Favorite budget servants?

Just a kind of Q&A for what budget servants we use and why we use them (and as a rule I don’t count welfare servants since they’re not available year-round). As usual for me, I’ll go first.

Saber: Bedivere. While his stats are about average for a three-star, his NP is what solidifies him for me; at higher levels, Bedi can hit like a truck with most enemies, and doubly so against Lancers. Depending on the situation, id even include him in some challenge quests.

Archer: Robin Hood. Use him for most of the same reasons as Bedi; average stats but an awesome NP. For the most part I just have to inflict poison on an enemy and Robin Hood can take them out no problem. While his damage is worse than Bedivere’s, he makes up for it with a better skillset.

Lancer: Cu Chulainn (classic). As I said in a previous list, Cu just cannot die; very beginner friendly as with all of his skills he can last for a long time on the field. From debuff removal to three attack evade, he’s got it all.

Rider: Ushiwakamaru: I’m noticing a theme with most of my picks…once again, average stats but amazing NP. She also has the added benefit of buffing allies for damage and NP gain, so there’s a lot to love with her.

Caster: Hans. Hands down some of the best support in the game. Admittedly his buffs only hit four times out of five during the best scenarios, but his health Regen more than makes up for it; he even beats out Merlin’s healing.

Assassin: Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Under different circumstances, I would have most definitely gone with the Regend himself. As it stands, though, Cursed Arm isn’t just more effective, but more fun to use with his three-turn evade and massive crit star support. Also a nice guy all around.

Berserker: Alright, this one is probably the hardest for me since I love using most berserkers and find a use for just about all of them…id say my choice depends on if they’re soloing or not. If they’re soloing, I’d go with Lu Bu. He maybe a glass cannon, but with his damage steroids he’d probably finish the fight before it would become a problem. If on a team, I’d choose Spartacus. By trading away some hitting power, Spartacus has some ridiculous healing abilities, and by having some other servants to tank hits, he can have enough breathing time to get back into the fight.

With that said, what about you guys?




Only budget servants I use(d) are/were Arash, Spartacus, Cabb- no,Babbage, Kiyohime, Bun-nyan and Mata Hari. Mostly because I had nobody better at the time, for quicker farming or for bonding purposes. The rest are all goldies.

I frequently use

Chan Gong (JP)

for all manner of things.

For 3* servants—Robin, Medea, Caesar, David, Ushi/Alexander/Medusa (less so now though), and occasionally Bedi.

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And I already know that I will have a blast for Okada Izō once he’s out, perfect banner since I’ll go all out for Okita Alter NP2 minimum, I can’t wait :fgo_musashi:


Well here they are as follows:

Saber: Jason - He’s actually quite fun to play with not gonna lie. Even have grailed to lvl 70 9/9/9 and bond 10 for he pretty much was my go to Saber for the longest time when I made my JP account. He was even my mvp lotto farmer for I can consistently 5-6 turn with him while maintaining full bonus.

Lancer: Proto Cu - He was my first Lancer servant I’ve ever raised on my NA account and has stuck with me on my team’s for the longest time. He’s currently still bond 9 and might reach bond 10 someday but that wouldn’t be so for a while cuz Eresh and Lalter exist in my chaldea.

Archer: Paris - Another JP servant, only this time the one I instantly fell in love with the moment he was revealed. He’s so cute and adorable and can easily output near millions of dmg that its crazy to think he’s just a 2*. Have him at lvl 100 10/10/10 bond 10.

Assassin: Sanson - Another servant I just fell in love with. When I first started out and as a noob I didn’t know the bronze line-up was actually useful like what most people did. So I was burning them or using them as exp but Sanson was the only one who stood out. I liked his simplistic design, his smooth VA, and quite the looker as well so I kept him around. Fast forward months later when I made my alt account and was thinking about who to use my grails to and Sanson immediately came to mind. He’s now sitting comfortably at lvl 100 with almost 2k atk and hp but bond lvl and skills need some work for he’s at 10/10/7 bond 7. Would even use my first dreamfire on him when the day comes those are released.

Caster: Cas Cu (Is he even considered budget still?) - I use him a lot for the sheer fact he’s quite the underrated pick for casters. He does spaghetti dmg but he makes up for it with his bulk. There’s so many times where I used him as a last man and won by a hair. Sure OG Cu could have done the same but better but I like him more so yeah. Have him at NP3 luckily enough with skills currently at 10/10/6 bond 8.

Rider: Medusa - A servant I decided to raise up on a whim alongside Ushi on my alt. Reason being when I made my main acc I struggled so hard come Solomon near the end for the lack of Riders made him near impossible for me due to the evade spam. So when I made my Alt I instantly decided to raise up a Rider first. Medusa ended up being the best for I was able to get her mats from simply doing the singularities unlike Ushi where I needed to stop and farm for a bit. Even ended up getting her to lvl 90 for she easily dealt with the pillars as well as sweeping Solomon during the first fight with him in London. She’s currently 10/10/8 bond 10.

Berzerker: Caligula - Reason being for his kit is pure steroids like damn everything in his kit increases his face card dmg to where he can compete with even 4*. He was the most recent servant I’ve raised being only a few weeks ago but from all the testing I’ve done with him he surely packs quite the punch for a 2* Zerk. Currently at 6/6/9 and would get him to 10/10/10 at some point. Would I grail him? Maybe but who knows really.



Saber: Fergus for AOE and Bedi for ST
Archer: Arash pretty much hands down but honorable mention to Robin Hood and Kogil
Lancer: Romulus and Cu
Rider: Alexander and Medusa are probably the units I’ve used the most and really like
Caster: Paracelsus has always been my favorite for farming but honorable mention to Shakespeare for looking cool
Assassin: Fuuma is by far my favorite but Serenity holds a special place in my heart
Berserker: Spartacus is the only one I like really but most of them are good units

I might have forgotten someone but those are who come to mind :+1:

  • Arash. Before I got Ishtar, he was my main aoe archer :fgo_umu:. It was also because of him that I got Ridertoki during the rerun despite still being a nub.
  • Bedi, my only saber until I cleared temple of time, and pulled a Rama and Salter before NeroFest. He’s np3 now but 5/6/5, and even hits harder than my np2 Rama with maxed skills :fgo_jeannu:.
  • Both Cu. They had my back when I was still a nub. Even now they still do :fgo_umu:.

Arash and spartacus, the farming MVPs.

Saber: Caesar. Isn’t as good a boss killer as Bedi, but he’s still solid, and provides good team utility.

Archer: David. When you don’t like using Merlin, David takes his right place as the CQ god.

Lancer: Cu, since I like solos. Leo comes in a close second place.

Rider: George. Another CQ god, and a sacrificial lamb during solos, regrettably.

Caster: Babbage. His normals are still kind of lackluster, but his NP hits real hard and he has invul on a very short cooldown.

Assassin: HF Hassan. Again, solos. Honestly, she’s like a better Shiki, until Shiki herself gets her NP upgrade.

Berserker: Lu Bu. You need something dead? Use Lu Bu. Simple enough.

Mash, if she counts.

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Mozart,man his first and third skill is a beast.

Really? I never really used that Hassan so i have no idea about her performance but looking at her kit doesn’t give me that impression, especially her 2nd skill looks weird.


i would say that she isn’t tbh
she is fine,but nowhere near shiki

shiki is also a top tier 4star and a free np5


Mine is Medusa, Medea, and Serenity.

They’re 3 of my favorite servants in FATE universe in terms of character and design.
When it comes to gameplay: Medusa is awesome at farming, Medea has great utility with her buff and debuff removals, and Serenity is an arts assassin that goes will with my arts dominated Chaldea.

I also use them as my main servants in the Rider, ST Caster, and ST Assassin departments. While they’re not really the optimal choice to bring to fights like CQs, I just get immense joy triumphing over hard challenges with my favorite servants no matter how hard it is.

I’d also like to mention Mozart and Shakespeare.
Mozart’s insta stars for that guaranteed crit turn and arts buff, and Shakespeare’s buster buff and targetable 20% np charge are just too amazing.

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Yeah i mean, even without her NP upgrade i doubt she’s comparable to any lower tiers ST assassin.


yep,that’s what i believe at least


Since no-one mentioned her: Jing Ke

The hardest hitting budget assassin. Put just a little bit of investment into her skills and give her the right set up and she can hit like a freaking truck.

But after that she goes back to normal budget assassin territory.

She does get some pretty sweet animation updates in less than a year from now too.

I know why you and many others fight with him, and I feel for the poor man.