Favorite Operators?

Just a thread I wanted to put up so there can be some type of discussion going on. :feh_birbpeek:

From the Operators that you have, which ones have you come to love and appreciate, more so than the others? You can pick up to three. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Kroos - As much as her voice annoys me with her constant KO~ KO~ DA~ YO~ she’s a really strong Operator to have thanks to her skill. I can always count on her to dish out a ton of damage when she’s out on the battlefield, and her range is so good.

  • Angelina - My second 6* Operator and someone I didn’t really think I’d enjoy using as much as I do now. Before I got Angelina my only supporters were Orchid (pulled her a good seven or eight times) and Earthspirit (who didn’t seem all that interesting to me). Once I got Angelina I decided to give the Supporter role a try and she’s really enjoyable for me. Her skill isn’t too interesting at the moment (not E1 yet) but her Supporter utility is still very helpful. Dunno if that means I like the Supporter role or Angelina herself to be honest, so I’ll have to test that. :thinking:

  • Frostleaf - Another unit I didn’t think I’d like. Only reason I initially chose her was because she was my first and only melee Operator that had such long range (still is). I have her at E1 and her ability to not only slow down, but possibly freeze the enemy is so fun, even if it is a bit inconsistent.


oh nice idea.

Well, first of all:

  • Shirayuki - is my budget pick. Very mysterious in terms of personality but I like her design and she’s my first (and only so far) E2 cause of her flexibility as an aoe archer. I also doubt I’ll stop using her anytime soon even if I pull a meteorite or something since she can just switch to arts damage using her skill.

  • Hoshi - My first 6* and probably my favorite in terms of personality and design. Not super interesting in terms of gameplay, but there isn’t going to be anything sturdier in the game for a while.

  • Saria - Probably one of the best characters in the game gameplay wise and I absolutely love her character (which is great cause she was my second 6* lmao. I’m not going to be wanting more defenders anytime soon). As an example, her second skill heals all units in a 3-square radius which means she’s sometimes a more consistent aoe-healer than actual healers :slightly_smiling_face: .
    On top of that, the drama she has going on with Silence and Ifrit is part of why I’m playing the game in the first place so I can’t wait til they get some screentime.

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Oh wow. Saria sounds pretty insane!

Lappland, her backstory is mysterious and her relationship with Texas is interesting. Gameplay wise she’s basically a budget SilverAsh. I also like how she just going around talking trash like she just don’t care.

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I just started playing 3 days ago so the first thing i did was starting the ongoing event and Grani is quickly growing on me, i don’t even know if she’s good or not since i’m still learning the mechanics but her design is great.

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I’ve been playing this game a little over a week and so far I’m loving Nightmare, Grani, Plume, Perfumer, and Adnachiel. I’ve been fielding them for most of my runs and so far they’ve been consistently clearing enemies out long enough for me drop my Arts attackers.

Surprised on Adnachiel to be honest. He was the very first unit I ever invested in and I thought I was the only one that actually liked him. :joy:

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My first one is exu. That redball with a halo carried me till now.
The secomd one is deepcolor. In all the design , i like her the best. And her tentacles saves my ass many times.

Third is texas. That 12 cost was a bless. Plus her desgn and character was also top notch.

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Hoshiguma is what got me into this game, I saw her and was immediately like ‘ah, this is the reason to play Arknights.’

I planned to reroll for her until I got her, then she came home (and brought Angelina with her oddly enough.) on my very first newbie 10x.

List of favorites by rarity:

6*: Hoshiguma - best girl. Nuff said.
5* Blue Poison - I have a thing for frogs and her venom passive is unique and neat.
3* Midnight - He kyoot
2* Rangers - Has been essential in completing multiple maps that higher rarity operators struggled with because 50% increased anti-air damage is busted.
1* Lancet-2 - I don’t have the other one so default.


My top favorite operator is hands down, Nearl, she has saved my rear so many times by the simple virtue of SHE DOES NOT DIE! She is only reason I was able to beat Big Bob during the Grani event

After her, Grani simply because she is a cute kid

And finally Exusiai just just a cool design


Hoshiguma because shes the best girl
Shiryuki because shes cool and cute
Mousse is sweet
Shaw because come on who doesnt like shaw

Ptiliopsis hands down one of my faves. From the VA to her skillset, what’s there to not like? Also my first E2 :slight_smile:

FEater cause I’m a huge fan of Ursus girls and she reminds me of pandarens :panda_face:

Estelle for my last pick cause she just talks like she needs the protecc but you deploy her and she’s an independent lizard who don’t need no medic (in some maps) :muscle:

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up to three, okay

  • skyfire, at first it was VA reason bc she is rin tohsaka and yuel, but after all those meteors falling, it’s really hard not to love her, easily my best girl now, honestly, if possible, i don’t want to use other casters lol
  • cuorra, ok, hear me out, firstly, she is a turtle waifu that’s a BIG plus, secondly, she carried me through my games, tanking those avengers, butchers and even took a hit from the grani event bosses like a champ
  • angelina, always be my best 6*, no contest

1st Post:

Ok so here’s my list of favorite operators:

  • Amiya: She is the best girl and we must protecc her
  • Cuora: Invested in her a lot and she is the only best turtle waifu
  • Texas: Best vanguard and her design is nice
  • Kross: Much KO-KO-DA-YO
  • Projekt Red: She is decent and best wolf
  • Shaw: She is a good squirrel and is decent
  • Ptilopsis: I started investing in her and she was good
  • Eyjaffalla: She’s the beat goat

Now this is the operators that I have not received or earned but here you go:

  • Hellagur: Honestly, I want him cause he seems cool and badass
  • Schwarz: Very cool or badass and hot
  • Siege: Obviously for me she is the best Lion-waifu
  • Exusiai: A very good sniper and best angel-waifu I say
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Siege. She’s the whole point I started playing the game. Saw her in an ad and thought she just had an awesome design so I jumped in right at launch and managed to pull her on her banner pretty quickly. And as of a few minutes ago, I got her to E2. First E2 unit for me and she’s great!

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  1. Exusiai
  2. Platinum
  3. SilverAsh

These are subject to change but Exusiai is best girl to me. She’s my absolute favorite. Platinum I just plain love the design of and find her overall concept very interesting. SilverAsh I didn’t expect to like but am very quickly growing attached to him and his playstyle. He’s just amazing.

Some honorable mentions are Fang, Perfumer, and Croissant. And also Lappland since I just recruited her from the certificate shop today.

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the first sentence that makes me love the game is “ko ko da yo”

most used:
Plume dp on kill is very usefull especially for farming or annihilation maps

lappland surprised me many time with her second skill

a mix of all these is gummy:(first skill)
i thinks she should have 5 stars but i won’t complain, more usable than Nearl and you can have her easier than Saria



My personal favourites are Exusiai, Nightingale and Frostleaf.
Exu was my first 6-star, I’ve went through a lot with her and she’s always cheered me up after defeats
Nightingale is my core medic. She’s really sweet, provides a ton of healing and resistance
Though Silverash and Lappland are obviously better as a ranged guards, I have some strange affection for Frostleaf. She has a cool design and voice, and her temper is somewhat similar to mine.

Also I would like to mention Cuora and Istina just for being awesome :smile:

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2nd Post:

I have so many of my personal favorite operators but here is a short list:

Amiya, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Skadi, Projekt Red, and Texas

Additionally, Shining was my first 6 star for the whole game until I got other 6 star operators like Skadi, but yeah she’s a good healer

Kroos is just the only sniper since I don’t have Exusiai nor any other 5 star snipers as much, but she is the best sniper operator that I’ve used much often and the best thing is she closes her eyes and aims perfectly, so that’s why she’s my favorite 3 star operator