Fate & Type-Moon Lore Discussion (Spoilers)

I’m sure a good number of people here don’t give a rat’s ass about things like Mystic Eyes, True Ancestors, unseen Grails Wars and all that shit, but those that do (You know who you are), this thread is for you.

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So go as nuts as Merlin goes when he reads his late night Doujins.


The 7 Lostbelts that currently occupying this world are most likely simulations of how their world progresses after being pruned.

Kadoc did some big think in Olympus and arrived to this conclusion.


I mean, if the Alien God has the power to resurrect all this worlds, who’s to say he can’t simply be “terminate” them if he so desires?

The Alien God did make the simulation that Wodime goes through 7 times, so the idea that the Lostbelts are all hypothetical future simulations make sense.
The Alien God really its simulations.

Also if it can literally bring pruned worlds back to life I don’t know why it’ll go through all the hassle of Lostbelt Royale.

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I would they simulations but IRL as in he wants to see how they evolve after their time of death but it just goes to show how much control he has over reality if he can simple repeat history as he pleases.

Gods get bored too.

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Those are extreme levels of going nuts
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for real though nice Thread I never saw a thread like this.

And Little bit spoiler which can full on be wrong but I think there is something here.


Sherlock is the enemy of humanity it seems from looking at his lines looks to me he is hiding Beast 666 or manaka inside his saint graph.

Ohh this is certainly the kind of thread I’d dig, not that i know much about anything. Any recommendations which Fate novel i should read?


Also the fact that during Moriarty’s Interlude, he said that Sherlock would be capable of doing anything as long as it meant protecting the human order.

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I only have hear that strange fake is good, for other things of the Nasuverse i recommed the movies of Kara no kyoukai and the manga of tsukihime

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Oh also, is there a main timeline for the Fateverse? I’m quite confused as to which event happened when & where.

No, there is not, almoust every is his proper world, even Fate Zero isn’t in the save timeline that Stay Night, is just a pretty similar one

If that’s true that makes it hard to keep track of things ._. welp gotta start somewhere first~

The original VN is always the go-to source of everything fate and where a lot of the concepts and caharacters of the franchise started.

There are two versions:

  • The original that includes the sex scenes.
  • The Realta Nua version that includes Voice Acting and other goodies.

If you’re son inclined there are versions that include everything.

Fate doesn’t have a MAIN timeline, concepts are shared in most timelines but characters can differ quite a bit between titles. For example, the Extraverse is a world where magic mostly died and humanity started looking for the Moon Cell, a Hyper Advanced Super Compuer left by an unknown alien race for a way to stop stagnation.


For real and how is he able to Manifest in different Singularities.
Only Musashi is able to and her circumstance is totally different from anyone and she’s alive.

Only beasts can travel anywhere they want with Independent Manifestation.

The current theory tis that Holmes is a Foreigner of somekind and that honestlt checks out given how deatached he can be compared to everybody else.

Well if that’s the case then Alaya messed up when he was about to be summoned they put him in ruler class and not caster his original class because it feared he will uncover every mystery possible.
Then it’s even worse if he is a foreigner and aren’t foreigner mostly having enemy of humanity trait?

He WAS a Caster during Camelot but during his Trial Quest he became a Ruler.

Not necessarily, Voyager is a Foreigner and is an ally to Humanity because he represents Huamanity’s wish to explore the stars despite meaning he has to stand away from everything.


Isn’t voyager just an inanimate object who just want’s to learn what it means to be a “human” or something.

He’s the amalgamation of the Voyager Probe, The Prince from the The Little Prince and the author of the book.

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