Favorite Okita Team?

Hey yall! Just wanted to know how yall are using everyone’s favorite waifu, Okita! I was lucky enough to roll her during the Thanksgiving Banner this past year and have been having a blast!

My favorite setup rn is:
Okita: 10/6/6 -MLB Imaginary Around
Nero Bride: 6/10/5 (lucky enough to get the 2nd best waifu on the recent gssr) -2030
Hans: 10/6/6 -2030

It may not be the greatest team in the world, but plenty of healing, just enough defense, good enough np refund, sweet crits, good enough buff stacking (especially with a friend supp)! Have been having a blast with this setup!

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For me. It’s situational for Okita. I love to pair her with Jack. Both sporting MLB for the below CE, forget it’s name.

This turns both into even bigger killers, and NP spammers with the crazy gain they can both pull off. Usually a support Waver. If no need to have the battery from Waver, can run Santera for a fun team of star generation.

Honestly, whenever I use my Okita I don’t use her as a dps. I just slap a 2030 or Carp on mine and use her as my star generator for my actual dps servant. Usually something gimmicky as using her to provide stars for my Lizzy or Ana.

After i got Musashi i stopped using her almost completely but when i do i usually pair her with Waver and the 3rd one is situational, it’ll be easier with Skadi to make good use of her.

Mmy best team for okita is

St George lvl 1 , okita with immaginary around , support St George lvl 1.


She is such a fun soloer.
Usually when I farm I favour musashi over her, but only because I have her np2 and Merlin, so easier time. But I try to solo any fight I can with her.

Okita- sumo or HNS
Freind waver/hans-2030

crit for everyone, forever

Most of the time I use Okita, Hans and Ecchan.
That team doesn’t have the best survivability but it works for non-bosses.

I’ve been thinking about testing her with Caster Gil but events and farming keep getting in the way.

That is a fun team, especially for bosses such as the fox last Nerofest.

Caster Gil is a universal support, but I would not use him with okita.
Her star gen is already so good that she hit the cap on her own, with no help from caster Gil.

It would probably be overkill but I’m fond of my Lanling, Cast Gil, Hans team on JP so I’m curious to see if this could approximate it.
Okita doesn’t mesh as well but I felt it is worth a shot, besides it costs nothing.

I roll 2 banners for her and no luck. Guess she doesn’t love me as much as i love her so i just give up.

Okita (Sumo/BG) with Merlin with 2030 or PC, Waver before swapped out for another support, Bride with Carp for a swap-in, Wu for a swap-in with Carp or bond CE (not that I’ve unlocked the latter yet). Or something of that sort. Later on, Skadi, ideally 2x, somewhere in there.

Buff Okita. Make my powerful girl even better.