Fate Requiem: Board Games of the Apocalypse discussion thread

I played this event on JP and never completed it because of annoying mechanics


My understanding also is that this event is pretty horribly designed that some jp players dub it the worst collab, and now I can see why. Farm drops for the privilege of RNG potentially letting you do a quest, I am getting Sanzang going to west flashback :fgo_sanzangpoint:


I’m going to be entirely honest with you: I completely suppressed the memories of going West. That shit was not cool. I hope this is at least a little bit more fun than that.


I played this event with a new account during its JP run, I remember it not being that bad. The event was pretty generous with the rigged dice so it was easy to just roll normal dice at the start of the event (when you could land anywhere to unlock something) and start dipping into rigged dice towards the end of the event when you needed to get into a certain space.

I didn’t farm / read the story back then though, so dunno how it will feel to play on NA with an established account. :thinking: Still, I have good memories of this and am looking forward to it.


What time does this event start? Is it Friday evening (Saturday morning my local time)?

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Event infographic by kevinrealk on Reddit
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Farming this event wasn’t too bad iirc. At least I finished it unlike Going West. You’re bound to land on most spaces during the first few runs around the board so only those last couple spots might end up being tedious. At that point I remember buying the 1/2/3 dice from the shop to get it over with.


Welcome to the Erice fields muthafucka


pretty sure it’s 16 hrs from now


Thinking about it, that would make sense. Most events start 9am local time, which would be midnight (I think?) PDT. I think I was getting mixed up because events don’t usually start on a Friday.

But that would be very nice though, seeing as I’m ‘working from home’ tomorrow :fgo_bbgrin:


meanwhile us in the americas always had to stay up or wake up early to clear some AP :fgo_deadinside:

Edit: a look at the guide and the first step is 0AP ~30min read. Why you got to be like that game :fgo_gudako:


Could Alter please give it a rest? Being that edgy all the time must be exhausting :tired_face:

Also, Da Vinci Rider in Chaldea? Or are we calling the Wandering Sea Chaldea now? I know we’ve had to suspend our disbelief for some cameos in some events but this one seems fairly egregious.


This among us section is really giving off those Orleans wyvern vibes. I thought we learned that lesson 3 years ago. I suppose the handful of bronze drops is nice

Edit: maybe it is the lack of sleep but the MC so far infuriates me more than before. We know Mozart is lying, why are we getting drag around by him :fgo_gudakogun:


I think they called Wandering Sea a “New Chaldea” recently so it’s not bothering me really.
Although even the preview posted on twitter has an adult Da Vinci so it’s kinda weird.


I believe that depends on your main story progression, you only have Rider Da Vinci if you’ve cleared any lostbelt.

That way they can basically make it so the event takes place in both the old chaldea and the wandering sea i guess, doesn’t explain why the hell they would let so many servants running around while using precious resources only for playing tabletop games but this is how events are.


What’s up with the new art?


I understand it might or might not :wink: be story relevant, but I don’t recall new art that often without a new costume dress.

Marie is looking gorgeous though, but wasn’t that costume an FGOAC exclusive? Are they literally taunting us in-game now? :fu:


Probably just recycled them from the heroic portraits no? looks kinda familiar


Aha, so it is.


Am I the only one who finds it annoying that each time Amadeus bait, we end up taking him on? I got my own people I wanna check…like Marie. :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

I can guess Amadeus’ title from the way he acts. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

I saw it from the beginning. They looked too shiny plus Marie’s basket. Here’s Amadeus:

Btw we will never get those Spiritron dress. Onore Arukeido! :fgo_badciv:
No, those dresses came to the event first before going to the arcade as I remember it.


I really want a Marie costume as well, her hat looks stupid :fgo_brynsad:

Timelock spoilers

I assumed Mozart was the fanatic and Marie was the werewolf, seems Mozart was the werewolf and we are just supposed to guess the fanatic was Phantom? Seems like a loose thread, maybe we’ll come back to it. Marie isn’t acting like herself for sure, although…

Possible Marie Spoiler, probably don't click this

Seeing her act so sus reminded me that she has an Alter but I forget which event reveals that. I’m now assuming that if she wasn’t the werewolf then maybe this explains it. Voyager seems to agree at least.