Fate/Grandprix Order

Anyone know what is up with this? I cant read Japanese so I dont really know what to make of all of it. Here is a link for anyone who hasn’t seen it

A) another weard collab like the one we have during chaldea boys,
B) a mini game like our pinball (i have enter to the link and i don’t know japanes)

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… wth… :fgo_shock:


They’re asking what horse racing is for you (or what you know about horse racing?) based on this screen:

Any idea what the whole thing is about though? It looks like it won’t be around until the last week of June but they’re advertising it pretty early.

Is it an actual in-game event? :thinking:

I’m still looking into it but from what I’ve read, it seems to be a collaboration event with Umabi which caters to horse racing enthusiasts

Edit: I think they’re also promoting themselves to be beginner-friendly for any people interested in horse racing (so maybe a guide about horse racing)

It’s a special website collaboration with a hoof-quartz summon and an original manga (Riyo)

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This one says that from the people who shares the tweet, they will choose 50 names randomly and will receive the prices below. A) Acrylic stand set, B) Coaster set, C) Tapestry

The second campaign will give three posters signed by Mandricardo’s and Mash’s seiyuus