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Hey all,

With the advent of Castoria and her takeover of the supportlist, I was wondering, who do you want to see on the support list? I have managed to book nearly all the big-name supports (namely Merlin, Waver, Skadi, Castoria and Tamamo, hurray for my minnow-status enhanced luck), and I now have to make choices who to put on the support list. I’m leaning towards Waver with his ability to fit into almost any team, and Castoria (once I’ve leveled her fully), because of the meta. But I feel that that is what most people do, and some variety on the list would be nice, so I thought, why not put it to the polls.

So, pick your fave 2 (one for the Caster slot, and one for the General slot)

  • Buster and Sustain: Merlin
  • The Overworked classic: Waver
  • The Icy Quick Queen: Skadi
  • The Forgotten Fox: Tamamo
  • The New Kid on the Block: Castoria

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And if you have special mentions, put them in the reactions!

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Castoria is what I’ll seek out nearly daily.

For CQ’s or anything of that nature I will be on the lookout for Merlin & Skadi since there will be a plethora of Castoria’s.

I have Fox Wife so I don’t need to borrow another one anymore thanks to DCS.

I only know 1 person going out of their way to put Waver on Support and it’s because of how invested they are into his NP.


Out of the 4 older casters only a support skadi is essential to unlock a different level of farming potential so I left mine up in all.

Also if your friends are all seasoned masters, they should have their own waver. Don’t ask for a waver when they could have gotten one for free :fgo_gudako:


I might let have Skadi have the All slot more often depending on how this poll shakes out.

It’s different asking people what they actually want to borrow vs. what we all think we ought to put up.

For my part, I will very rarely borrow a Skadi, so I would rather see Merlin.


I still want to use Kama so Skadi, as native Merlin is all I need for Buster.
Sadly Quick has little I really want to use for a while aside from Kama. Douman/Van Gogh among upcomers.


Castoria is essentially waver with added looping potential and skadi system needs 2 of her so putting them up feels the best

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I don’t have native skadi, so I hope she doesn’t disappear entirely from my list. I also have everyone else and can actually DCS at the start of the meta, so castoria will probably be a top pick unless brain dead arts gets boring


I love Quick, but aside from certain Quick comps thriving in lottos I’m probably just going to adapt and use Arts loopers, especially once Vritra gets here.

At least for now I still see plenty of Skadis but Wavers and Merlins are far more rare than they used to be. Some Tamamos remain, but since I finally got her I doubt I’ll ever need to borrow one again until she gets a surprise rank-up.


Depends on the flavor of the month. I am still going to keep summoning quick servants so i will look for quick during those campaigns. I don’t have my own native Merlin so Buster will only be a thing for me when Koyanskaya comes to NA.

Tbh 2x Merlin is a meme more than the best way to run Buster. Merlin/Castoria is the new supercharged, nigh invincible Merlin/Waver. So a friend is enough.

Hopefully we get 3x SL early like Korea are soon and this will all be moot.


I have Merlin and Skadi up, and hope to see those. While I do have a Castoria, I don’t want to use her or arts attackers too much, as they will gain too many bond points and become bond capped faster. I am trying to save them for serious farming during lottos and stuff. For instance, one composition I am using is Nitocris (Black Grail) - Chen Gong (Kscope) - AA (Tenkihime) - Merlin, and I want a friend Merlin for this, as my own Merlin is nearly bond capped.

i just want too loop… and castoria helps more with everyday bond farming than waver for me.

for events, castoria in castor, skadi in all please.


Castoria will be the good old reliable from now on.

I’ll occasionally use Skadi if I want to mix things up a bit.

Outside of events I put Castoria, Skadi, Merlin and Waver on caster/all slots across two support lists so I can flex that I have all of them.

For events Castoria obviously takes priority on caster slot, and all slot will depend on the event (likely Merlin with 2030, or other supports with star bombs, bond CEs, poster girl, if any of my friends need them).


I used to have to choose between 3t or full bond. Thanks to castoria, I no longer have to choose :fgo_seibasurf:


Didn’t realize we should pick two options, if I had 2nd choice would be Merlin easily since mine isn’t leveled and I have Tamamo maxed at NP2. I didn’t care for Skadi much usually besides the 50 battery for someone and the teatime attached, but Waver was better in that department since I usually wasn’t using a quick DPS outside of the odd node sometimes.

I cant. Kiara has that alter ego deficit where it’s weak against knight class, and fruits come from lancers.

Kiara isn’t in my exp team either, unfortunately.

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I felt that. My np1 Kiara is so potato right now that she can’t 6 slot clear the cerberus :fgo_kadocsob:

I was gonna suggest sieg, but he probably isn’t enough for those 70k and 90k lancers


Well, I will obviously be looking for Castoria the most, due to DCS, but I’d like to be able to keep Skadi available for folks, as well. Unfortunately, my two top waifus are both Sabers: Musashi and Nero, so I don’t have room for a second Caster in my support list. I will, of course, happily swap-in whomever is relevant for events and upon request from friends.


I have Merlin in all and castoria in caster.

Merlin will be there for the buster comps and since most new servants are going to be arts for the foreseeable/near future, I think the best thing to do is use castoria in the most go-to slot of caster

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