Fate Apocrypha NA News Thread?

When will we start hearing about the Apocrypha event and get the news drop about it? I dont really know how to get information about it other than from the app itself or from here. Also will there be a walkthrough guide for this event, because I’m a little confused about the structure of this event after reading the main quest and raid quests pages that are already up. Also hoping for the off chance that they decide to release the mordred costume early :grimacing::crossed_fingers:


Your guess is as good mine. Potentially Soon™, though JP went SW -> LB1 -> JTTW -> Apoc so… soon, but not that soon. :v Still need to make it through LB1. I expect to personally hear about it as JTTW is dying down.


See above. We can only work off of JP schedule and anticipate and hope NA gives good build up and whatnot (although JP’s also had times of “Hey here’s an event! in seven hours enjoy” IIRC so lol).


GP is known for it, and they haven’t let us down yet, on top of Sizzle’s last few posts being about Apoc in the first place, so.



Thank you for always getting back to my posts so fast! Is there a jp schedule on game press I can look at?

I don’t know about GP, but Cirno has a nice event schedule I use.

I just use go.wiki honestly, dk offhand if GP has something like that.

But yeah, because NA schedule tends to accelerate around this time or later (cf. last year’s Shinjuku -> SE.RA.PH etc., or the year prior’s triple whammy of Rashomon -> JTTW -> Onigashima -> Camelot -> Anni), historically anyway, I expect a bit of that so we can make a nicely-timed Anni.

Ultimately though your guess is good as ours, you can look at fan spreadsheet predictions but those aren’t official and are only so much better than what I or Mysty linked. Return to thinking on this after at least LB1, but even then.

Doesn’t Shinjuku came before Seraph?

Yeah, brain lapse. Thanks for catching that.


You forgot the first journey to the west in there between the oni events. Three grindy events right in a row that I can’t forget. Makes it memorable when it coincides with my kid deciding to only take an 8 month stay in the womb, and then only completing events because I played at 2am to keep myself awake feeding him…

You mean you forgot the horrors of pre-BB Shinjuku?


Don’t remind me of that

@Mysty More like didn’t stealth-edit quickly enough. D: That wasn’t forgetfulness, but brain to fingers not working.

@GrailedAstolfo I thought it was fun! Megalos though, ew. Annoying.

I think Megalos is easier than Lobos

Megalos was way more fun, if nothing else, IMO.

Ah I didnt realize that Apocrypha was still so far away. So LB1 should be in about a week, and after that Journey To The West Re-Run and THEN Apocrypha in about a month I think


Yeah. Soon but not so soon, unless you’re on JP. Time for Raid guides to be prepped and whatnot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Apocrypha will likely be around end of April.