Fatal Smoke question

Is it possible to proc noontime after Lif initiated combat against B Hector, inflicting fatal smoke? I ask because he hit my Hector for 18, promptly died on the return, but I swear everyone else that hit Hector let his noontime heal him. And pretty sure I didn’t see a fatal smoke symbol. This doesn’t seem possible… what am I missing here? Are my eyes failing me because I am tired or did killing Lif have something to do with it?

(Below is added from Reddit just as a refresher)

  • Ardent Sacrifice does not enable a unit to heal an ally with [Deep Wounds].
  • Sacrifice is similar to Ardent Sacrifice, except it is also allowed if the target ally has any penalties on top of [Deep Wounds]; in that case the ally doesn’t gain HP and the unit doesn’t lose HP.
  • Reciprocal Aid allows a unit with [Deep Wounds] to use its Assist skill only on allies that have less HP and do not have [Deep Wounds]. That means two units with [Deep Wounds] can never use Reciprocal Aid on each other.
  • Martyr(+) / Live to Serve do not enable a unit to heal an ally with [Deep Wounds].
  • When a unit with Martyr(+) / Live to Serve and [Deep Wounds] heals an ally without [Deep Wounds], the unit’s own HP is not restored.
  • A unit with Restore(+) can heal an ally with [Deep Wounds]. No HP is restored, but the ally’s status effect will be removed.
  • A unit with Rescue(+) / Return(+) can heal an ally with [Deep Wounds] only if the associated movement is possible. No HP is restored, but that ally will be moved.
  • Odd Recovery and Alm’s Duo skill neutralize [Penalty] before restoring HP, so a unit with [Deep Wounds] will receive both effects. (In fact, Alm’s wording was changed in this update to put the [Penalty] part before the HP part. This is not done for Restore(+).)
  • If a unit is inflicted with [Deep Wounds], damage-dealing effects and HP-restoring effects after combat cannot cancel each other, e.g. Fury 4 + Mystic Boost 3 results in 8 damage instead of 2.
  • Fatal Smoke also neutralizes healing due to Special skills; Noontime is useless (triggering it still resets Special cooldown), whereas Open the Future becomes equivalent to Bonfire.

Smokes don’t activate if the user dies. It’s not like Kempf :feh_birbpeek:


I always thought they did, like Atk smoke.

Wow, that’s the only good news with fatal smoke coming out on that freaking truck-hitting cav named Lif.


Is there something on the wording that differentiates smoke vs Kempf?


I believe ‘after combat, if unit attacked’ indicates it’ll happen even if the unit dies (kempf, staves), whereas a simple ‘inflicts [stuff] on foes’ indicates it doesn’t work if the unit dies.


Ah, I see. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

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