Fate/Accel Zero Order Discussion Thread

Don’t worry, I also need to use all the command seals… 1 by 1 to charge up Waver NPs after Kerry’s Bar broke. One of the most annoying 3 turns in my playtime…

I fielded Artemis, Waver + Supp. Merlin. Leo (5th post) to Change Order with Waver should Kerry’s NP got full while focusing down Sabermuid, then Koutaro’s filled the post after Leo’s death, so damage taken got spread out. Needed 23 turn to finish.

Really grateful for GP challenge guide :fgo_anchin_sama:

I use Euryale and a borrowed Gilgamesh to kill Diarmuid, with Mash blocking their first NPs and Euryale stalling them a little bit. Medea for debuffing the Def up. And for killing Kerry I usually end up with some of those + Skadi and Summer Jalter, but not enough. I was close a few times, though. All of my servants are Lv 70, so that makes things a little bit more difficult, I guess.

Checked also the GP challenge guide but I don’t have most of the recommended servants so this team is the best I can do right now.

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Don’t give up! My roster’s also kinda underlevelled. Artemis lv80 & Waver lv72.

I’d suggest you to just use Eury to focus on the saberface, borrow servants like Waver/Merlin to help loop her NP while they provide you with enough protection + some sustain, a maxed Artemis could also work as 2nd dps, three Art deck works great, additional NP drain would be ideal.

If you have more taunters try to field 'em on the front and wait till either enemies NP turn, ideal if you have George with his 3rd skill unlocked for tanking both NP.

Don’t let Kerry fool you, he’s even worse when his bar breaks. So I think it’ll be better if you put only casters on your backline.

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Is there no separate cq thread this time? I always liked seeing different team comps.

I think I could make it using a maxed Artemis instead of Gil, but I don’t see any in my FL… :fgo_ereshdistress:

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If you need anything, just ask here and here

Not that I don’t wanna, but with my support list lvl atm, still won’t be of much help to you

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At least we got one for Illya.

There’s a black illya costume (during prisma rerun)?

I suppose welfares don’t get spiritron dress until kagetora, but they even have evil iri’s voiceline during the fight so really it should have been easy, just charge us 500 of each coins for the dress key

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Yeah we’ll get it in the rerun, not exactly the black grail but still looks good.

Maybe the reason why they haven’t given us that costume for Iri is because it’s technically Justeaze, but as i don’t see her ever becoming a summonable servant it still would’ve been nice to have just for fan service.

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Trying to figure out a lore reason why Iri should have a black outfit must be incredibly low priority especially when you’ll have forgotten you have her in a month’s time.


Sadly that’s true, costume or not i doubt i’d even use her at all.

I’m tempted to bond 10 her :fgo_epicsax_bb:

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Eh, it really wasn’t, though. They added just enough sex to be able to call it an eroge.

I always think back to my favorite definition of pornography:

“Any art in which you immediately lose interest after orgasm.”


Nice. Even if i would like to point out that since you can freely get 5 copyes, getting these 2 drops is pointless.

Unless i get 3 more (and it won’t happen), i will simply end up with a MLB and 2 spares that are weaker than most CEs we already have

I haven’t gotten any HRP drops, but I also don’t really want any. It’s perfect for BBikini in my buster setup, since she’s primarily there to nuke wave 1 or delay an enemy NP, lock Musashi chains, and produce stars, but I can’t see myself using it in any other situation. It’s useless before MLB, and not particularly good, after.


I got four HRP drops so… you never know. Where the hell was this luck when I was rolling for Waver? I’m going to be so mad if a 5th doesn’t drop. I’d almost prefer if I only got 0-2 drops. Goddammit.

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How is the CQ unlocked? Completing the elemental quests?

If you does not get a 5th drop, FGO trolled you.
That’s why i’m being very cautious here. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

From 1 to 3 drops it’s pointless.

4th Drop is painful, because there is a high chance you’ll end up being trolled by the game.

5th drop, you are safe. Now you can be happy

That’s exactly what I’m thinking like bruh… don’t do this to me. Don’t do this.

Good luck!
I don’t trust drop rates, best way to avoid getting disappointed is thinking that you won’t make it.

Afterall, it’s not like we can do something about that. It’s just luck. You could get easily 5 drops in 5 missions or 1 drop in 300 missions.

I’ll accept whatever fate throws at me.

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