Fate Grand Automata Discussion and Help Thread round 2

Yay! We need a new thread to celebrate the wonderful tool @mathewsachin and @reconman created and shared with the community!

Here is a link to the original thread with helpful tips in the OP.

And here is the troubleshooting guide for FGA. Please check here first

Troubleshooting · Fate-Grand-Automata/FGA Wiki · GitHub

And as always, give a big round of applause to our wonderful developers who make awful material grinds a breeze.
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You no longer need to manually change modes in the new versions. The app will auto detect which mode is required through image recognition on starting and open the appropriate menu of options.



I saw in other discussions forum that FGOA can also do lottery spinnery? the one for the lottery boxes, how do i setup that?

does this mean, i should press start the fgoa at the lottery boxes to start spinning?

I don’t know if FGA is supposed to try clicking the retry button, but hardware related lags are not something that can be programmed out. If your frequently running into network connection problems, I’d probably try checking your Wi-Fi. A stable connection shouldn’t have that problem in the first place.


Yes. Hit play on the lottery screen and it will ask if you want to disable auto reset (to prevent early reset during grand prize boxes) and auto transition to gift box management.



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I remember that the old version of a year ago was able to click the retry button, so I thought the actual version has this function as well. Anyway, thank you very much :) I just wanted to know if I did something wrong or if this function does not exist.

I thought the continuing thread would get created automatically when a thread hits the max limit…
Thanks for saving me the trouble :fgo_ereshlove:

I need to link this from the GitHub page.
Also, is there a way to put a link to this thread and the end of the original one?


It does retry, but we’ve never tested for major connectivity issues. It should handle any connection issues that happen once in a while…

Maybe open a bug report on GitHub with a debug mode video so we can see what is happening.

Auto new thread? Nope, all user instigated.

You’d have to ask a site mod about linking the old thread here. We can’t add anything after it reaches 3000 and auto locks but they might have the power to unlock and add a post with a link.


I edited the old thread’s first post with a link to this one. Also linked from GitHub, so I guess it should be fine.

It’s only really a problem if the forum gets spammed by FGA help threads.


You also have the second-to-last post in the thread, if you want to edit it to add a link there too. Otherwise it sounds like you’ve covered your bases.


Good idea. done :+1:

The most visited thread on the website has come to its conclusion :feh_edelfrown:

Rest in peace old thread. Even though I never needed you, since I use iOS, you shall be missed


Want my old phone once I switch to an S21?


Is there plans to add 64bits? Also, I would like to know why it doesn’t work in it, just for some insight

My S21’s FGO performance seems a bit shitter than my older model tbh :stuck_out_tongue:


Same lol, I switched to my old phone for the lottery cos I just could not get it to work properly on mine S21


You’d want to link this thread in the last post of the old thread, correct?