Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia anime TV PV


I can’t wait for it ! :fgo_buster:

Too bad we need to wait until October though but the work on it seems good !


that male Ritsuka


It would obsvioulsy be him since he was already here for the first movie :)


Can’t wait to see Leonidas.


And Ushi :heart_eyes:


I mean, we all know protagonists aren’t Fate’s strong suit so :woman_shrugging:

I’m absolutely looking forward to it. Babylonia is my favorite singularity so far although I worry some scenes lose their impact without context from the previous singularities. At least for people who haven’t played the game.

Hopefully this means we’re getting a Merlin rate-up in JP again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Shirou is a great protagonist especially in Fate UBW.


Wanna see animated Kuku-onee-san) And that Ishtar Airlines moment!
I really hope they won’t screw this up. Babylonia is a great singularity, and it deserves the best anime. Just don’t make another Last Encore.
Ahh, I wish we got Solomon movie too. Would love to see a properly animated fight with Goetia. And all those… other spoiler moments.




Nice! It may not be much to see yet, but the direction is certainly filling me with confidence. I’m glad to see a bit of Ishtar this time too. Only wish now that we could also see a little more of Quetz and Ereshkigal before the next trailer.


Definitely looking forward to the anime.

Looking more forward to the epic soundtracks that Fate animes tend to have.


A lot of Aniplex titles have been distributed across most of the major streaming services lately so that would lead one to think most people should have a good chance of catching it. Like The Promised Neverland, Bunny-senpai and SAO, prolly others I’m leaving out too.

I guess I don’t care where it actually ends up just please don’t go to Netflix.


Agreed. Apocrypha was a mess but at least it wasn’t Last Encore.

We need that screenwriter who adapted UBW and Zero.

Still, this is looking good so far. I hope they do it well!


At least Apocrypha had some time to its servants. Last Encore was more like, “Umu! - let’s show some booby babe with a ship - umu! - some guy in a green cape - umu! - let’s just skip this part, no-one will notice anyway - umu! - random things happen - random guys running and fighting - umu! - hi, I’m Gawain - umu! - the end”.

I hope they won’t sacrifice character development to epic battle scenes and find time for both.


The real in Last Ecnore was great. I do really like this serie, the ambiance was really good and obviously UMU ! I do not agree, they were charcater development but not focus on the other servant. It was clearly a choice and to me it was a good one.


I would prefer if they adapt all singularity into anime so that there won’t be confusion for people who have never play the game. Though seeing that all animation project for fgo are surrounding the prologue, camelot and babylonia means they themselves deem the rest of the singularities pretty bad in term of story. Hopefully I can clear babylonia before Oct comes. Still stuck in Camelot :fgo_deadinside:


I can’t wait for the Tiamat fight as well as the Medusa VS Medusa battle. Gudao’s 200-meter high bodyslam will make my day all day everyday. I can only imagine the Lahmus appearing


There’s a whole lot I wanna see but there’s definitely one thing that’s far above all the others.



cant wait for matthew vs the world