Fates playthrough and General Thread

Some of you may remember the poll I made about which FE game I should play next.

Well, Fates won, so I’ll be playing Conquest and Revelation (already did Birthright). I’m making this thread as place to talk about the playthrough, but you’re welcome to use it to offer advice, or just talk fates things in general (it would be really funny if this became the fates appreciation thread considering my current stance on the game).

Anyway, gonna just @Fresh_Tomatoes even though I’m sure she’d see this anyway.


Hello there, the Fates enthusiast is here


I’ll mostly talk about general stuff but, I would say, for Conquest, there’s no super bad units but I definitely say that there some units definitely worth using on that path

For Revelations, same thing except some of the last units you recruit as the level scaling is bad for them so they’ll have a hard time catching up with some of your other units


In Conquest, specially in Lunatic, Effie, Azura, the royals, and obviously the Avatar are the best of the bunch. Arthur early on is a good unit but his terrible luck makes him bad on the last chapters. Beruka is a mini physical Camilla and that’s good overall. Niles starts good and he can be a good mage killer but his strength stat will fail you later on.

Silas is in Xander’s shadow and he doesn’t offer you much to be honest. Mozu is hit or miss if RNGesus fail you on the level ups, If RNG is on your side, though, give her the dread scroll to make her near unstoppable. Charlotte is garbage early on but if you manage to make her a berserker and give her a good balanced weapon between hit and crit she will consistently spread lethal punishment to the competition.

Odin and Nyx aren’t really worth it in my experience. Laslow is better as a Hero and Selena as a Bow Knight. As for the second generation I think it really depends if you want min-max or simply enjoy pairing more. For that I think you should look for pairing statistics to make the best bloodlines.

Felicia /Jakob are your best cheerleaders on pair-up, but compared to Awakening, pair up is more balanced in Fates so you have to be really careful in tricky maps like chapter 10 to tank certain waves of enemies.

That’s all I can remember. It’s been like four years or so since I last played Conquest.

Revelation is a harder Birthright. That’s it. You can be more lenient with min-maxing since you can grind at leisure.


Pretty much agree with most of this

This is good advice @_Help_Me


Only thing is that, from my experience, I got Nyx to be a pretty good Sorcerer that did a lot of damage

She just can’t tank too well and she struggles against units with higher Res

Besides that, I slapped a Mjolnor (can’t spell) tome on her and she did pretty well


Nyx would be great if only she had a bit more bulk. Damage I agree with you since she can be pretty fantastic if RNG blesses her.

I just looked up on her personal skill to refresh my memory and if she had more HP she could deal with mages more effectively since she does an instant counter to magical enemies who initiate combat.

Since she lacks bulk, though, she can easily be killed if you are not careful and on the last maps the game throws at you a lot of ranged units who can shrewd her to pieces if you don’t do a turtle approach with a healer nearby and I personally prefer tank with bulky units and then overrun the enemies that are within a safe radius.

But that will depend on Help_Me’s play-style. We only offer him our experience. Perhaps RNGesus will bless his Odin and make him the mage of destruction that he think he is.


I also won’t be playing on Lunatic or anything like that. I will probably do a classic normal run. I’m mostly just playing to experience the routes I haven’t already played, and normal is enough of a challenge I can’t just sprint through it without a care in the world, and will punish me for doing stupid things, but also not completely BS and I don’t have to worry as much about being completely optimal. That’s usually how FE is, anyway.

I think the only game I really went all out on in the hard mode was FE7 (and RD, but that’s because of mistranslations in the English version where normal is Japanese hard)


I agree

Her bulk is her main downside as any physical unit kills her pretty quickly, even if she doesn’t get doubled


Oh, I see. Then go bananas with your units!

If you decide to play on hard later on, only go bananas after chapter 10.

That chapter, even on hard, requires a certain approach to complete all non-mandatory side objectives and if you are careless with your deployment and which enemy units you decide to kill each turn, you are going to have a bad time. After that the rest of the chapters won’t stop being harder but chapter 10 is like the middle road.


Alright, so after seeing the difficulties are normal/hard/lunatic for some reason instead of easy/normal/hard/lunatic, I think I might do a run on hard and see where that gets me.

I’m not worried about whether or not I can complete it, but rather how much of a pain it’s going to be. I guess I can always just use the DLC to grind if I get annoyed enough…


I’m guessing you got Easy from the mention of Phoenix Mode instead of doing Casual or Classic lol

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Oh no I knew about that, which is why I said I was originally planning a classic normal mode.

Now I’m doing a classic hard mode (not that it matters, since I tend to just reload if someone dies).


Ah lol

But yeah, I’ve never done a Phoenix mode run

It would feel too easy but I understand why it was introduced (Though they got rid of it in 3H so it didn’t matter lol)


Alright, boon is luck because I just find it amusing, and bane is HP cause I need everything else. Is this a good idea? No clue, like I said, not minmaxing things.

Secondary class is samurai for the skills


That’s pretty good imo

Luck is pretty important to have, a lesson Arthur did not take to heart lol


Arthur could have been the best axe infantry in the game but in Fates the luck stat is as important as any other parameter. Forever he will be stuck as a benchwarmer after you get Berserker Charlotte.

Oh, those crits of her are glorious…


I just like doing things with luck ever since a Fallout playthrough (I think it was 3 maybe?) where I maxed it out, and then noticed that there were luck checks like guessing the password to places and I found that really amusing.

So I usually pick that, plus it’s just fun (also for FE, crits and crit avoid are both really good).


Agreed lol

I feel bad for Arthur but that Luck stay really hit hard in this game

Nice thing is his son makes up for that lack lol


Right, do you guys prefer pair up bonuses or attacking bonuses? I can’t remember which is better, though I’m pretty sure it’s attacking. Been a long time since I played Fates.