Fate/Requiem Collab Mission

I farmed a lot today on JP and the only open missions i haven’t done are these two. What exactly do i need to do except complete 29 missions? I can’t read japanese and don’t even know how i got 25/30 on one of them

Event Missions

Event Missions:

Mission No Requirement Reward
1 Collect 1 Token from board 1mil QP
2 Collect 5 token from board 4k FP
3 Collect 10 token from board 6k FP
4 Collect 20 token from board Erise ascension item
5 Collect 30 token from board Gold HP Fou
6 Use 1 normal dice on board 1 gold apple
7 Use 3 normal dice on board 5 blue zerker gem
8 Use 6 normal dice on board Erise ascension item
9 Use 10 normal dice on board 5mil QP
10 Use 3 High or Low dice on board 5 blue lancer gem
11 Use 6 High or Low dice on board 3mil QP
12 Use 10 High or Low dice on board 200 MP
13 Use 3 Gold dice on board 3mil QP
14 Use 6 Gold dice on board 5 Red lancer gem
15 Use 10 Gold dice on board 200 MP
16 Move 20 steps on board 1 gacha ticket
17 Move 50 steps on board Erise ascension item
18 Move 100 steps on board Quick CC unlocker
19 Move 150 steps on board 200 MP
20 Clear 1 bonus quest 2mil QP
21 Clear 5 bonus quest Erise ascension item
22 Clear 10 bonus quest CC Remover
23 Clear 15 bonus quest Gold Atk Fou
24 Collect 400 Block House 5 Red zerker gem
25 Collect 400 Point Gem 5 gold zerker gem
26 Collect 400 Life Counter Buster CC unlocker
27 Unlock after Erise Temp join Arts CC unlocker
28 Unlock after Erise Temp join 5 gold lancer gem
29 Unlock after Erise Temp join 5mil QP
30 Clear all missions Lore

So i have to clear 5 more bonus missions and collect 5 more tokens? Ok

Thank you a lot, i can’t read japanese so i had no clue

what does that “Unlock after Erise Temp join” mean? already have her and still can’t finish that mission (29)

I know one mission is to get her to Ascension 3, can’t say for sure the others at the moment.

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Okay, I figured out what the missions are after Elice/Erice unlock.

Clear 5 Quests with Utsumi Erice in the party.

Arts Code Unlocker

Reach 3rd Ascension for Utsumi Erice.

Five Gold Lancer gems

Reach Bond Level 3 for Utsumi Erice.

5 million QP