Fate TTRPG.. maybe?

I thought it said at the top we could distribute from a pool of 70 points. :fgo_think:

Huh… well I’m still short by 7 even if that’s true.

Wiki lists Gandr as:

A simple curse originating from Scandinavia, which decreases the physical health of the target. Because the curse properly said is released from the caster’s index finger and the target must be within the field of vision to be aimed at, it is dubbed Gandr Shot. A Gandr with so much Magical Energy concentrated into it that it becomes capable of physical interference is called Finn Shot.[6] Rin Tohsaka’s Finn Shot has roughly the destructive power of a pistol bullet and while a single hit is not enough to kill someone, it is still capable of knocking out a normal person. The Edelfelt are among the best Gandr-users in the world. Though not using any Rune letter, it is of Rune Magecraft.[7]

Also the body reinforcement is under the Fundamental section as a full spell. Given that it would allow a powerful mage to fight on par with a weak Servant I wanted to keep it there, but we’ll see how it plays out.

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Now how to figure out how all the personal skills of our Servants translate to actual combat, etc.

You can. Both approaches are fine but NP is calculated the same way and pulls from that pool of 70 points. NP is basically how heavily you want to rely on your Servant.

Wait, I wanted Gandr. :catsupine:

Qin Linagyu
Class: Lancer
Strength: C
Agility: A
Luck: A
Endurance: B
Mana: D

Countenance of Loyalty: B
White Cavalry Spear: B
Aspect of the Faithful Soldier: B
Banditry Abolisher: B
Magic Resistance: C

Poem of Altruism and Loyalty: B

Oh this is going to be fun, I read some of her dialogue.

“I hate thieves. I really, really, really hate them!”


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Gandr is a Runecraft spell. Every mage gets 3(or 1-2 but at higher levels). Emprisk just wanted to specialize in it. I can do the same for you if you want.

Yeah, I’m going to need some help. Since I’m 18 Magecraft, I can get seven spells, right? 5+1 for every level above 14.

I’m thinking Gandr, Healing, Shared Perception, Memory Manipulation, Command (maybe specializing by sacrificing a slot?), and a Charm spell if possible.

Well by the dice rules I match your magecraft stat in this instance… but I really don’t know what I’d want for other skills… hmm…

It hardly matters. Between Mata Hari and Kit, this war will end in the bedroom, not on the battlefield. :catlove:


No, but that is something I should clarify. In D&D you know spells, but you also have “spell slots” that dictate how often you can cast any spell. Each magus gets 5 spells and 5 “spell slots” when you get above 14 you gain additional “spell slots” that allow you to cast more spells per day but this doesn’t increase how many spells you have access to.

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So a war of meta rather than actual combat.


Hmm… I don’t think that’d actually parse all that well in a Nasuverse setting. You remember seeing Rin practically rain down Gandr down on Shirou in the UBW route.

Think you may want to go the MP bar route with regen that decreases in battle, but increases when not fighting, or even more when at rest.

Gandr is classified as a Runecraft(cantrip) so you can fire as many as you want. That’s how I’m balancing it. Gandr takes very little mana so it’s really not worth tracking for this, any mage worth their salt should be able to rain that shit from the sky.

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But to say that everyone and their mother can only use a certain spell a specific amount of times however is stupid.

Shirou would keel over normally to project Avalon, while Rin if she had the same aptitude for that line of spells, could probably do it several times.

If not an MP bar, then the GM may want to actually sit down with each of their players and actually think out just how much output their character has.

Okay, so… I don’t have to select x number of spells specifically to know. I just “know” spells but can only cast equal to the number of available slots.

Yes hence why you get more slots past MP 14. So in this instance Rin would have an MP of 20 most likely and could cast 10 times compared to a normal mage casting 5.

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On the other hand you have Shirou who’s MP would probably be lower and likely give him a negative modifier.

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No you need to select what spells you know as well. The slots are there to prevent a Magus from spamming the spell “Command” for instance, but it still takes time and resources to learn how to cast a spell. So say you learn Command, Heal, and Flash Air. Those spells took time for your Magus to learn and cast reliably, but if you have an MP of 14 you can only cast any spell 5 times before you lack the Mana to do more. Runecraft is exempt because of how little mana it requires.