Fate Things to Adapt to series/movie?

I know people want like Fate prototype or Fate strange fake.

So, I’m just asking about manga or other fate media.

Personally, I’ll like them to redo Fate/Extra.

I know you can’t necessarily pick a character, since other people may get mad since their favorite “route” wasn’t picked so…

I just think (people have said this on yt I think)

I think for these adaptations, if we ever had them; they should pick the female Hakuno, just to change it up a little(since most fate adaptations have male protagonists so . . .)

“How about we have something like “Fate Extra Proper” with Emiya cough i meant Nameless.”

“If we then decided to do a Fate/Extra CCC adaptation, we should probably choose Gil because he has a really good route with female Hakuno”

“if we went even further, we could do a Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail with Tamamo no Mae, since she never appeared in Extra for some odd reason.”

Your thoughts? Also perhaps since there’s a lot of manga(some original and some not) that you would want to be adapted; put below V

Also we need a Tsukihime Adaptation(the first one didn’t exist.)

I just thought to create this since I’m very bored.

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An anime about Fate/Type Redline would be amazing. Cool and serious story, nice cast, Okita is a badass and Mori Nagayoshi is one of my favorite servants of all time.

If not that, then Prototype and Strange Fake. Even an anime/movie about the others singularity and lostbelt would be cool, like Shimousa, Shinjuku or LB5

After Last Encore, I think they should leave alone the Extra universe, it doesn’t deserve another shitty anime. And I don’t think an anime about CCC would be possible because the game was very very lewd and I don’t want to see it censored. Same reason I don’t want a remake of CCC tbh, just traslate in english the original one


I’d rather see a different story from the nasuverse get an adaptation. Maybe DDD, Notes or Fire Girl

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just give me animated berserker hyde from prototype or titan altera from extella

Oh you’re right about it being lewd lmao. But, I’m not saying they should remove that, I’m just saying it would be cool to see an adaptation, which would be cool to watch ~ like Gil throwing dimensions or Hakuno telling him, “So doesn’t that mean you love humanity?” and he becomes kinda shook lol. I get what you feel about Fate/Extra, after the mess that was Last Encore.

They said the dude who made Fate/Extra Record(the remake of fate/extra), he wants to do a remake of Fate/Extra CCC, but the problem is like you said, it’s very lewd. Also, he doesn’t know if that will appeal to a western audience.

I just liked the promotional video of Fate/Extra CCC(by Shaft) with the op of Sakura Meikyuu(which is one of my favorite fate songs).

On the topic of Shaft lol:

In the promotional video, ngl it looked like they cracked Gil’s neck:


Your are correct indeed

Both of them, if you please


I’d love to see anything new about CCC because I love the Extra universe, I’m just worried they’ll create something ugly like Last Encore. When CCC was released people didn’t care that much about it being lewd, but now a lot of people would be angry because the girls (and even the guys, kinda) are too much oversexualised. Just think about Kiara’s original noble phantasm, some people would hate it lol.

So an anime or even a remake would be cool (especially if they introduce Kazuradrop, Kingprotea and Violet) I’m just worried they’ll censore a lot of stuff, I hate censorship in general.

So it dipends, if they follow the original plot without changing too much then I’ll be the first to buy the remake/watch the anime, otherwise… :feh_lucyshrug:

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outside of maybe an ufotable fate route adaption, I’d be a tad surprised if we didn’t see hollow ataraxia sometime down the line


Please gimme animated Orleans and Shinjuku singularities.
Shimousa too if its no trouble.
Heck i’d happily watch all FGO singularities animated really, people like to sh*t on the earlier ones but i thought they were pretty enjoyable if quite simple story wise. The characters were all at least fun to watch/read.

Non FGO though, i agree with Mugi above, a proper fate route adaption and HA would be sweet.
I am yet to get into any of the extra/ccc/other spinoff extended fate universe. Just the main line FSN/HA/Zero and then FGO, so can’t comment there.

I know this might sound random,but I want to see a new fate spinoff series with ushi as the mc servant but a saber with proper clothes.But honestly I just wanna see f/prototype… Cuz I really like proto arthur and ayaka and it will definitely bring a different vibe to the fate series .

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Notes. Amen


Personally if fate related, I wish LB get serialized
If non fate related mahoutsukai no yoru


I sometimes wonder if Fate gets enough “respect” from those who haven’t gone through the original material, or those who haven’t gotten into it from the beginning

Especially given that the adaptations aren’t necessarily “perfect.”
ex. UBW cuts out some of the things that go on in the characters’ heads, plus HF 1 and 2 cut out quite a lot of content (darn it, 2-hour-only-runtime)

Yeah Fate Redline is really good at the moment and Okita is just perfect in it :3

I would already like to see the Tsukihime remake personnaly and the FSF adpatation.

Other than that no need, and we really not need a FGO adpatation serioulsy

Ufotable remake of Saber route please. Hollow Ataraxia as well.

I wonder if Solomon and Camelot go well, maybe we’ll see Shinjuku or Lostbelt 1 afterwards. Can EoR be skipped in light of :fgo_musashi: ?

There’s more Case Files material to adapt as well iirc?

While we’re talking about things that probably won’t happen, I’ll contribute something that definitely won’t happen EVER.

I want to see an adaptation of the From Fake Dreams Fanfiction.

It’s basically the Fate/Stay Night story, but if Kiritsugu wasn’t incompetent and actually taught Shirou how to do magic.
The typos and grammar are a little rough sometimes, but the ideas are top tier cool.
Link for those interested: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7207791/1/From-Fake-Dreams

Huh, thought I’m the only one who read it. Great taste :feh_navarreculture:

  • This really. I know Ufo’s had its fill of the Fate series already, but I wish they just complete what they have started. Just this and I’m fine with them washing their hands of the series for a while. I know Deen’s exists, but it just doesn’t fit well with the modern state of Fate.

Other than that…

  • The FGO mats I’ll wait with time. Still anticipating to see how they do with Camelot and Solomon before anything else.

  • Extra needs it, but I feel an adaptation would be much better placed after the remake’s release. Possible fleshing out and changes from the original could shape a possible adaptation better.

  • Isn’t existing in any media but I think is a cool idea: Servant Origin stories from Fate’s interpretations. Some Camelot action like Camlann and Lance vs Gawain would be nice on screen. Ah yes, Camelot Zero wouldn’t be bad as an OVA too. Some India with the Kurushetra war I wouldn’t say no to either. Just anything done right to flesh out and further establish lore and character from already existing servants I would pounce on honestly.


I love this idea. I’ve been waiting my entire life for a decent adaptation of the Arthurian legend (that isn’t Monty Python), let’s do it Fate style! I wanna see dick wizard doing dick wizard things… on second thoughts maybe not :fgo_merlinshook:

Mahabharata told via Fate would be also be neat, Irish mythology would be good (despite being British, I know next to nothing about that), Gilgamesh and Enkidu, etc


I love this idea lol.

Imagine if they did like(even if it’s an anime short) or an OVA, of Heracle’s Twelve Labors or Ishtar’s trip to the Underworld. Maybe uh the first battle between Tiamat and her children(with the Axe of Marduk). You could like uh make an OVA of Solomon and Goetia(I’ll admit that might be too much lol). Like with stories pertaining with like ancient heroes, they could really do so many different things with it. To be honest, this was a very smart idea to make a franchise, or even just a story by Nasu. There is so many interpetations and ways they could take it. Gil and Enkidu’s adventures, Sefar(Altera) forcing the Gods to obey her, stuff like that is super interesting.

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