Fate grand order developers diary #1


they finally remembered the extra mystic code needed to be added to the rp shop. fucking finally

also fgo the stage camelot is a nice surprise. bd later, please

free quartz and bait banners. qol is cool too, though I want to see the full update list for it, to see if it has any of the stuff jp’s had that I’d like for us to get


I’ve been waiting for the filter for NP and card types since I started playing.


Thanks for sharing!

30+ new features and improvements…

Can we get Arash/KoRT AU pls, a full screen with no blue border is nice too


I want daily MP :fgo_brynsad:


:catroll: now I actually have to choose between lanterns and that mc for my free rps. Maybe see what my bond levels look like after the lottery. Not that I could buy it before Gilfest anyway, I’ve already spent most of my summer 3 rps

Wonder if we’ll get any of the skipped camelot banners. I’d love to np5 my saberlot finally. Not that I should roll with skadi so close and saving non existent after merlin’s tsundere act.

List of all 30 updates not covered by the video. Got some nice qol stuff, others rather meh for me.


This update looks rather nice as far as QoL is concerned but that extra shortcut button at the bottom bar is going to need some getting used to… The 2 row buf/debuff for servants is the best thing imo


Oh, so they did find a way to include a KYOMAF banner this year as well. It even kind of fits with the school theme: Raikou is student council president, Murasaki is a librarian and Kintoki is a delinquent.

Definitely didn’t expect FGO Stage to be brought over here. Maybe someday they will bring the skipped Winter Caravan banners as well in some form.


wow apparently we’re getting most of JP’s interface so that’s really cool, hell even the random ascension feature wich came at 5th anni iirc

tho I was still hoping for the cc upgrade to come earlier but oh well


So we’ll get a Murasaki banner next month?

Too early :fgo_jeannu:

Also i don’t see the new updated speed so i guess we’ll have to wait more for that, still nice to get all these QoL improvements early.


When is that raikou banner dropping?

Gil Animation Update and a Bunch of Free Quartz :grin: nice the Ui updates are also awesome


One nice thing about NA is that we sometimes get the UI updates less than 2 years after JP does, meaning we didn’t have to wait as long in the game’s life cycle to get them. :fgo_serenityay:


And is it just me or is fgo treating NA much better than before in its lifespan?


I think this started the other year when we began to see significantly early animation updates and some big QoL moves like the early engine update.

But yeah, I feel like they’ve stepped up the pace this past year, especially now that they’ve demonstrated a willingness to release some Servant strengthenings early when they aren’t tied to a Rank Up or Interlude Campaign.


I was planning to roll for her next rateup, but that was when I thought it was late last year, as of now I have no resources to roll thanks to summer 3 and summer 4

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This is good news. :fgo_jeannecheer:
I did just buy another unnecessary Lantern but iirc I still have 6 RPs so I’m probably still fine.


September 8 for the Murasaki and Raikou banner that also allows Kintoki to accompany them.

Finally going to get more copies of Murasaki and take my Raikou Lancer to NP3+…

I need to farm those miserable mirrors so I can max Murasaki’s other 2 skills. Astraea and Muzerker took them all!


I’m gonna have to resist the bait.

Murasaki NP2 and Kintoki NP1 would be nice, but the timing sucks.