broke and don’t need copies of for…I thought either 5 or 8 mp each?
Eat apples and run the 30 ap ember quests like crazy to sell the embers for 1 mp each (doesn’t matter if silver or gold). You’ll be getting 9 mp per run, which will still take quite a while. (Edit: 9 mp is on 40 ap quests, my bad. Less than that on 30 ap runs).
If really desperate, buy out silver fous in the event shops and also sell these for 1 mp each for a total of 40 mp.

Orrr…You can just take it easy, get 1 rare prism somehow, then hopefully buy the new Lisa from rare prism shop and limit break it at your own pace. (Not sure if it’ll get added, but it should be, right?)

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I assume Bella will be added to the RP shop about a year after its release, as most of the shop CEs are.

This is part of the reason my CE leveling goes so slowly, I burn everything for prisms. I just never seem to have enough. Those shop CEs just eat so many, and I buy out the MP shop every month.

I always buy and burn all the silver exp in event shops, it’s worth the currency. Better than ember dailies, anyway.


You’re not missing out anything, if you don’t have enough you can simply unlock it again with 1 RP which you will most likely have by then if you don’t have it already. If you only have 100 MPs i assume you’re a newish player so no need to rush it

Yeah I agree with everyone else, there’s probably no reasonable way to farm 5k mana prisms without burning excessive resources (apples, sq). Depending on how much fp you have you can try rolling the fp gacha but 5k mp is still a lot.


Starting from 100 is a tall order, especially for a ce that helps friends more than you. By the time it’s in the rp shop to unlock, you should have a rp from duplicate welfare or costume. Getting thousands of mp is difficult outside of lotteries I’m afraid.


I think you get about 2k from this event (1k in shop, 950 from the missions).
Sell the embers you get from the shop, roll FP gacha sell everything, and do silver EXP dailies.
If you grind it out (w/ apples) you might be able to get it (depending on how long it’s in the shop you might be able to get the 1k from the Case Files event too).
Just realize you’d have to run the EXP dailies about 200 times (minus the amount you get from the shop and FP gacha), it’s a pain in the ass but doable (assuming it’s still available for the duration of the Case Files event of course).

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In order Lottos,FP Gacha,Events and as a last stand doing the 30 AP dailies and burning the silver embers. Also i don’t see a reason to do this? bella lisa should last until gilfest where you can efficiently farm FP for it

Actually the news says Bella lisa is only going to be in the shop until the end of June, that’s long before Gilfest in September. There should be a different one in the shop by then. These CE’s generally only stick around for ~3 months on initial release

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Guess i’ll just use Ryouma RP then lol.

Pretty much like what was already suggested by people before me here.

  1. Try to complete as many events as possible to get the mana prism rewards. You don’t necessary have to clear the entire event shop, just buy whichever item that you need the most and redeem the rest. Leftover embers and fous from the event shop can be burned after you’ve finished leveling your servants.

  2. Roll the friendpoint gacha and just burn the embers and command codes

  3. Burn 3* permanent servants that you’ve already NP5 and have multiple copies of since they can still pop out in the gacha whenever you roll for a specific husbando or waifu.

  4. Try to dump in as much apples as you can for the 30AP daily ember quest you can easily burn the silver embers after each quests. Also,the daily quests are also important source. But at the same time, pace yourself carefully so that you also have enough to clear shop for events.



30ap exp node

friend point gacha

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Buy Saint Quarts and roll the SQ gachas while Burning every single silver servant and CE.

…but it is an incredibly expensive (and arguably stupid) way of doing it too.


use quartz to roll and burn e v e r y t h i n g


My strategy is to buy not only the mp from the event shop but also buy out the silver embers. Need to grind those bronze nodes.

Buy only the tickets and attack fous from Da Vinci shop and ignore the rest unless they’re discounted.
I used to buy everything at Da Vinci shop but noticed they can significantly deplete your mp reserves. Newbies should still buy those embers until they have a solid roster.

Do 30ap ember farming and keep rolling for the daily FP summons. Keep selling those silver embers and np6+ bronze servants.

the only bronze anything that gives mana prisms are command codes

Oops, you’re right. 3* silver servants i mean.