Fate Grand Impact

As someone that enjoys both FGO and Genshin Impact, I decided it might be fun to try swapping characters from one game style to the other since the formats are quite different.

Swapping Genshin characters over to FGO format is a bit more consistently doable, just can be complicated at times due to the differences. There’s also probably several different ways you can adapt the same character.

Here’s one that I did:

Xiangling FGO version

Class: image
Cards: imageimageimageimageimage

Noble Phantasm: Pyronado
Card type: image
AoE damage, inflict Burn (3000-6000 dmg, 5 turns, scales from OC) and Confusion (30%-70%, 5 turns)

Skill 1: Invigorating Meal A
Increase attack of all allies (10% to 20%, 3 turns)
Heal all allies (1000 to 2000 HP)
7 to 5 turn cooldown

Skill 2: Guoba EX
Inflict Burn on single enemy (2000 dmg, 5 turns)
inflict Spreading Fire on single enemy (5 turns)
Increase own NP Gauge (10% to 30%)
Gain critical stars (5 to 15)
7 to 5 turn cooldown

Skill 3: Experimental Dish B
Heal one ally (1000 to 3000)
80% chance to buff all card types of one ally (10% to 20%, 3 turns)
20% chance to inflict an ailment on that ally (100 dmg, 3 turns)
7 to 5 turn cooldown

Passive skills:
Magic Resistance C
Independent Action B

Ended up as kind of a semi-support version of Nezha with some fun additions.

Swapping FGO characters over into Genshin’s game format is much more limited because of how much elements are central to Genshin’s gameplay and the lack of a more neutral element (maybe when Dainsleif comes out or something) means that only certain servants can really make the transition. However, those that can swap over can lead to some novel concepts.

Here’s one that I did:

Mephistopheles Genshin version

Pyro Catalyst

Regular attacks: throws small bombs, can break stone like Klee’s bombs
Charged attack: throws a cluster of bombs

Elemental Skill: Cursed Scissors
Swaps to his scissors, changing his regular and charged attacks into sword attacks that do physical damage. Applies the TickTock status to enemies hit by these slashes (stacks up to 3). Similar to Childe, you can swap back out of this mode for a shorter cooldown, otherwise it’ll forcibly swap back after a set time and have a longer cooldown.

Elemental Burst: TickTock Bomb
Unleashes centipede bomb, causing an AoE Pyro explosion centered on himself, deals more damage the more TickTock stacks there are on enemies.

Passive 1: Rampant Destruction
Regular attacks reduce enemy Pyro resistance (set 20%, doesn’t stack)
Passive 2: Barren Wrath
Scissor attacks reduce enemy’s ability to heal
Passive 3: Trickster
When cooking, has a chance to make an extra Suspicious version of the dish

Const. 1- Curse Arts: Reduces cooldown of skill
Const. 2- Countdown: TickTock stacks last longer and can now stack up to 5
Const. 4- Surprise Explosion: Elemental Burst range and crit rate are increased
Const. 6- Clown Laughter: Elemental Burst inflicts Corrosion on enemies, damaging them over time

This design is kind of a fusion of Klee, Childe, Hu Tao, the nuke mechanics of Raiden or Eula, and a mixture of other things.

So half of this is a branch of the Servant Design Thread and the other half is the opposite, figured I’d just put both together to be in one place.

Interested to see others take up the challenge, and if you need any ideas of FGO characters that can swap over to Genshin I can list a few that I’ve written down that have potential to fit the element system.

@The_Cheeseman I’m challenging you personally to design a Pyro Sword Nero that gains benefits from being near Geo Constructs, would be a fun concept.


Interesting proposal! I’ve got some stuff going on at the moment, but I’ll definitely get back to you on this! Thanks for thinking of me!


Okay, here’s my design for Nero.

Overall, my goal was to make her a selfish hypercarry with fast-paced, highly mobile skirmisher playstyle, similar to her Extella moveset.

  • Normal Attack: Beautiful Bladework
    [Typical sword user normal/charged attack string, with a focus on forward advancement and wide, horizontal strikes.]

  • Elemental Skill: Laus St. Claudius
    Nero dashes forward, striking every foe in her path and causing an explosion that deals pyro damage and launches lighter foes. Begins with 2 charges.
    [This would work like a cross between Shenhe’s tap E and Yelan’s E. The idea is to use it either as a gap-closer that you weave into your normal attack string, or to zip back and forth through groups of MOBs to juggle them.]

  • Elemental Burst: Aestus Domus Aurea
    Nero summons her golden theatre to weaken her foes and empower herself. Foes within the theatre have their defense, movement speed, and attack speed reduced, while Nero’s attack speed, movement speed, and resistance to interruption are all increased.
    Any geo constructs in the area of the theatre when it is invoked are transformed into Colossi Neronis. Each Colossus Neronis within the theatre increases its effects.
    This effect ends if Nero leaves the field.
    [The basic concept is that the field makes Nero a very strong solo DPS for the duration, similar to Xiao/Itto/Cyno. Any geo constructs in the area are carved into a statue of her likeness (I picture the statue of Saber Venus) which makes her seem even more majestic and powerful. Yes, the actual Colossus Neroni was made of bronze, not stone, but don’t sweat the small stuff!]

  • A1 Passive: Tres Fontaine Ardent
    After using Laus St. Claudius, Nero’s weapon is infused with pyro.
    [Elemental infusion is necessary to be a competent hypercarry.]

  • A4 Passive: Invictus Spiritus
    If Nero suffers a lethal strike, she will not fall. Instead, she will immediately recover 50% HP. This effect can only trigger once every N minutes.
    [Refusing to die is a core part of Nero’s kit.]

  • Exploration Passive: Imperial Privilege EX
    Nero can duplicate the effect of any single exploration passive possessed by a character you own.
    [No current precedent for how they’d template or code this, but I can’t think of a more perfect implementation of IP in Genshin.]

  • Constellation 1: Thrice-Setting Sun
    Invictus Spiritus can trigger 2 additional times before entering cooldown.
    [Self-explanatory. Intended to allow Nero to be played without needing a healer on the team.]

  • Constellation 2: Tempestus Premevere
    Laus St. Claudius gains an additional charge.
    [Intended to enable 100% uptime on her pyro infusion.]

  • Constellation 4: Rose Ichthys
    Using a normal attack while executing Laus St. Claudius will cause Nero to unleash an additional strike that deals AoE pyro damage and knocks enemies back.
    [A bit more AoE damage and crowd control, but optional incase you don’t want the scatter.]

  • Constellation 6: Last Encore
    When Nero triggers Invictus Spiritus while within Aestus Domus Aurea, she restores an additional 50% HP and the duration of Aestus Domus Aurea is reset.
    [Allows extending her burst window significantly, if you somehow get yourself killed a lot. Probably not very practical to fit into rotations, but it evokes Nero’s incredible tenacity and unwillingness to cede the spotlight.]


Oh, that is sweet! I haven’t played Genshin for a while now, but Nero would certainly get me interested again.

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Great work!
I was kinda expecting Laus St. Claudius to be her elemental burst, but your setup fits quite nicely with the concept.

As expected, her sword just generally seems like it’s infused most of the time anyway.

Very well thought out, what kind of team would you pair with her if she was playable?

The Mephistopheles build is very much a DPS and as such has lots of options for teams, but some of the potential team members that come to mind are:

  • Bennett, because it’s just his luck he would be stuck with Mephy, plus at c6 he could infuse Mephy’s scissors on top of all the benefits Bennett gives
  • Some Dendro character perhaps for Burning
  • Shinobu or Dori would be a nice addition thematically (Shinobu with her healing sacrificing her own health, and Dori for the supernatural angle) and for Overcharge so that his burst blasts them back even further
  • If going for a Melt team then definitely Rosaria thematically fits as support with the backstabbing and outfit design
  • Similar concept with Yelan for Vaporize teams
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Honestly, I didn’t give much thought to team comps when designing Nero. One of her weaknesses is a lack of damage or attack bonuses, so she’ll appreciate any buffs to those stats. However, she wants a lot of field time during her burst, so maintaining such buffs may be difficult. She is also quite mobile, so it would be difficult to play within Bennett’s circle (I picture her theatre being very large). She also focuses on quick, light hits, so she won’t be impressive in a melt/vape team.

As I’ve designed her, Nero probably wouldn’t be particularly meta relevant. I was focused on what I thought would be fun, not so much what would be strong.

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I kinda think she’d work quite well with Geo Traveler actually, using their burst (and skill as well) to buff Nero’s burst further.

I guess if she’s not staying in Bennett’s circle then there’s Sara that also gives team buffs, just would have to swap over to her and back to trigger the buffs.

And then of course there’s the team members for supporting reactions, several options that would work.

Did make this a little while ago
Zhongli as a defensive support.

Zhongli in Fgo

5* Lancer
Atk 10,170 - Hp 15,910
NP gain 0,59% - Star gen 12%
Hits: Q5, A4, B2, E6
Buster AoE NP

1: Dominus Lapids B+ (8-6cd)
Increase max hp for all allies for 3 turns (3000-5000)
Increase defence for all allies for 3 turns (10-20%)
Increase buster card effectiveness for all allies (3 times, 3 turns) (20-30%)

2: Golden Rule EX (selfless) (8-6cd)
Can only activate if np guage is at least 10%
Increase np gain for all allies (3 turns) (20-30%)
Increase star generation for all allies (3 turns) (30-50%)
Increase crit damage for all allies except self (20-30%)
Lower own Np guage by 10% [demerit]
Lower own crit star absorb by 100% for 3 turns

3: God of Contracts EX (8-6cd)
Increase NP guage for self (20-40%)
Apply Target Focus to self (3 turns)
Increase charge for 1 enemy [demerit]
Apply Target focus on 1 enemy (3 turns) [demerit]

Buster AoE NP - Rex Lapis - Planet Befall (1 hit)
Deal damage to all enemies
Lower defence of all enemies for 3 turns (20%) [activates first]
Increase max hp of all allies for 3 turns (2000 hp)
OC: Chance to inflict petrify for all enemies (1 turn). (40%-80%)


Magic Resistance EX
Increase your debuff resist by 25%

Core of the God of Contracts A-
Increase debuff resist by 15%
Apply damage plus for yourself (total card damage +300)

Archer Emiya in Genshin

(yes he’s gonna be Childe inspired too)

Pyro Bow

Regulair attacks: high power but somewhat slower in speed attacks
Charged attack: Arrow changes into Caladbolg, which explodes on impact bigger and stronger than a normal charged arrow but also takes longer than average to charge

Elemental skill: Forged twinblades (20cd)
For the duration of 10 seconds, Emiya switches his normal attacks to a twinblade fighting style
When activating the skill he releases a burst of pyro damage dealing a small amount of damage and applying pyro. Normal attacks are physical.
Normal attakcs: diverse sword strikes with high poise and speed
Charged attack: Throw twinblades to the target then dashes to the target dealing physical and pyro damage on impact.
(Note: Most energy is gained when first using the skill, so you don’t need to let it play out to get use out of him as sub dps)

Burst: Unlimited Blade Works (20 cd, 80 energy)
Creates a big field for 15s (Think Ayato Rain) that rains down damage upon all enemies inside of it and boosts the normal attack power of sword and greatsword users inside of it and infuses their attack with pyro. (also applies to Emiya during elemetal skill)

Passive 1: Trace on
Grant +20% energy recharge to any ally using sword or greatsword (also increases Emiya’s energy recharge during elemental skill)
Passive 2: Eye of mind
After dashing during combat gain 50% attack speed for 4 seconds
Passive 3: Experienced Chef
When cooking a perfect dish, has a 8% chance to refund ingredients

C1: Blacksmith heroic spirit: Emiya + Sword and Greatsword allies withing burst gain increased defence and poise
C3: Caladbolg II: During charged bow attack Emiya can jump which also causes him to become uninteruptable and lock on the last target in sight (if any) for the charged bow attack
C4 Rho Aias: When elemental skill ends (including switching out) create a pyro shield for 8s based on max hp (30s cd)
C6 Bone of my sword: Increase the size of Unlimited Blade Works and apply a tag to any enemy hit by it’s damage. Causing an elemental reaction to the tagged target causes blades to hone in for 5s to the target dealing damage every 0.5 sec and applying pyro


Interesting designs!

I was kinda expecting Emiya to be Geo since you adapted Zhongli just above and his main deal is creating constructs (just blades instead of walls), but it seems you merged Emiya’s Archer form with Muramasa, as the latter definitely has a Pyro focus.

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Yeah figued the entire style of UBW is kinda fire based.
And exploding arrows.

I did make Zhongli’s a while ago in a discord server while Emiya was more a ‘what the hell, I’ll add in the reverse too’

For characters I like that could be Geo…

Maybe I’ll do another set later. Avicebron and Kaeya.

Genshin Sanzang

Geo Polearm

Skill: Captivating Rosy Cheeks
Deals Geo damage to nearby enemies. Can be held, causing Sanzang to nullify incoming damage until she nullifies a set amount of damage or the skill is released. Deals more damage based on the amount of incoming damage absorbed. (Short cooldown)
(Basically the same as Yun Jin/Beidou/Candace. Not very innovative, I know, but it’s the best way I could think to translate this skill)

Burst: Five Elements Mountain Buddha Palm
Creates a stone pillar (considered a Geo construct, not that it’s likely to matter) behind an enemy, deals a series of weak physical hits to enemies between Sanzang and the pillar, and knocks them back into the pillar, shattering it and dealing Geo damage. (Enemies that can’t be knocked back still take full damage)

Passive 1: Sanzang’s Teachings
For X seconds after Sanzang enters the field, all party members have their Crit Rate increased, and all elemental skills generate one additional white particle. (Cooldown ~2X seconds)
Passive 2: Rapid Sutra Chanting
Generates energy for Sanzang when she enters the field. (Cooldown ~the same as above)
Passive 3: Journey to the West
Increases stamina regeneration rate. (No effect in domains or Abyss)

C1: Discipleship of Sun Wukong
Rapid Sutra Chanting increases the damage dealt by Sanzang’s next burst.
C2: Discipleship of Zhu Bajie
Captivating Rosy Cheeks temporarily increases all party members’ Defense proportional to the damage dealt.
C4: Discipleship of Sha Wujing
Sanzang’s Teachings applies Geo to the party for its duration.
C6: White Dragon Horse
Slightly lowers Sanzang’s Defense, but increases her Geo damage bonus.

I designed her as a Geo battery/sub-DPS. I mostly tried to translate her FGO kit to Genshin as faithfully as possible. I don’t have the galaxy brain required to put in actual numbers for all this and come up with anything remotely balanced.

FGO Rosaria


I have no clue what to put here lol

Skill 1: Regina Probationum
Increases Rosaria’s critical star gather rate. (Lv) (1 turn)
Rosaria’s face cards drop 5 additional critical stars. (3 turns)
Skill 2: Shadow Samaritan
Increases target ally’s Buster card effectiveness and critical damage. (Lv) (3 turns)
Increases Rosaria’s Quick card effectiveness. (Lv) (3 turns)
Skill 3: Painful Grace
Increases Rosaria’s NP Gauge. (Lv)
Increases Rosaria’s NP Gauge every time she performs a critical hit. (3 turns)

NP: Rites of Termination (Buster)
Deals damage to all enemies. (Lv)
Increases party’s critical damage. (OC) (3 turns)

I could have made her a lancer, but 1/5 of Genshin characters would work as lancers and so few would make good assassins. She’s supposed to be a main DPS/support flex who focuses on crits.
I didn’t follow the FGO meta very closely even when I was still playing, so I don’t know if this would be good, or even viable. And I’m absolutely not able to come up with reasonable numbers for her skills or stats.


This is a very nice thread! While I’m not very familiar with Genshin, I have really enjoyed the concepts of its characters working as Servants.

Question: would it be appropriate to offer some thoughts how to balance some servants already made? I have noted that some appear a bit underpowered, which is easily fixed by adjusting the values, but I’m not very sure if it would be polite to offer some edits :)

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Yeah, as long as you’re polite then people are typically fine with receiving advice. If they don’t like your suggestions then they don’t have to change their design or anything, but if they like them then you’d be helping out.

Thank you very much! Then, if you do not mind, I will start by posting my notes on Xianling design.


In general, the kit is coherent and well-rounded, if a bit undertuned. Some values are not specified, so I also included some propositions on them as well.

The Confusion values are not specified. Fuuma, who also has AoE Confusion on NP, has it as 30-70% Chance, scaling with overcharge, so I suppose we can add said values to Xiangling too.
For additional power and value, we can also make Burn scale with Overcharge (3000-6000, for example), or we may leave it as it is.

A variant Charisma with a neat healing effect. The problem is the Cooldown - the heal isn’t strong enough to warrant one more turn of waiting. Moreover, Idol Alter has the skill with exact same values and effects, but on a classic 7-5 cooldown.
So, I suggest we either boost the healing values or use the classic cooldown. I would vote for the latter variant: a bit boring, but definitely practical.

Considering it is a star bomb and not “Stars per turn”, gaining 5-15 Stars instead of 5-10 would be a reasonable bonus.
Otherwise, a good skill.

The strength of this skill depends on the unspecified values. How long does the three-colour bonus last? How serious and long is the ailment debuff?

I would like to suggest two variants:

  1. the safe and simple:
    The bonus lasts 3 turns.
    The ailment is 100 dmg/turn, 3 turns.
  2. High risk, high reward:
    The bonus lasts 5 turns
    The ailment is 500 dmg/turn, 5 turns

Regardless, we can also boost the heal. If we do that, we can also make the ailment a bit more dangerous. For example, the heal is 3000-6000, but the ailment is 1000 dmg/turn, 5 turns. Or something like that :slight_smile:

All of these tweaks were made with the assumption that Xiangling is a non-welfare 4* Lancer (just as Nezha is).

If Xianling is a welfare or a 3*, she does not need to be buffed and the original concept is a fairly strong Servant. The unspecified values still need to be specified, though.

I haven’t touched the base stats and the generation stats, as it would require in-depth knowledge of the character (and as I said, I’m not that familiar with Genshin).

Thanks again for the thread and the design!

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Thanks for catching that, I was definitely intending the burn to be overcharge and to copy the confusion values, but it slipped my mind I guess. Think there was something going on when I was writing up the design, so I was rushing a bit.

Oh, I guess I missed/forgot that charisma variant, so I just went on the safe side and added a turn, but if it’s already a thing I’ll drop the cooldown.

Fair enough, I can bump it up.

Oh sorry, this was definitely what I was thinking of, but I guess I forgot to include some details.

And since we’re reviewing this design, I’ll give some explanation for those that aren’t familiar with her.


The NP is based on her elemental burst, in which a burning spear just spins around her hitting anything nearby, hence the burning and confusion (since it’s an unusual technique and could catch someone off guard)

The first skill is based on her being a really good cook and having a bonus for cooking attack-buffing food

The second skill is based on her pet/remnant of an ancient deity Guoba, who breathes fire. Configured the skill to fit the concept in the game where he shows up briefly and burns the enemy, plus this means you can focus in on one boss enemy while still attacking the whole group.

The third skill is a fun skill concept I came up with based on her hobby of experimenting with unusual ingredients. Since she’s such a good cook I wanted it to be a fairly safe support skill with a high success rate, and the downside would be more of a flavor that most of the time isn’t going to cause too much problems.

Since I’m making some changes, I might add some passives as well.
I figure all Genshin characters should have some sort of Magic Resistance, since in that game all of them resist the magical weirdness you encounter more than regular people.
And I’ll give her Independent Action B because she often goes off on her own to find ingredients, and even wanders into dangerous areas sometimes looking for rare ingredients.

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