Fate Requiem Translation

(I’m sorry if I put this thread in the wrong section)
Hi everyone, I just discovered the existence of the light novel of Fate/Requiem and I got really interested in it but, living in italy, i don’t find the italian version (and i don’t think it exists) and neither the english one on amazon. So i wanted to know from you all if you have read it on internet!
thank to all of you!

Resurrecting this thread bc I’m also looking for this.


I found this. Hope it helps (English version)


Is this fully translated already?? I don’t wanna start reading it if not :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the link


I think it’s only to Ch.4

Awww too bad. Big thanks, anyway :fgo_umu:

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I posted two here:

There’s the one Waifu linked to but also another from Reddit. Neither are complete, sadly.


Instead of looking for this one-volume LN, maybe I should just start reading the 2nd-4th volume of strange fake :fgo_coffee:

Big thanks for the link, anyway :fgo_gudako: