Favorite meh-ssassin? (Poll)

Especially lately we’ve got quite a few kinda meh assassins as 4* servants. While we can moan about there weakness, I kinda wanna know their fans.

Split them in two to keep the waifu wars and gameplay seperate


  • Steno
  • Nitocris (Assassin)
  • Katou Danzo
  • Assassin of Paraiso
  • Assassin of Shinjuku

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  • Steno
  • Nitocris (Assassin)
  • Katou Danzo
  • Assassin of Paraiso
  • Assassin of Shinjuku

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So wait. Is this a poll of whom we think is meh and bad or the ones we actually like? :confused:

Those you accually like

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I really really like Danzou’s design. Shame she sucks so bad. Why isn’t DW buffing her, really?
Shinshin is at least okay now thanks to his buff, and Stheno being bad is honestly a meme at this point, she’s no worse than a lot of other middle tier 4* servants after her buffs. Paraiso has a good kit in a vacuum, it’s more her competition and low base stats that make her look bad in comparison. She really doesn’t need much to be competitive imo, a simple NP interlude that adds a curse amplifier on top of the usual damage buff would be sufficient imo.


I’m the pool there’s a misspelling. It should be “Stheno” instead of “Steno”.

I love simple and effective everything about danzou is. Simple ninja outfit that isnt fanservice, good personality despite being a robot and shes able to save 2 servants by switching in and using her skills…Still sad about not getting her

Yeaaah, sorry about that.
Couldn’t fix it anymore


Oh also, let me ruin the fun before it begins. The mispelling is not “RP”. (It was going to come up anyways so I might as well kill it before it is given birth.)

Edit: I know you bullies!

Design definitely goes to best robo Mom. Her FA art is just simply
Also because of her summer 4 CE art

Summer Danzo when DW

As for gameplay, well, Stheno. Mostly because I find charm-locking a fun strat to play around.


The only correct answer for both questions is clearly Summer Nitocris. She is Best Pharoah, but in a swimsuit (and a Medjed robe).

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Assassin of Shinjuku has a great personality and gundam references. SHINING FINGER!!

But gameplay-wise, Paraiso takes my vote. As it’s been said, she’s held back by low ATK, mostly. But her kit is actually pretty good.

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Easy call for gameplay (Nito) but as character Katou is there too.

I voted stheno for both.
Simply put, she have a real role, as a support for her beloved little sister Medusa lancer in a quick charm lock team.

Shinjoku, the 2 new one, they give something not that usefull and you can use something else in their place.

Plus, stheno personality is incredibly magnetic.
She simply pull the attention on her.

For nitocris, who is my close second… I simply find her death meccanich on np a big problem for her gameplay, and I have my choco bunny caster np4 so I am cool with her.

I actually like paraiso, to bad stheno is there, I could not vote for her


I actually like the design for each of the assassins listed, but the Black Kite wins out for me, I think.

In terms of gameplay, I think Nitocris is the most useful for sure, though Katou does have the targetable Invincibility and Evasion which I fully expect to make use of in the future. In a way, it seems like an upgrade to my David since I really wouldn’t either of them to stick around after an NP.

Just because it’s magnetic it doesn’t mean it has to be attractive. Such nuance!
Or, perhaps the “Plus” at the start gives it away! How many layers?:ok_hand: :face_with_monocle:

Parasio is adorable and I loved her little arc in shinjuku. And as an arts fanatic she’s the only one among those that I actually end up using

Kato in terms of narrative and looks. It’s hilarious how much she appeals to me in general, talk about pandering specifically to my tastes. But I don’t come here to publicly thirst (not that I judge such),so I’ll leave it at that.

For gameplay, Stheno. Shinshin’s still easily outclassed and unnecessary even post-SQ, Paraiso isn’t godawful but her competition is for her and Shiki still exists after all. Kato is 12 Cost for hipster HoH and nothing else (it’s honestly kind of sad IMO how slowly a L100 Kato takes to kill merely Coatl in this solo video), when David is 5 fewer Cost for the same and a Charisma and deceptive bulkiness, on top of NP1 Robot-ninja-doll-mom-wife being literally directly comparable to Phantom not-in-niche and unremarkable within it (never mind anywhere near optimal where ‘difficult’ enemies go). Certainly Nito can at least loop, but that requires more expensive tools which narrows her broader applicability, even before factoring in that you would be hoping at all for her not to IK some trash mobs at the start.

Now, Stheno isn’t anything inherently top-tier for sure, but she’s a support and supports are fundamentally valuable. Being a Divine-specific buffer (+40% ATK is nifty), who can also charm and lower gauge and further raise effective ATK (+60-70%) assuming you’re not using her as Poster Girl fodder, is definitely broadly applicable in a number of reasonable situations - buying a turn where your attacker isn’t harmed and someone gets 3T of 40+% ATK buffs is literally always nice, gauge reduction has its obvious upsides, and that’s before getting into the slew of powerhouses and/or fan favorites that happen to be Divine: AGoldie, Ishtar, Paru, Eresh, Bryn, Medusa, Iskandar, Golden, Melty, Shuten, Mama, and several others. You could do worse.

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For my own opinion.

Looking Stheno over again, she’s not too bad.
With accually solid np gain, charge drain, charm… and a strong charisma in the right teams.

If we include future interlutes Shinjuku Assassin does get pretty much exactly what he needs. Not making him top tier, but a solid pick that can finally do some damage.

I’m using Assassin of Paraiso. She’s solid in an arts heavy team but her damage is meh. Too bad she doesn’t pair well with casters or Tamamo would be useful. Curse really needed a boost too. Stacking it is fun but I feel it just doesn’t do enough

Katou also has a niche with her invunrability but too bad that’s all she really does. Even with the crit+buster buff I don’t think she does enough

Nitocris has a funny fightstyle with her tanky nature.



Yeah that was my biggest problem with Katou as far as waifus go. She’s precious but it’s just kind of weird to me because she’s fuuma’s “mom” and I wouldn’t mess over my bro like that. So I wouldn’t classify her as a waifu, she’d probably go in my “must be protected” category with servants like Atalante and Chiyome