Fastest way to get 5000 mana prism

I dont know if it’s worth it to do all that, you’re missing on what ? a bit more friend points and a 5 % increase on qp rewards, i mean it’s fine but is it rly necessary to burn gold apples for that ? :fgo_insane:

No, no it definitely is not. But the question was “fastest way to get mana prisms” and that is, technically, the fastest way.


gold apples? at this rate, they’re gonna have to feast on rainbow apples

Kanna AP Refill


Yooo, shoutout to Kanna!


So hyped for season 2!!!


Sips tea

The Mangs is lewd, that is all.

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Huh, I don’t remember the Dragon Maid manga being lewd. Gonna have to go read it, again…

For research purposes, you understand.

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Im taking the DW approach to increasing vieership!

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I just want to to put it out there that you will need ANOTHER 5000 mana prisms come July to purchase Detective Fou CE (5% QP up, 5% bond points up).

For veterans this should not be an issue at all since you would have thousands of mana prisms saved up from all the various events.

But, for newer players, u will probably need to farm farm and farm.

Well how many kidneys do you have?


Urm i just realised you need ANOTHER 5000 prisms in May for personal coaching (5%, 15% master exp up) CE :stuck_out_tongue:
So, that’s 10,000 mana prisms needed soon.

Not counting bella lisa.

I have never ued the Master EXP CEs and my Master level is higher tjan 99% of my friemd list.

Do not bother.

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I will still get it to be complete.

Though i dont have 10k mana prisms at the moment. But, probably will after a few more events and the next lotto.

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Im rooting for you!