Favorite budget servant?

Watching Hans Christian Memerson really makes you want to tackle quests with 1-3 stars, I swear…

So just a basic question for you guys since we all go back to the basics at some point, even after we get some really good servants. As usual, I’ll start.

For me, it’s definitely Spartacus. On top of having an awesome character in the third lostbelt, he’s just really fun to use. Even with the lowest raw attack stat, his berserker modifier, madness enhancement and 1.5 effectiveness help keep him from the very bottom with decent damage. He’s fun, though, because of his ridiculous survivability; literally every skill he has is intended to keep him alive, from healing to guts. For a one star berserker to be that tanky that’s really unheard of, and it’s always a lot of fun to buff him and then to shoot his NP, taking out chunks of health from the enemy while his healthbar fills up. Really leaning towards grailing him.

How about you guys?


Caster: William Shakespeare and Charles Babbage
Berserker: Henry Hyde
Saber: Gaius Julius Caesar
Lancer: Cū Chülain (Prototype)
Rider: Alexander
Assassin: Henry Jekyll
Archer: Kid Gilgamesh

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Can’t wait to get him 2k/2k. Class disadvantage be darned with super Arash on the scene!


I love 100 face hassan. Already got her bond CE and after I finish my initial goal of leveling all of my servants to max level(106/111 done), im going to grail her to 90.

Shout out to ceaser for being an amazing support semi dps beast


Does Jaguar count or no because she’s story-locked?

I loved using Anderson and Shakespeare. But Mash is the best budget servant. Can’t get any cheaper than 0 party cost.


the king of 3* for CQ. Sure hit, skill seal, team evade, charisma, he’s got it all

Have been using paracelsus and avicebron for farming too, so they get a shout out.


Chen isn’t in NA yet so…

The one, the only:

10/10/10 and i’m looking forward to his skill upgrade which officially kills any semblance of a niche Miyu might have before Voyager is released and she gets one gimmicky team.

Honorable mentions:

Raikou really loves farming alongside her.

No solos or anything, just defense stacking and tanking which is really fun.


i know my answer is a BS answer but:

Nobukatsu for me. Ignoring how he buffs one of my fave units, I really enjoy the flavor he brings to the table. Really hoping personally that we see more of this style of buffer, cuz it’s pretty refreshing.

Yea it does go against the whole “mix n match your units to make whatever team yaaaaay!” idea, but still.

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Could have sworn Hyde’s first name was Edward. But I definitely have to agree with you.

I thought it was Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde?
There’s some overlap there lol


These two are just :fgo_ereshwoah:


Do Welfares count as budget?

In lower rarity units, Eric Bloodaxe gives good farming utility alongside Paul Bunyan. Been using Bloodaxe since Spartacus was getting too close to B10. He helps with ST damage with this defense down, also reminds me of MCU Thor for a split second because he spins his axe in a similar way just before his NP starts


What do you mean you don’t roll story?



I liked Bunyan. Very fast NP, buffs the rest of the team.

Servant’s name is Henry Jekyll & Hyde

Lu bu and Salieri

Kiyohime, Blackbeard, Kojirou and Diarmuid are probably tops.

Shakespeare, Bunyan and Gilles Saber not far behind.

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Euryale is my favorite. Top notch in her anti-male niche, as good as higher rarity options.