Fate/Grand Order: Guides & Resources

Here are a few Fate/Grand Order resources that you may find helpful!

For beginners:
-Reroll Guide: How to reroll and whether it is worth rerolling

-Getting Started: Some tips for new players

-Combat Tips: More new player tips regarding combat

-Combat Mechanics: Detailed explanation of how combat works in Fate/Grand Order

-Team Composition and Strategy Guides: Some basic team composition ideas

-Guide to Account Recovery by @Psi

For more advanced players:
-Challenge Quest Compendium: A more advanced guide to team-building for difficult content

-Ascension Materials: A listing of all Ascension Materials. Drop rates & locations for each can be found in their individual pages.

-Bond Point Farming: A description of Bond Points, their usage, and a sortable listing of all Bond Point Farming areas.