Favorite Nasuverse Song

While this is probably a thing somewhere else. Just thought I’d narrow it down and present it in this format.

Hands down I’m going to have to go with Last Stardust. To say it’s sublime is a superlative understatement. I was quite surprised when i saw that AmaLee (LeeandLie) did such a god job with translating and singing it and the welcome addition of not really changing the instrumental at all. Though on the instrumental part it’s not like a YouTuber could compare to a professional recording company.

To me this song speaks to me both very personally and very aesthetically.

AmaLee’s rendition.

And the original:


ending one fate zero "memoria " is probably one of the best songs i’ve ever heard plus the ending on itself with all the flashbacks of the 7 servants is neat


Yeah, yours is particularly interesting as well, considering it was hard to find anything in picture form dealing with the pasts of the Servants just from the progenitor of Holy Grail Wars.

The song itself is great. Nice and catchy.

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“Rediscovering” Fatu-franchise via Extella, I got a couple memorable tracks of its score in mind. For now, I’ll limit myself to this grandiose piece from Link, which I do listen to up and down again and again, even extended:

I wouldn’t mind throwing moar money at DW if they were to finally bring Chad Karl over to FGO, btw. :fgo_illya: :fgo_illya:

Any EMIYA song
No really. I love the tune.

Also, Brave Shine.

EDIT: oops, replied to a comment rather than the thread, soory

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don’t worry about it xD


Memorial was without a doubt my favorite fate song and probably my favorite ending theme period (though Danmachi and claymore are close).

I guess next up would be the carnival phantasm opening.


literally anything from yuki kajiura


this too, plus the ending

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yeah that one is neat
but if we 're talking opening form other anime then:

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Its not really a song but Night of Fate really puts a chill down my spine. I still feel its THE BEST Fate OST till date.

I wanted to focus on single tracks. Putting OST in the title and people might think whole albums instead of single songs.

saaaaaaba chan :(

best bro

this ending is heartbreaking


between this one is great too



who am i kidding every song fate related was awesome

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All of Aimer’s songs. Last Stardust, Brave Shine, and Hana no Uta. She’s become one of my fav singers of the 2010s. Besides those are a few from Fate Apocrypha:

EGOIST - Eiyuu Unmei no Uta


Masaru Yokoyama - Grand War

Masaru Yokoyama - Invasion
Insanity of Dominator
Katou Tatsuya - Shoujo yo Hoshi ni Nare [Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆]


Yeah full agreement here, that’s my favourite.

Oath Sign and Brave Shine are also decent.

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Apologies for going off topic - I had been holding off watching Carnival Phantasm, what are the prerequisites for it? Do I need to get Tsukihime finished? What about Kara no Kyoukai?

first you don’t need to apologize :we do that all the time here xD
Second: i guess you’ll have to watch Tsukihime but you don’t need to watch kara no kyoukai.
it’s mostly 60% fate 35% tsukihime 5% kara

On the other hand kara no kyoukai is one of the best anime i have ever watched and i would definitely recommend it to anyone


Well, to continue: a couple further instrument-only pieces from Link and Extella - first, foxy’s Capital stage (which everyone chooses to protecc, correct?):

Then, Extella, the King of Heroes’ theme remix - rad as all hell, and was I ever smug about the lad showing up in the nick of time in arc 3 to mindfrakk a certain scholar and ruin all his schemes:

And, now for the vocal openings…Link’s is good, but Extella’s just takes it for me:

Since we are talking about Nasuverse and not just fate, I have to pick one of my all time favorite :blush::blush:

Absolutely loved this one~!!

Edit: Just special mention, the music in the fight between our iskander bro and the king of heroes are epic too

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