Favorite FEH Unit Color?

Red units, blue, green, colorless. Which one is your favorite?

  • Explain why you prefer the color you do

  • (If you want) Display your favorite unit’s with the color that’s your favorite

The one my favorites are on

So red, cause Lon’qu is there

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If I had to choose one I guess colorless for its general application. Not strong to anything but not weak either.

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Gronnraven would like to chat with you.

Yeah but raven tomes aren’t very common. So its not too big of a concern.

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But like mostly its who is the color not the color itself


Most of my favorite units are red units

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Not by choice, but about 70% of the units I want and/or use are/were green.
S!Elise, Rhajat, Sonya, M!Grima, W!Liz, Nohrian Azura, NY!Azura, S!Camilla, Camilla, Kan’na, S!Sharena…


Idrc about color that much.

I just use who and what I like.

Probably green for me. They have some interesting units in the green pool such as Walhart, Helbindi, Deirdre and Julia. We do need more Axe Cavs though, would be nice to have some more, maybe Gustav eventually?

You need more than Titania? (I kinda feel all the good green beats make up for it)

Cool mages: Ophelia, Ishtar, Micaiah, Saias
Cool Lances: Berkut, B!Hector, most lance fliers
Mordecai, Naesala

Colorless. I don’t know why, I just do. Maybe its just that I like the functionality of Bows, Daggers, and Staves?


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True there are some good green beasts now. I think axe cavs still have way less units in the pool than everything else though. Maybe besides like one of the pools for fliers, specifically green tome flier? Only ones I can think of are SF Nino and Bunny Veronica.

I’ve never figured out why but a lot of blue units appeal heavily to me. L.Lucina (good offensive spread, bow is good against fliers so inflated stats are more tolerable in GC when infantry units don’t have bonus stats, assist is really broken), Nowi (statline and hits res), B.Lucina buffs like a boss, Ylgr, desperation infantry mages such as Ishtar and Tailtiu (Linde and Delthea also with the buffs their refined tomes grant), Odin with his mixed bulk especially now that bonus doubler is a thing, Ophelia needs no explanation, blue Olwen is good with a blade tome and has potential on a quad build if you have +atk without -spd (which I don’t; I have +spd), multiple lance fliers really good but I tend to like Cordelia for 35 atk and Shigure who has 2 less in exchange for 2 spd and quite a bit of bulk, Mordecai ignis spam via spiral is a build I first conceived on Lukas (even though it’s equally good on Hinata and even better on LA Hector), Nailah is my light season tank if I’m too lazy to galeforce people, and if all of that isn’t enough, L.Azura who I don’t even have (not that her colour really maters; she avoids fighting). Oh, and Whitewings and maybe Abel, and now Oscar. Even Peri’s a pretty good unit.

Also, stuff like Ninian being adorable and I like the voice acting on lance Azura.

I’ve hypothesized stuff like red units being the most numerous and green are the least or a lot of meta greens being armours with cheap tricks that require specialists to deal with anyways…I’m not too sure. I think it’s probably that a lot of blue units show up with play styles that I like. For red, the mages tend to be slow with the big exceptions of Tharja and Celica, whom I do like (and I don’t mind a one-shot mage but they aren’t my staple), and the myrmidon multi-hit special-based style in FEH when astra doesn’t actually hit five times doesn’t feel so fun to me (I do like galeforce Karla/Lon’qu though). Greens, the axes are often slow and I do like the mixed bulk I get out of some of them but again it’s not my staple. The mages I’m ok with, especially SF Nino, but they tend to be characterized by spd rather than high atk and I think I prefer to be able to play without buffs when push comes to shove which means relying on blade tomes is not my preference. As for colourless…I actually do like someof them but often I feel like I’m getting less flavour…I guess aesthetically I prefer units that have colour weakness and who can potentially overcome it if they stack stats hard enough.

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Axe cavalry isnt really a common thing either. Most commonly they have lances in the series or swords

I cant remember which ones we’re missing…

I think we need more fast axe cavalry that aren’t 5* exclusive. Like, when I was looking at fast greens for potential galeforcers I was like Titania, except her atk stat isn’t going to support heavy blade maybe unless I merge, but not sure I’m getting what I need out of a +10 unit from her.

Yarne I find intriguing because he has the offensive stats to galeforce even without merges, so I might use my tickets on him if I don’t see myself being to exploit infantry breath.

I got a -Atk Yarne which kinda sucks, not sure how much it hinders him but I might still try him out. We need more units with the stat spread like Spring Alfonse. He’s got good Spd, good Atk, and respectable Def. He’s always seemed like fun to me but being a Seasonal I never considered him an option unfortunately.