Fate Amvs

There are a lot of songs that can match fate’s rhythm of high paced fights, so I want to ask if anyone has seen amvs with excellent editing done, so that the song fits the video to a T. Jp Tvcms can also be included.

Or with some godly editing? I felt these two amvs were edited really well:

Or this

I mean, it’s not really like the AMVs you just posted.
But I really love how many of the F/GO promo videos are cut together to make one great video. I also think that the pace of the song works really well with the fast clips.


Yup, I liked the amv. A lot. I tried searching for these kinds of amvs but I rarely come across them. The flow in this amv felt good, the bullet shell scene, mata hari’s dance scene to yan qing’s kick. I loved the continuity in those scenes. Also I saw Musashi’s head dodge with good music (that scene is just beautiful!), hence I created this topic

I really like these ones:

Ahem, I think it’s time to stop ^^’


Not really a fast past action song but I suggest prepare a tissue

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I really liked the first one, unfortunately I liked an amv with the same song as the third one, so both got mixed up and I couldn’t enjoy it a lot. :anguished:

Ah, forgot about this thing. Not really an AMV but still good:

Also, some kind soul made a translation so I'll just copy-paste it here.

欢迎来到进述人类未来的资料馆:welcome to the advanced human observatory research centre
这里是人理续存包障机构 【迦勒底】:this is the organisation for the preservation of the human order [chaldea]
警报!中央管制室发生火灾:report! A fire happened in the central command centre!
动力设备已停止动作:equipment has stopped operation
数据更新:人类灭绝已确认:data report: extinction of humanity confirmed
前辈… 你能握住我的手吗?:senpai… can you hold my hand?
特异点F . 燃烧污染都市:singularity F: flame contaminated city
一起战斗吧:let’s fight together
你和你的从者做好背负人类未来的觉悟了吗:have you and your servant prepared to take on the burden of humanity’s future already?
第一特异点 . 邪龙百年战争: first singularity: hundred years’ war of the evil dragons
第二特异点 . 永续疯狂帝国:second singularity: eternal madness empire
第三特异点 . 封锁终局四海: third singularity: sealed ends of the four seas
第四特异点 . 死界魔雾都市: fourth singularity: death (world) demonic fog city
第五特异点 . 北美神话大战: fifth singularity: north American myth war
第六特异点 . 神圣圆桌领域:sixth singularity: divine realm of the round table
这1500年的旅途,只为再次站在您的面前:this 1500 year journey, only for the chance to stand in front of you again
已然遥远的理想之城:fortress of the distant utopia
此为治愈一切伤痛,平复一切怨恨的吾等之故乡:the place that cures all wounds and dissolves all hatred, our hometown
第七特异点 . 绝对魔兽战线:seventh singularity: absolute demonic beast battle front
终局特异点 . 冠位时间神殿: final singularity: grand time temple
旗帜啊 保护我的同胞:o flag protect my comrades
英灵们…自发地被召唤了?:heroic spirits… naturally summoned themselves?
在各个特异点结下的缘,在此集结:the reason in every singularity’s ending , gathering here
这样的我, 在最后也有了自己的愿望: this kind of me, got my own wish in the end
前辈 ,能再一次握住我的手吗?: senpai, can you hold my hand once again?
能够将那光带的能量防御住的物质,地球上并不存在:a substance that can withstand the power of the light band does not exist on earth
但那只是在物理法则的范畴:but that is only in the laws of physics
她的守护是精神的守护:her protection is the protection of the mind
倘若心灵没有一丝污秽,没有一丝犹豫:if her heart does not have any filth, any hesitation
就会成为不会融化,也不会崩塌的无敌壁垒:then it will become a super barrier that will not erode nor collapse
不可能!你…你是:impossible! You… you are
吾之为名 【所罗门】:the famed Solomon!
盖提亚,让我来教你最后的魔术吧:goetia, let me teach you my final magecraft
诞生之时已至,其为修正万物之人:the time of birth has come, he is the one who masters all
加冕之时已至,其为始动一切之人:the time of crowning has come, he is the one who begins all
訣别之时已至,其为放手世界之人:the time of parting has come, he is the one who lets go of the world
去吧,这就是我作为指挥官,最后的命令:go, this is my, as commander, final order
以我第四兽凯茜帕鲁格的理性,换取你的生命: use my, fourth beast cath palug’s mana, in exchange for your life
永别了,玛修 基列菜特:farewell, mashu kyrielight
我确实见到了,美好的事物:I definitely saw it, beautiful things
恭喜你,愿望实现了, 罗马尼 . 阿其曼: congratulations to you, your wish is finally granted, romani archaman

At least you enjoyed one of them :)

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You have to give me more than just one amv to make me cry(Though I did cry for an amv - you can be king again, I just watched the movie before watching the amv) :) but it did make me feel sad. The second one was really wonderful.

My own personal favorites the song just seems to fit really well and its pretty well edited

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Best Imo

Bonus :


Not exactly a fate amv, but one of the best damn amvs that features nasuverse characters.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about his one. I think the song and the scenes work really well together.
Though, I guess you need to like the song, to enjoy it. :sweat_smile:


The first video made me feel extremely sorry for Gilles. After I saw this, i got to like him a bit more.

These are three of my favorite Fate AMVs:

This is an oldy but I really love this one, “Incoerenza”

This has one of my favorite bands, Within Temptation, and features my favorite episode from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya season 1. The only draw back is that they used a few scenes from the Opening and the Text is distracting. “Empty Eyes”

This one USED TO BE ON YOUTUBE and it took me forever to find it. That said, the quality on this chinese site doesn’t compare to when it was on youtube. “Untraveled Road”



Was the last one from heaven’s feel movie?

Yes the first one.

Came across this one recently consisting of the Anime(s) and the FGO CM videos