Fate Requiem: Board Games of the Apocalypse discussion thread

Am I the only one who finds it annoying that each time Amadeus bait, we end up taking him on? I got my own people I wanna check…like Marie. :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

I can guess Amadeus’ title from the way he acts. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

I saw it from the beginning. They looked too shiny plus Marie’s basket. Here’s Amadeus:

Btw we will never get those Spiritron dress. Onore Arukeido! :fgo_badciv:
No, those dresses came to the event first before going to the arcade as I remember it.


I really want a Marie costume as well, her hat looks stupid :fgo_brynsad:

Timelock spoilers

I assumed Mozart was the fanatic and Marie was the werewolf, seems Mozart was the werewolf and we are just supposed to guess the fanatic was Phantom? Seems like a loose thread, maybe we’ll come back to it. Marie isn’t acting like herself for sure, although…

Possible Marie Spoiler, probably don't click this

Seeing her act so sus reminded me that she has an Alter but I forget which event reveals that. I’m now assuming that if she wasn’t the werewolf then maybe this explains it. Voyager seems to agree at least.


Or a certain someone with a giant wolf head on his shoulder :fgo_badciv:


I think for the purpose of this among us session, Mozart is the werewolf and that was enough to end the game. The title doesn’t really mean anything outside of the confines of the game, but Marie is definitely suspicious since she took down Mozart without hesitation and Voyager is keeping his distance.

@Recks I think it’s her interlude.

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So…what I found out a huge spoiler: When you go to another game world, your IQ falls a lot! :fgo_brynsad:
No game, no life

Spoilers for the 2nd game

…and seriously, it wasn’t only my MC IQ which had fallen but also all the servants. Half of them caused their own deaths by being weird. It made no sense at all. This game was…stagnant.
Even the normal Werewolf/Mafia games I’ve played a decade ago were more fun.

I had assumed like Recks that Mozart was the Fanatic who knew that Marie was the Wolf. He did his best to bait me while protecting the Wolf since she’s the Wolf but also his love.

When the Werewolf dies, the game ends. It doesn’t matter if the Fanatic is dead or not. That’s how it normally is. Add in that the game did finish with fanfare and all that so it should be finished.

Jeanne did mention: “Something weird is going on so I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.” So I agree with both of you that Marie is sus. Plus all servants who went inside the game world have become weird. So it could be that Marie is the evil last boss. Still waiting for her Viva la Monde du JeuFrance. :fgo_mariethuglife:

Oh, did you notice that all who Marie felt upset about or felt should get hanged died in the game. Even Amadeus who she said that she couldn’t keep protecting?
Also, both Marie and Erice got the same eye colour.

Now we wait for the next game…which will probably be better than this.

Spoilers for the mini Among Us session

I was annoyed the whole time that we didn’t check Mozart, letting him string us along. But I honestly thought Marie was the wolf and Mozart was trying to cover for her by giving us the obvious run-around and drawing all that sus on himself when round 2 started O.O I felt so clever when I thought it up but no, Mozart was exactly what he was on the tin ._.

I don’t know, I think it’s more that she’s dressed in red and she might remind him of Rose from the Little Prince, although that’d depend on whether he’s based on the Little Prince by appearance only or if he has other characteristics derived from the work.

Spoilers for the second game

I still think Marie is the wolf and this is a fakeout. :cat: We never checked mozart’s identity as a seer + Marie suggested that we end the game instead of the game ending on it’s own / judge officially ending it. Idk seems possible that the game is still somehow going on.


I can be pretty forgiving, but that second game was an uphill battle to maintain interest.


Yeah, that werewolf game was infuriating. No one even thinks strategically except Mozart and MC became so dumb I was screaming at my screen. I was sincerely rooting for the werewolves side at the end. :fgo_insane:


Who plays mafia style games where you are only given 1 choice to vote and it isn’t even the obvious smart option :catdestroy:

At least :fgo_oohlala: had some fun lines… Only redeeming quality of game 2 story


It’s hard for me to maintain interest in this whole story.


Got to timelock, no idea what to farm atm.

But tests with Voyager have been going well, I don’t have my own but Skadi/Paracelsus puts him very close to a loop.

But this is with event damage bonus, haven’t even attempted without it…


What’s also weird is that by day 2 it is obvious that MC is seer and the wolf made no attempt to kill MC. So even though the game is over, some scheme is probably still going on and now Marie decides to join our team just seems suspicious.


Yeah Ritsuka can be kinda dumb sometimes, the Jinrou game could be enjoyable if only they gave us actual choices… like i get it the first time but why would you check Edison before Mozart after that smh


Ngl, while the concept of the second game was cute, it was way longer than it needed to be.

Quite the drag in paces because of all the obvious back and forth.


Oh I’m with you there. I would have checked him day 1, we knew Nursery Rhyme was a Werewolf so there was little point in checking. Convincing others might have proved difficult at first but his repeated provocation would have backed it up.

Spoilery speculation, don't click this, again

Okay I just happened across the event trailer on social media earlier and Marie changes appearance for a split second. I’m positive she’s sus now.


Yeah, it could just be Marie has alternative motives for joining us, and Voyager somehow kind of knows. I hope not though. She’s so sweet. It’d be sad if she betrayed us somehow :(


Yeah, he was so sus! If he wasn’t the Wolf, he’d have to be the traitor. Getting into this “contest” to see if we came up with the same conclusions about the role of each person was so stupid because if we had contradicting statements, then no one would know who to trust anyway. But if we agreed, it still wouldn’t convince any of the others we’re the legit Seer until we get killed. The story itself even points out that we could just be following each other’s statements. I don’t know what writers here were thinking ._.


Oh my God I wasn’t the only one! I was practically begging the MC to just ignore Mozart, the obvious Fanatic wasting our nightly checks and just check on the obviously the Werewolf, Marie.

Definitely Spoilers

Yeah, this is the event with Marie Alter. Goddamn, I wish she were summonable.


The second game was so fucking frustrating. The MC was braindead and the killer was so obvious I’m surprised anyone voted for anyone but them. I’m glad it’s over.


I never used to be a fan of Marie until fairly recently and I saw a picture of Marie Alter a while back without knowing who it was and was like ‘wth she’s hot’ :fgo_bblaugh: She needs to be summonable pronto :fgo_horny: