Favorite Hero of each class?


It’s always fun to pick under constraints! I somewhat did this for the little class banners in the Combat Basics guide, but that was more around “who best suits the class?” For actual favorite characters it’s a bit tougher.

Knight: Armin
Mage: Aramintha
Ranger: Iseria
Soul Weaver: Tamarinne
Warrior: Commander Lorina
Thief: Cidd


How could I NOT pick this good boy?? And his chipmunk sidekick


This is a fun one!! Hmm –

Knight: Tywin,–Cecilia honorable mention
Mage: Dizzy,-- Auxiliary Lots honorable mention
Ranger: Bellona
Soul Weaver: Rin
Warrior: Martial Artist Ken
Theif: Specimen Sez or Assassin Cidd


Sure why not. Sounds like fun.

Top Picks

Knight: Rose
Mage: Dominiel
Ranger: Lidica
Soul Weaver: Tamarinne
Warrior: Cermia
Thief: Kayron

Top Aesthetics

Knight: Krau
Mage: Dizzy
Ranger: Wanderer Silk
Soul Weaver: Diene
Warrior: Judge Kise
Thief: Surin


Purely based on aesthetic, For me its

Knight : Krau
Warrior : Sigret
Mage : Tenebria
Thief : Haste
Ranger: Yuna
Soul Weaver: Tammarine

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