Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA Magical Girl Cruise - PRISMA CODES - Re-Install Discussion Thread

Grab those Magic Sticks and Leotards beacuse it’s time to push that PG-13 Rtaing to it’s utter limit.

A lot of people are gonna go to jail tho but have some music for the trip:


Least Prisma isn’t as bad as Kara no Kyoukai collab missions.

Pure hell on it’s OG run. :sob:

The OG was one of my first events on this account from what I remember, and I didn’t complete it sadly.

I’m not letting that happen this time around xD


My damn apples are going to be gone at this rate.

Currently going through a Mission event, followed by another ladder then another mission event.



Alright, let’s talk the Mata Hari node, I wanna who got stun locked walking in blind to her node

The more people who fear/respect my waifu the better


My Valk and Sanzang have debuff immunity so no she ain’t doing anything to me…


The OG run was my first event and i got destroyed on the Raids at the time with my underpowered servants.

How the times change, who needs Damage CEs anyway?


It’s not the Fatal Battle theme for the Event


Altria Lily and Lancer are gonna die several times so I can challenge Medb again

Those damage CEs seem like a waste of time, I’m probably not going to bother buying the additional copy from the shop. Astolfo and Lancelot have destroyed every raid so far :man_shrugging:


OCD demands they be MLB, which mission-rewards plus that lone copy luckily takes care of.

Anyhow, highlights

Iason, master of dissing

Also, Iason casually spoiler-ing one certain LB5 Servant's design

Maybe he’s also hinting at Hephaistos making his way to FGO…

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I like how Illya can solo every raid regardless of the bonus damage, though to be honest i bet any servant could 1 turn it.


Isn’t using a ST Servant a little awkward though? Better to use AOE and take out all the adds in one go and be sure of it.

You don’t need to kill the adds though right? Once the boss is dead the thing ends.

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Is it worth killing the adds though? They never dropped anything for me so far.

The adds drop mats though, don’t they?

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The walkthrough does suggest making sure to kill the mobs for the mission counts.


Well yeah, that makes sense.

Well yeah, I do it but I was just making sure.

I’ve been killing the raids with my np1 summer BB Plus double Merlin using BG instead of the event ce. Been pretty fun npBBing lolis.

Raids have been fun.

Boudica got a rematch against Helena from 2 years ago:

Quetz destroyed the Myth that is Class Advantage by becoming a Magical Girl.

And the standard Medb doing big numbers, this time against a non male for some variety.