Fate Stay Night VN: Now Playable Online

Web Version of Fate/Stay Night : fatestaynight (reddit.com)


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I saw this on Reddit yesterday but didn’t have time to check it out/post it here. Basically, it’s exactly as it says in the link description. Someone took all of the OG visual novel (well, I say OG but it’s based on the Realta Nua version but then combined with stuff taken out of that one) and made it much more accessible - no need to download pirated cracked .exe files or zip folders or anything like that, no need to try to monkey around with your PC to install it, etc - as well as making it just easier in general to navigate, since the URL updates to wherever you are so you can just copy/paste that to send to someone if you want them to see a specific CG or just so you know where you left off.

For anyone who wanted to check out the VN but didn’t want to do the work of it, or didn’t have a PC but does have a tablet/phone, this is your chance.

Re: sex scenes - it says NSFW scenes are not included yet but it also says you could turn them off, so if you don’t want cringey early 00s sex scenes between teenagers (which, yeah) that shouldn’t be a problem even if in the future they are updated to be included.


So it doesn’t have the one thing I’m not a fan of in fsn?


Not like they really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

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Yeah, they basically were there because nasu was made to iirc

Yes, but mostly because he said wouldn’t have wrote them that way as Tsukihime also has sex scenes but differ a lot on tone.

I don’t want to imagine how much effort it took for whoever did this to do it, but wow this sounds great


Reminds to the old days when people were translating TM materials like crazy.


One day a 10 year old VN will be translated and I’ll know why Touko is an antagonist, and whether that’s both KnKverse & TsukiFate or just one verse.

Tsukihime is a Fate world, so no dice.

And Mahoyo is allegedly close to being translated.

I thought Tsuki was in the same word as F/SN?

Either way, the same character is in two or three different worlds (Case Files version seems to be in the same world as Mikiya so CF is… KnK in Fate?) and is either a helper or neutral in two and an antagonist in the other. Interested to find out whether she’s always had the agenda of herself in an antagonistic role, or they’re different versions

Mahoyo takes place early on the general timeline, so Touko isn’t as chill as she is on KNK. Case Files is also in the same world of F/SN.

We know that KNK is a Fate world because the concept of Heroic Spirits is mentioned but we don’t know if it’s the same world as F/SN.

Nasu made a difference in that there are generally two types of worlds.

Fate Worlds where the human order is strong and Heroic Spirits can be summoned where they are extensions of Alaya.

Tsukihime Works where the human order is weak and the True Ancestors are the strongest life form on the planet as they are extensions of Gaia.

Then there exceptions like the world’s of FSF and FGO where both concepts coexist.

Thank you for posting this! It’s certainly much more comfortable to read it like this. And also there’s the fact that you can read whatever scene you want without having to look too much for it.
I’m glad it has the voice acting incorporated as well.
Great find!

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Mmm, what I was getting at is that typically there are Fate worlds where Tsukihime characters exist, but anything Tsuki & KnK has to be mutually exclusive because of the two Shikis and their MEoDP. Case Files has Touko talk to a married Mikiya, so that timeline can’t feature the events of Tsukihime - but I had been of the impression that Fate worlds typically intersect with Tsukihime rather than KnK.

But it sounds like you’re saying heroic spirit summoning and true ancestors are mutually exclusive timelines normally.

They can share characters but the specific events of Tsukihime can’t happen in the world of F/SN just as the events of F/SN couldn’t happen in the world of Tsukihime.

And yes, usually True Ancestors and Servants can’t exist in the usually but there are exceptions.


The reason Nasu made such distinction was because he didn’t want to have characters from Tsukihime and F/SN to meet easily which I find dumb considering both happen in different districts of Japan and in different times.

And you still get characters from one side appearing in the other, so it’s like wanting your cake and eat it too.


I think another aspect is low accountability for continuity. Almost every single Fate story is a parallel timeline to every other Fate story, with events from other tales picked and chosen.

The one that bothered me the most was Extella Links, where you have the result of the endgame of Extella Umbral Star… with absolutely none of the same events occuring, to the point that there weren’t even any Velber corrupted Servants.

Even Umbral Star is an AU to the end of Extra.


Even Fate Zero isn’t technically the same history for Fate Stay Night. I think.
And those 2 seem intended to be a continuation of each other.


To be fair, Extella is such a shitshow that I’m not surprised it doesn’t know what it’s doing half the time.

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I thought Umbral Star was a decent self-contained story, with Archimedes’ actions in each timeline pretty clearly explained.

My friend doesn’t like Tamamo’s personality gear shift in Extella, and the whole ‘praise be Nero, SABER VENUS!’ gets a lot of flack. But the Velber/Altera lore was pretty cool. (And hinted at in Altera’s debut release)

Altera is nice, as that’s the only decent version of her but she gets overshadowed by Nero in her own route at the end.