Fate Grand Quest: CYOA

Table of Contents:

Forward and Prologue (right below)
Around Finis Chaldea: Chapter 1: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA
Magus Hijinks: Chapter 2: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA and 231
Skeletons Both Real and Imagined: Chapter 3: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA
Tohsaka’s Story: Chapter 4: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA
Flagrante Delicte: Chapter 5: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA
R&R and Summoning (1): Chapter 6: Fate Grand Quest: CYOA and 491


Welcome to Nasu’s World, where there’s Waifu’s galore—


In other news (Ignoring the others murdering Blackbeard), welcome to a CYOA of Fate/Grand Order! Will you win all the waifus/husbandos? Will you turn canon on its head? And I don’t even need to ask if you want a story where the MC actually has character development. It’s all available and your choice as long as you stay in character!

Though admittedly it would be quite interesting to play Gudako straight with only a hint of her insanity.

Things will change no matter what you choose compared to canon.

Standard Difficulty Class is 50 which is modified by various traits and circumstances so you can Auto Pass. Crit Passes will be successes in such a way that whoever’s on the receiving end will get a more extreme reaction. Auto Fail on the other hand can be negated by rolling another die or two depending on the circumstances and surpassing the DC. If you crit pass in that circumstance you might as well call it a ‘miracle,’ or a ‘flash of intuition.’ Typically you’ll be rolling Perception, Charm and Charisma.

A roll of 69 will insure ‘lewds’ off screen and/or an automatic increase of Bond Level depending on character of your character’s preference.

Nat 1’s will have… interesting effects. You may fail what is presented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a fail at life. Unless embarrassment counts :fgo_bbgrin:

Speaking of Bond Levels they’ll involve both Servants and important characters. Interludes will be triggered when the relevant Singularities are cleared and/or a high enough bond level is reached.

The Gacha will follow a more generous model given Craft Essences won’t be a thing. Each Singularity will net all Masters that are alive a collective pool of 30 Saint Quartz, however repeat Servants won’t be a thing, meaning the rolls will continue until you have all the ones available, or they’re unlocked later and can then roll for them.

The tutorial roll will give each living master 3 rolls (9SQ) with the guaranteed SR unless one or an SSR shows up.

Story-locked Servants are: Any Servant unlocked through events that I’ll cover (Yes, I’m going there [Xmas’, Summers, Valentines, CCC, Apocrypha, Nerofest, Gilfest, GudaGudas and others…] :fgo_happytomoe:), Caenis, Asclepius, Ashwatthama, Li Shuwen (Assassin), Red Hare, Yu Mei-ren, Sitonai, Antonio Salieri, Caster of Midrash, Tristain, Arturia Pendragon (Lancer), Gorgon, Quetzalcoatl, Bedivere, EMIYA (Alter), Rider of Resistance, Katou Danzo, Yugyu Munenori, Gawain, Arturia Pendragon (Lancer Alter), Jaguar Warrior, Cu Chulainn (Caster), Gilles de Rais (Caster), Thomas Edison, Li Shuwen (Lancer), Cu Chulainn (Alter), Queen Medb, Nikola Tesla, Medea (Lily), Jason, Arturia (Alter), Nero Claudius.

However Servant Combat won’t rely on rolls and will be played completely straight depending on your strategy and who is vs who to put it simply.

Rerolls will not be a thing, given I’m going the ‘Taiga Dojo’ route. That and write-ins will be a thing so you can prove to the world that this Ritsuka will be no one’s fool nor a cardboard cut-out.

Impress me enough with your responses and I’ll see to it that you can get an additional collective golden apple that will let you double up on actions and only one can be applied to one update at a time. You’ll start with 32.

Also Septem will actually have a story you’re all assisting me in writing so to speak. You’re welcome.

Now onto the story.


2017 AD

You are Fujimaru Ritsuka and have been contracted to Finis Chaldea…

Choose One:
[] You’ve been given no details on what Chaldea is and what you’ll be doing in general terms before accepting and subsequently being ‘kidnapped.’ (Master 37-47) {Easy Mode}
[] You’ve been kidnapped {Standard Difficulty}
[] You’re a Master from a Magi Family or the first that had appeared in your family through an Atavism of sorts. (Non Crypters) {Hard Mode}

Each of these can have write ins for additional detail. If you don’t ask for it, I’ll make up one of my own for whichever option wins.

You were currently on the way to Chaldea. The trip over and the treatment you’ve had was lackluster and mostly utilitarian in everything you see from the Pilot who’s probably as exasperated as you felt to the plane, that looked like it was falling apart, you were flying over in. You gave yourself and your Mystic Code that they let you choose from, a once over, are you…

Choose One:
[] Male
[] Female


Choose One:
[] Mystic Code: Chaldea {Default}
[] Mysic Code: Chaldea Combat Uniform

[] Mystic Code: Mage’s Association Uniform
[] Mystic Code: Atlas Institute Uniform
[] Casual Clothes under Winter Wear

These apply to all the former options, Choose One:
[] With a few personal belongings beyond your clothes and personal effects
[] With a Multi-tool, Flashlight and some pocket food
[]Write In.

And you’re feeling…

Choose One:
[] Resigned
[] Afraid
[] Content
[] Optimistic

You never thought you were anything special and were just lucky to get a job that would net you six digits in US Dollars per month. More than enough to give you something to fall back on to say nothing of investing in your future.

You were going to miss your family terribly, though you did wonder where your sibling went… apparently they got a job offer too but never went into detail.

Now you were off going all alone to what might as well be a high end job you thought you wouldn’t get in a million years. Here’s hoping you don’t get kicked out even with putting your best foot forward.

Upon arrival the pilot just walks you to the entrance and how to use the scanner, wishing you luck.

You put your hand on it and couldn’t help but wonder how it got the information it had. Why would it need to inform you you were a member of the primates. And how can it assess your alignment? Was this the organization headed by a Chunni?

Putting that aside as you entered Chaldea and let the door slide shut behind you, you were immediately welcomed by…

Choose One:
[] A man that looks like he walked out of a Jojo Manga. And you were starting to wonder if the whole organization is full of Chunni and if you were going to be told that aliens were real.
[] A young woman with white hair and a distinctly aristocratic air. You have to admit she’s great looking.
[] A young woman with black hair and glasses that seems different than she appears. Her beauty was greatly subdued by her general outfit.
[] A young woman with an eye patch and orange hair. She seems like she could stand to have a stick taken out of her ass.
[] A flaky looking guy in a lab coat with light pink hair. Was he really worthy of wearing one?
[] A young girl with pink hair in a lab coat. She seems friendly.
[] Your sibling. Goddamnit (Insert name/Gender)!
[] A rather dapper gentleman in a green tuxedo that seems off to you. Can’t be bothered.

Notes: You think that the MC was the only one that was going to get rolls? You thought wrong! Also some options just flat out won’t be available at times. Choose wisely! Also even if you don’t choose to meet up with your sibling, they’ll still be around.

Voting Ends on 2/12/21 10PM EST.
Also make your choices here in the thread.

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There we go, most of those are Choose one:

Question, could we pick a Mystic Code not included on the list?

i.e. Splendid New Year among others

Not really considering there’d be no impetus to have it yet. The ones I mentioned are standard.

Granted you could go the no MC route and blend in easier.

So we could choose not to be the MC, would OC characters be permitted?

Nope. I’m giving a lot of options to customize Ritsuka that you haven’t gotten in canon.

That’s the only thing I won’t bend at all on.


Does he/she have to be named Ritsuka?

I thought female was Gudako and Male was Ritsuka?

I’d like to have at least 10 people voting so that it would make things more interesting for all of us.

I see, tag me please.


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I’d be amenable to a name change. given gender. Though I did mention MC’s name right at the start of the narrative.

Besides I’m including your sibling anyway so you’re basically choosing who you want to be of the two.

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Yep I plan on giving it 2-3 days to begin with.

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