FATE/Requiem Collab Challenge Quest Thread

There’s not one, so here.

Obligatory Salter pic



I made the thread, so might as well put mine…

Thanks @smoothbrains, @Prime43, and
@gott_ist_tot for their Merlins. Had a plan for both options, and the star bomb ended up being the one that beat it.


We all know that the real challenge quest is getting Voyager to roll the squares you want. :fgo_bblaugh:


I’m gonna have to borrow a dps with a mlb dmg ce cause drops don’t exists apparently


put in more effort to rush the ability to access the cq than I did to 3 turn it twice…


Who came up with the ingenious idea of gating the Challenge Quest behind ALL Culdpoly quests?! :fgo_badciv:

Also where is my 5th dmg copy Lansegle

Update: COMPLAINIG WORKS! just got my 5th copy :fgo_seibashook:


Yagyu Solo. Yesterday’s upload.

For all the complaints about locking CQ behind monopoly completion, my biggest gripe is needing a drop to MLB damage CE. It is a cancerous mechanism that only greatly affects solo/TA players and unfortunately it is very much still a thing even with newer JP events.

As for this run itself, I fully admit it was very easy. This is a Saber-friendly CQ after all. Though in a solo context this stage is not very friendly for NP-spamming ST servants despite appearing as a ST fight because the ghosts will force you to divert your focus (though if you have enough damage you can brute force past the damage resistance like I did for the last bar).

I will be uploading basically one run per day for the next few days, I didn’t rush to unlock the CQ on its first day just to slack.


I feel my Merlin just has bad luck. If a cq has the chance to insta kill him he will die. He got IK during the Gorgon sisters CQ on the first Stheno NP that targeted him and Erice’s Second Np IK’d him here too. He was the only 1 to die from IK too, Beni and Waver were fine.

I feel when the KH cq comes back with Grand Nero Fest he’ll somehow die from his np even if someone else get hit by the NP.


My most sincere gratitude for your super Koyo.

An overkill comp


Same here, cleared half of the shop, board almost done and literally 0 drops.

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A copy of the CE hasn’t dropped, so i did this CQ with @Busti’s Super Okita.

I could have probably put Prisma Cosmos for more consistent NPs on skadi to protect from NPs ut the run itself wasn’t so bad. Okita did tank that last NP even with a couple of Max HP Debuffs, so that was nice, but yeah, getting to the actual CQ is more annoying than it should and even worse by not being able to easily MLB the CE for it.


While I’m not amazingly good at these things, I usually do seem to grind them out. Here was my comp, with a support Skadi. No CE drop, so I used dual DPS (and I’m not buying any more CE since I have no intention of farming for a CE drop).

The strategy here is to whittle down evil spirits on your off turns, then have the Caster AoE blast them away when your Saber’s buffs spike.

A ST Saber would be fine but I’m pretty sure my Altria’s better than any of my ST 4*s. The Skadi and the Iri are there for dealing with that annoying IK mechanic.


Kijyo Koyo 4T Solo

A single ghost on field provides 40% damage resistance to Erice, bringing her effective HP in each bar to roughly 800K/1M/1.4M.

Koyo’s stackable NP pre-damage attack buff on top of her native 100% powermod allows her to hit the damage required to one-shot each bar with 40% resistance.

The basic approach here is the blueprint for most Kijyo Koyo solo of single target fights.

If solo is entertainment, then there is perhaps no greater circus in FGO than a rampaging dinosaur.



Edison dominated things again without the damage CE! Maybe I should actually level Foxy Lady for the extra HP for stalling…

This was an easy stall, ghost were 1 shot by Edison np if all the atk up buffs happened to be up when he fired it.


I haven’t had any success farming through 5Th CE to mlb so I likely won’t be doing too much for this CQ unfortunately.

For now here’s a Saber 3T I didn’t expect to actually do this on the first try so if I could have a do over I’d swap Bunyan to Slot 6 and Liz or Helena in Slot 5 instead.

Thank you @Salter_Rankup_when


easy peasy okita 3-turn with bb summer time-stahpu


Speaking of Artoria 3T…

Finally, (after 6 gapples) that damn monopoly hell board is clear, and the path to the CQ is open at last!


I feel somewhat sorry for Erice :fgo_ereshhug:

You made Artoria look that much better in video, feel free to borrow her anytime :fgo_ereshwoah:

And thank you for the Merlin!


This comp’s highlight apart from the horrendus overkill and limited 5* requirements is its flexibility, allowing either crits or NP’s to break through bars. The choice depends on card draw, though at least one NP is required to clear ghosts.

In this run i managed to np 3 times in a row since only arts and quick appeared until the 3rd turn. Arts and quick are low damage, but crits and NP softening the bar beforehand made up for it.

Basically as rng low as possible with vanilla-internals servant :fgo_davinci_coffee:

Unfortunate side effect of Seiba having full class advantage is Archuria & Meltryllis suffering from class disadvantage (poor Melt suffers from trait mismatch as well), which means no 3t from those on this CQ :fgo_sadtomoe:


I finished it with my Dioscuri, tried it a couple of times because I missed a 70% and a 90% crit my a previous attempts. :catlie:


DSS + Tamamo no deaths ?

Correct, Dioscuri had the MLB damage CE, both my Tamamo and Skadi had 20 star bombs and plugged the 2nd skadi in. Friend Skadi had Caldea Tea Time because I couldn’t find another one. Its a bit card dependent on landing those crits though and I had some bad RNG along the way. I am sure you could build a better team.