Fate/Goods Etc. (a figures, posters, other goods thread)

(I legit prefer AppleJack. I just ended up getting Twi in the blind bags. Lets agree to disagree on best pony, and compromise in saying that “at least they’re not rarity” and laugh)


I’ll go along with that.

(I pulled a Rainbow Dash from that same blind box series. The IRL gacha is also a cruel mistress.)


I’ve got one of those too! Sadly, it’s rather cheap, and the chain for mine broke, so I don’t really wear it any more (I used to, though). One of these days, I’m going to look into what it would take to get one that’s actually made with a real jewel and, you know, quality metals and such.

Also, ngl, I like the look of that Tamamo card. (Lol at the Kirby.)


Strangely enough, I did one of these on a Keyblade keychain thing that had 6 keyblades (three of them sucked, and the other three were Oblivion, Oathkeeper, and iirc, Ultima Weapon). I was hoping for Oblivion, but got Oathkeeper. I decided to count myself lucky, since those were the only two I actually wanted. :joy:

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These just came in the mail today:

Finally a chibi Gudako that isn’t Chaotic Evil.


I love the saint graphs of servants, so I am trying to collect the wafer cards online if they are at reasonable prices.


Are these Bandai’s Petitrits? I was wondering: the parts you have to “glue on” - are those water slide decals or stickers?


Yes, they are. And they’re stickers, so you don’t need to glue them on, but… goddamn are those stickers small! There was a sticker for the emblem that’s on gudako’s neck… Thing could barely be seen.

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You did a good job though. Whenever I try to make models with tiny stickers (or worse water slide decals) the stickers either end up ruined or looking like a drunk 5 year old applied them.

Nice collection. I’ve thought about collecting the FGO Arcade cards before but the problem I have with cards is I don’t know how to display them. Do you even really own goods if they’re not out in the open so everyone knows you’re a degenerate weeb?

Oh-ho, generous of them) But looks like they still encourage you to use markers for finer details.

THIS. I have a psychological trauma after dealing with decals several times (poor Ledo will always be cross-eyed), and isn’t it nice when stickers decide to randomly unglue themselves (and using finish is not an option).



@dropsyjones I know what you mean about the stickers. Luckily, these stickers are high enough quality that they’re not prone to ripping, but low enough quality that it’s possible to peel them off if you’re careful. :smiley:


I have nightmares about disintegrating water slide decals. I had USS Voyager and USS Enterprise kits, I got so frustrated with the Voyager I threw it out and then just never opened the Enterprise. And Poe Dameron’s X-Wing is covered in crooked, peeling off stickers (on one side only because I just gave up doing the other half).

Hopefully they are stupid-proof enough that even I can do it because I just ordered all of the kits and preordered Okita. Those look really nice especially for the price.

Related, against my better judgement I ordered nearly $600 worth of figures last night so, uh, stay tuned.

i’ve been thinking of getting a salter figure. as i was searching, i found this one.

unfortunately at $275 on pre-order, i can’t get it :sob: :sob:


Relatable. I did that about a year ago. Still waiting on some of them, though.

That does look pretty nice. There was a Maid Alter one that was basically her final ascension art (with removable jacket), which looked alright… but… the whole swimsuit thing is a slight turn off for me…


yeah same. i also don’t like her turning at the hip. looks unnatural.

i’m probs just gonna get the shinjuku one that has been previously shown here.

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I’m still waiting for that damn thing to come in the mail. When I ordered it in September, the ETA was November…

Current ETA is April…

Let’s see if it happens…


My Petitrits came yesterday. I’ve got Jalter and Musashi done. Umucaster, Mash, and Gudako are on deck and Okita should ship shortly.


I’m not really much of a collector, but here’s what I’ve got:

Hard to find a good angle for Umu:

Also, Twilight is best pony, obviously.


Lotsa ponies, I see.

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Found this on Reddit, felt it was appropriate: