Fate/Goods Etc. (a figures, posters, other goods thread)

So my lovely Learning With Manga Episode 3 miniatures came today. I have other two sets back home, I’ll post a picture later. This is the best one though, it has two best husbandos and three of the best daughters. I particularly love Bunyan and Nursery Rhyme reading an R18 Gudako x Mash book).

These are the only figures I have. Buying figures is even more dangerous to wallet-kun than the gacha. Someday I want to collect all the FGO Nendoroids though. I have some special edition Fate/Extella goods that I’ll post also later.


Wow, those look adorable as heck. I’d really like to see all what you have together. Good Smile truly makes some high quality figures, especially their Nendoroids. At this point, I wonder if it’s just better to collect those rather than toss money away on quartz.

Great idea for a thread! I’ll post what I have tomorrow, since I’d rather have the natural lighting for them and they’re in my bedroom.


I have the fgo artoria nendo

and not fate, but both the alice and aoko mahoyo nendos as well

that’s it, off the top of my head


That’s awesome! I’m surprised they even made those for MahoYo. It’s not super popular. I’m still waiting in the FGO collab. I want Touko or Lugh as servants.

Got Gil’s nendo and a lower tier Bazett figurine.

Oh, and a Saber keychain.

As a former avid figure collector, I can safely say that gacha (or at least gacha whaling) is far more dangerous than figure purchasing (unless you’re buying true blind-boxes [as in the ones that do not have a full set in a display case]). Or, if you impulse buy too much. Luckily, even in my avid collecting days, I scrutinized products to hell before considering a purchase.

As of the moment, regarding Fate goods, (off the top of my head) I have:

  • two Karna Nendos
  • Toy’sworks Collection Niitengo premium Fate/Apocrypha “Red” Faction Lancer of Red chibi figure

  • three FGO Metal Charm Collection Light Spear of Indra


  • Fate/Apocrypha - Servant Necklace: Karna


  • Fate/Apocrypha - Acrylic Earphone Jack Accessory: Design 12 (2017 printing)


  • Merlin Nendo
  • 1:1 scale Deluxe Excalibur Proplica sword
  • FGO Material art books vol. 1 and 2
  • Mysterious Heroine X 1/7 Complete Figure

  • Learning With Manga Episode 3 6-pack miniature set
  • FGO Petit Chara! Chimi Mega Vol.1 & 2 Box Sets


Let’s not forget at the end of the day, you actually have something tangible you can safely say you own, unlike with virtually every microtransaction.

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I could not agree more. If Aniplex or even just DelightWorks were hit by a meteor or eaten by Dark Sakura, I’d still have all my physical goods.

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Kawaii! Tempting just for that Ozy…

I have an order rn for a Petitrits J’Alter (I missed the first batch). It is a model kit and requires some work. Hoping it will arrive soon so that I can use it as a catalyst on January…

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Best of luck, and have lots of fun building the kit. I hope it comes out parfaitement.

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Those are cute! I’d love to get the Bunyan, Gudao, and Artoria Lion Kigurumi Nendos if they did a rerun (and I’d by any Jaguar Man/Taiga figure in a heartbeat).

I recently got into figure collecting and am having to pace myself hard as I’m on a grad student budget but right now I have the Ichiban Kuji Shiki, GSC void Shiki, the new Alter Jalter, and the motorcycle Salter figure preordered.

I can’t wait for the Moriarty, Salter Kimono, and Passionlip figures to open for preorder!

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I mostly buy artbooks when i get Fate related stuffs, such as all the FGO materials and Extra/Apocrypha material, the only figures i have are Jalter and Abby but they weren’t super expensive, still good quality though so i’m satisfied.

I’ve wanted to buy some nendoroids from some time now but the shipping is always insanely high, maybe next year.

They came home with me from Japan last July


So much for having natural lighting on this very outcast day. Here’s my current figure collection (with a bonus Darjeeling).

The Gudako and Astolfo are a bit on the cheaper side, but even in spite of that, they’re good quality for the price. I love the Nendoroid design for Paul. She’s so adorable.

I’m hoping to pick up the Gudako and Merlin figures in the future. Not sure what I’m going to be doing about traditional figs as they’re either in the cheap range like the ones I have or they go into the hundreds.


As promised some more pictures.
Some Fate/Extella special edition goods.

The whole collection of Learning With Manga figures.

I can’t say I would recommend either special edition of Fate/Extella. The Nero switch case is really cute but not worth the cost and the special edition of Link just comes with junk mostly. The Learning With Manga figures bring me so much joy though. Highly recommended.


I’ve got only 3: Shiki, Jalter and Gilgamesh.


Necroing this thread a but because I got some nice goodies in the mail yesterday.

Special edition Fate/Unlimited Codes with Saber Lily Figma and Fate/Extra CCC with Nero Bride. Now I just need to get a PS2 and a PSP, lol. Do you think well ever get CCC translated? Probably not.


Kiyo lover here


i would say i’m still a new fans of fate/go
not much all i have just these mochi

3 more Archer Gil mochi is coming soon.