Fate TTRPG.. maybe?

You’ll be the Master, yes. You roll for what Servant you get. The class summaries will tell you what to roll and clicking will reveal the table for you to choose which of the 2-3 results you want.

Can I roll my Servant, then make the Master? :fgo_seibathink:

Yes should have specified that’s my preferred method. I understand there’s something to be said about it being less realistic, but in a real HGW you’d be able to narrow your range of Servants by procuring a Catalyst.

Okay! How do I roll my Servant?

Saber Pool: Roll 2 d6
Lancer Pool: Roll 2 d4
Archer Pool: Roll 2 d6
Rider Pool: Roll 1 d12
Assassin Pool: Roll 1 d6 & 1 d4
Caster Pool: Roll 1 d10
Berserker Pool: Roll 2 d6 & 1 d4

Pick what class you want to summon for and roll the dice. Should be able to use either Disco or google a dice roller. Of course if you prefer to roll actual dice that’s fine too.

Hmm… think I have something in mind.

Name: Haru Yuki
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Element: Earth
Origin: Liberty
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Specializiations: Runes, Healing
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 13
Endurance: 12
Magecraft: 18
Luck: 10

Bio: Albeit a Second Generation Magus, Haru prides himself on personal excellence. It was something of a frictional view given how new the family was, but the current head, Haru’s father allowed it citing his excellence as an example.

Despite his origins compared to more established family’s, being a magus wasn’t his goal, but to reach on a personal level to improve the deteriorating state of the world.

Intellegent, Cautious, Diligent and Passionate, he’s rather easy to get along with, but at the same time, that ease of social lubrication came at the cost of playing the part to come off as a part of the wallpaper and not make any waves unless there’s a need for it in Haru’s opinion. It’s when he becomes goal oriented and working towards objectives that he becomes more honest with everything in general.

Relatively young for such a conflict, he accepted it without hesitation as he aims to end such a self-destructive conflict once and for all. As the history of the Grail War was without a doubt a disaster waiting to happen.

Servant: Qin Liangyu
Class: Lancer

(A/N: I assume the fundamentals are something that basically everyone knows, unless you roll a proverbial, ‘Shirou’.)

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All right. I’ll roll Assassin for funsies.

I rolled a 5 on the d6 and a 3 on the d4.

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Quite the disparity on 8…

Li Shuwen and then Mata hari/Stheno.


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So do I pick?

I’ll take Mata Hari, if that’s the case. I want to challenge myself. :fgo_nagaothink:


Yeah the guide says you pick according to what you roll.

Also I’d laugh if it ends up with both of our Servants having some Yuri lovin or something.


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Alright I’ll still need what specific spells from the list in the OP you want. You have 5 “points” to use essentially. Putting more than one point into a specific spell raises it’s level to a maximum of level 3. If you choose to run just one type(like running as just an alchemist or just a summoner) you get 6 points instead. Runecraft is cantrips for this instance unlimited use but much weaker spells, you get 3 and they also have the same 3 levels so I’ll need to know those too.

What, you’re not planning to join in? :catlove:

Okay, so I’ll just max level Runecraft in general and Healing as much as I have left.

They may be weak, but they have utility, that’s what I’m counting on. It’s pretty versatile from my understanding.

Scathach is so stupidly powerful with her own Primordial Runes, that she’d probably be a level 5 with the skill.

I am, I’m just saying. I would be amused at such a situation happening because of how Mata Hari’s abilities work.

I don’t think I’m explaining this properly, but that’s information in and of itself and points out a potential flaw.

I’ve separated out the spells into categories and while I realize in-universe there’s plenty of veried use for healing in a Table Top game there’s really only one. So “Healing” is a subset of fundamentals.

Runcraft in general are cantrips so there’s no way to specialize in them you just get 3, but that’s perhaps too narrow-minded. So here’s what I can do: Make you the Fate equivalent of a Warlock. You lose 3 of your slots for casting large spells, but you get to know every Rune as a compromise. Still need to know which of the 3 Runes you want to be higher level:

Bounded Field: Applies specific effects over a limited area, theoretically unlimited. Specification on effects and potency should be decided by GM. Maximum of 3 effects at baseline, each additional level gives an additional 2 effects. 5 minutes of casting per effect.
Ansuz: Casts a flame that can be used to start fires or attack outright. Fire deals 1 d8 per level. Instant cast. Range: 10 meters.
Ath nGabla: Prevents retreat by either side until one is dead or both agree to leave. 1 minute cast. Range: 10 meters.
Barkano: Allows tracking through use of an inscribed item. 1 minute cast. Range: touch.
Ehwaz: Strengthens durability on objects but only when inscribed. Only 1 item can be strengthened at a time. Strengthening adds 1 d4 to all checks with the item. Add 1 dice level(d4 -->d6) per level. 10 minute cast. Range: touch.
Gandr: Projectile magic. Projectile deals 1 d6 per level. Instant cast. Range: 20 meters.
Kenaz: Enhance senses for a limited time at a rate of 1 sense per level. Gives advantage to any checks requiring a given sense for 1 minute. Instant cast. Range: touch.

Pick three to be level 2, or one level 2 and one level 3.

Gandr has nothing to do with Runes.

Bounded Field 2.
Ath nGabla 2.
Also I’m going to ‘create’ one here, tell me your thoughts.
Runic Reinforcement 3.

Essentially it’d be the same as Reinforcement, but its with Runes, though in this case I’ll limit to just the body.

Okay, I’ll give this a shot.

Name: Kit Winters
Race: Human
Nationality: British
Age: 32
Alignment: True Neutral
Specializations: Runes, Healing
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 12
Endurance: 10
Magecraft: 18
Luck: 20

Bio: The Winters line isn’t powerful, and it was never going to be. Their specialization was not in the more rough and crude aspects of the craft, nor were their personalities suited to such direct confrontations. No, their advantage was in their persuasion and manipulation, and their magecraft was perfectly suited to that. Did their specialization follow from their family’s natural inclinations, or did their origin force such a specialization? Kit didn’t know, and he didn’t particularly care. In the end, it was just another valuable asset for gaining prestige and moving people where he wanted them to go.

Smooth, suave, and crafty, he has a natural ease for seduction and rubbing elbows with all the right people - from the dregs of society and to its most lofty and ambitious players. Sometimes, it becomes hard to tell when he’s playing the part and when he’s actually acting in his true self, but he stopped caring about that some time ago.

When his family decided to throw their lot into the Grail War, hoping to use the Grail to further their family’s prestige, Kit knew he was never going to win on the front lines with some noble knight. No, he’d find a way to maneuver and manipulate as always. Make love not war, as they say.

Servant: Mata Hari
Class: Assassin


Umm… I assumed we were going by DnD Rules and you have to roll your stats. You shouldn’t be getting anything higher than 18.

4 d6, combine the highest 3 for each of your stats.

If the war was longer i would assume we can increase our stats.

No the rolling is different here. 3d6+2 so you can luck into a 20 by chance.

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Oh… then I’ll add 2 to all of my stats then, one sec…