Fate Apocrypha Raid thread

Figured we might as well seperate the raiding from the news thread. In addition, you can suggest stuff for me to work on next.

The main raid stuff is up right now as are the Main quest.

I could make a calculator if you’d like using these quests, I could continue my work on making the Free Quests page (have to add drops for that in, but the quests are likewise in) or I could make a brief raid prep post/news consolidation page for the NA crowd.

  • Free Quest Page
  • Add low level Raid Quest Drop Data
  • Add Raid Prep Stuff/Quick JP news summary

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:fgo_nitosheets: don’t look at me. I just wished to be first.

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Meh, I finally get to enter a raid.

different currency drops than OG run

Kill me. :fgo_jeannu:


I see high drop rates of Chains and Bones in a couple of the raid quests…very nice.

Lack of medals in Mordred’s quest drop list severely disappoints me.

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How do the raids work on this event. Like Solomon where all battles open at start and if everyone gangs up on the one with pages it will be gone in a flash? Or more like summer 2 races where a set of races are open at one time and you can still play after that team won? Or something completely different?

It’s rotated. Making a table about the entire schedule is a fair bit of html work, but I can create it. You can check OG run’s full schedule here: https://news.fate-go.jp/2018/apocrypha/


I’m not sure if this will apply to NA’s first run, but on JP it seems like 5* CE drops are higher than the listed 1.7%.

Yeah the Cirnopedia page schedule is mega confusing to me

i’m playing the event right now (lol when your only leveled ST DPS is Kama and the only remaining raids are assassins; kill me) and I killed Jack like 85 times and I’m somehow more than 75% of the way done the point ladder?

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They upped the coin drops by 50%, in addition to having better access to CEs (last time, friends).

Just don’t borrow those CEs or even unequip them if you intend to raid a lot. Get some bond points or QP/gold Currency instead. MONEY MONEY :fgo_buster:.


I don’t have any better CE options :fgo_deadinside:

I mean, CE drop rate isn’t something I can do anecdotally. You’ll have to point me towards data sets/sample size to convince me that is correct.

That said, I got 3 drops in a row, which was hilariously bizarre. But I can’t alter the rates without a source. That’d just be guessing.

I wasn’t trying to have you modify the rate, I just wanted to point out that it might be higher than listed, and it’s something to look into.

Noted, unfortunately, these data sets tend to have a huge time lag. C’est la vie.

I’m done with the points ladder, almost done with the shop. Most people I know who play JP have also cleared ladder and shop. I guess that’s just what happens when you have DSS+ Damage CE +Replay button. Man Skadi is just hella busted for raid events.

I cleared the Jack raid on the lowest difficulty and U’m doing the Atalanta raid in medium with my own Lv 50 Kitty Alter.

Ladder is done and so is the gold currency.

DSS was a mistake.

I like seeing 20 items drop from defeating one enemy.

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These raids are easier than expected.

Chen, Jalter zer, support Waver, Shakespeare proved to be enough for the medium first nodes and when I managed to MLB the damage CE then she oneshots the beefiest ones.

Mozart, Chloe,Waver/skadi takes care of the berserkers for a slightly faster clearing time.

Oh yeah, they’re super easy.

On NA you can run like support Waver + Shakespeare + Bedivere + Bunyan and clear the majority of them.

For the AOE ones, run Spartacus.

Haven’t really decided on who I’ll pick for the ST part but I’ve had Spartacus in mind for AoE raids ever since Nerofest.

I’d like to avoid using a plugsuit swap so I’m still testing out viable options but I also kind of want to let Penth use her trait bonus at least once.
Eh, I’ve still got time.

If I procrastinate too long then I’ll copy that suggestion.

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I really want to farm more feathers but I had twice this many apples yesterday…