Favorite Servant of each class?

hey gamers, what’s up! i’m soren, co-site lead for FGO and maybe possibly probably the person who got your favorite servant bumped up a tier in the tier list. actually, it was definitely me. you can thank me later.

let’s start off with the basics cause it’s always fun to talk about who you like: who’s your favorite servant of each class, and if you want, talk about why! gameplay or characterwise, it’s up to you. i’ll start!

saber: Rama! i’m indian and i grew up with the mahabharata and ramayana as childhood stories, so i was really happy that Rama is both pretty popular and really big on buster memes

archer: og EMIYA baby! still one of my favorite characters of all time ever since i read the VN in high school

lancer: Karna. i’m one of the resident Karna stans on the writing team (shout out to my fellow fan @Ceui) and the guy is just impossibly cool in his Fate iteration (maybe a little nicer than his original myth version)

rider: GOLDEN RIDER - KENZAN! kintoki is best boy

caster: caster gil, obviously, zasshu.

assassin: old man li shuwen is the coolest old person ever and i stand by this statement unconditionally

berserker: kintoki again, gold medal for the golden boy

extra: tie between Dantes (best chuuni bro) and Amakusa (should have been the winner in apocrypha)

How about you?


Saber: A tie between Rama and Musashi, both my precious sabers

Archer: Ishtar cause im weak to Rinfaces :fgo_rinlaugh:, shoutout to og Emiya too

Lancer: Ereshkigal cause again, Rinface :fgo_rinlaugh:, and being the cutest thing in the game

Rider: Kintoki is best boy

Caster: Waver for being best character in Fate/Zero

Assassin: Not much of a fan of any of the assassins, but Cleo and Izou are recent favorites

Berserker: Kintoki is best boy²

Extra: Jeanne and Jalter for introducing me to Fate years ago, Okita Alter for being too precious for this world and making me enjoy JP more


Saber: Saber Lancelot for design and gameplay reasons.

Archer: Nobunaga for being the best personality and host of the best event series in the game.

Lancer: Ereshkigal for being the better Rin.

Caster: Waver I guess just for being an interesting character in Zero.

Assasin: A real dead servant selection for me, Shiki wins by default just for looking nice.

Berserker: Spartacus for being a bro and his smile makes my heart go doki doki.

Rider: The Queen herself MedB being the realest chick in the game and having decent fashion sense in fur coats.

Extra: I dont think I like any extra class, Salieri is pretty cool would probably default to him just for looks.


Saber: Of course it has to be the OG Saber herself Arturia, just a great character in general. I also like Saberlot’s design tho :grinning:

Archer: Definitely EMIYA the counter guardian himself - love character, design, and especially op powers

Lancer: Probably the immortal Cu himself - Gae Bolg ftw

Rider: Ozy since he was my first 5 star when he spooked me as I was trying for Merlin

Caster: Merlin - op support and meddlesome character

Assassin: Probably Jack for gameplay star gen

Zerker: Cu Alter - its a dark Cu with great gameplay. What else do you need

Extra: tie between Mash, Jeanne, Jalter - Mash because of the story, Jeanne’s character and ruler role are pretty cool, Jalter great avenger and I’m liking her role in Shinjuku


Saber: Bedivere. He tries his best even though he is supposed to be just an ordinary human compared to his fellow Knights of the Round Table.

Archer: Euryale. She’s flirtatious thing with an adorable hairstyle. Exactly my type.

Lancer: Cu Chulainn. A roguish hero with a battle fetish. Ever since the UBW anime, he’s always been my favorite servant overall.

Rider: Medusa. I’ve always admired this creative twist on what is traditionally a monster portrayed in Greek Mythology. And those eyes.

Caster: Illyasviel. Yes, I’m a magical girl weeb. Shush.

Assassin: Kojirou. Another one of those archetypes who is just looking for a good fight, while also falling outside what I would call the ‘conventional assassin’.

Berserker: Nightingale. My first SSR and a staple to my team ever since rolling her. More than that, I’m intrigued by her noble phantasm, creating a zone where all enemy aggression ceases. I’ve wondered a lot how Nightingale would fare in a standard Holy Grail War.

Extra: Probably Amakusa Shirou. I found his goals in Fate/Apocrypha, while seemingly good-natured and virtuous, were in actually quite damning. I’ve found him to be one of the Fate series more believable villains as I believe his goals are something even an everyday human would wish for.


Saber: Musashi. She came to me 5 times! She must like me.

Archer: Summer Altria. She has helped me out so much in this game with her np.

Lancer: Scathach. Sexy and deadly

Rider: Quetzalcoatl. I’m a sucker for big sister types.

Caster: Tamamo. Pretty much my favorite servant ever and she’s useful in game too.

Assassin: Jack the Ripper. I had been wanting her but she didn’t come to me the first rate up. Then later she came to me twice. Love my murder child.

Berserker: Raikou. She has helped me as well with farming…also she has big…damage buffs.

Extra: Jalter. That ending to Shinjuku literally made me fall in love with her completely.

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Okay so:

Saber: Probably between Mordred and Bedivere. I like both of them a lot, but for different reasons and in different ways.

Lancer: Brynhild. Beautiful, powerful valkyrie. She has a pretty good design and her voice is really nice.

Archer: This is a hard one. Really hard one. Gilgamesh, Shinjuku Archer, Chloe, Emiya, David, Billy, Robin, each one of them have their own charm, and like sabers, I like them for different reasons and in different ways. But if I had to choose, I’d stick with Chloe.

Rider: I’d have to give a default answer here, the servants I like the most here would be Mordred, but I don’t really want to repeat spirit origins, and Sakamoto Ryouma, but I’m not a JP player so I don’t know much about him.

Caster: Helena Blavatsky probably. She’s cool, and she’s hangs out with quite the extravagant group being Tesla and Edison. I like her design, I like her voice, I like her lore in the game and she’s tons of fun. Honor mention to best demon Mephistopheles.

Assassin: This is a hard one. Between Jack, Jekyll and Hyde, Sanson, Shiki and THE REGEND… different reasons, and different ways. Probably Jack with Sanson and Jekyll following up really really close.

Berserker: I’m not so hype about berserker class honestly, but my favorites would be Ibaraki and Lancelot.

Ruler: I don’t really like anyone specific here so nobody.

Avenger: Edmond Dantès. He’s just the bestest of best. Cool, edgy, wise, handsome, he’s got it all. Honorary mention to Hessian Lobo and Salieri.

Saber: Its gotta be Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Fate/Extra is probably my favorite Fate setting, and Nero is definitely my favorite servant. I love her, and can’t wait to play Extella Link. Honorable mentions to Mordred, the Apoc best girl and the only one of my favs who continues to elude me.

Archer: Emiya is definitely where it’s at.

Lancer: This one is tough, but I think I’m gonna go with Cu here. He’s one of my fav’s from F/SN.

Rider: It’s between Drake and Coatl, but I think I’m gonna go with Drake just because she has more content out there beyond F/GO and also my Fate/Extra bias. They’re definitely #2 and 3.

Caster: While I maintain that Medea is the F/SN best girl, I’m gonna pick Sanzang. Her big Camelot moment won me over super hard, and I can’t wait for the movie pretty much just to see that scene.

Assassin: Hassan of Serenity. I leveled her skills to 10/10/10 and grailed her to 90. Her smile must be protected at all costs.

Berserker: Its Frankenstein or Heracles, and I think I’m gonna go with Fran. She’s too adorable, I don’t know what I’m expected to do versus that.

Extra: Jeanne Alter. I really like Jeanne classic, but I think Alter is a more interesting character.

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Saber: Salter. I love her design; she’s just so pretty. She’s one of my favourites from FSN as well.

Archer: OG Emiya. He’s one of my favourites from FSN and his crits will destroy anyone. He’s also best mom lol will cook, clean, and care for you.

Lancer: OG Cu because he’s also another favourite from FSN (especially UBW) and such a good bro. He’s probably the closest thing to immortality. A close second is Karna or Shishou; Karna because one of my favourites from Apocrypha and the most caring servant out there and Shishou because she’s best sensei.

Rider: My boi Ozzy Osbourne. I love his lore and his design and smiting enemies is just fun.

Caster: CasGil. He was my first SR from gacha (excluding the freebie one from the tutorial). Babylonia made me like him even more. A close second is Memelin just for the buster memes.

Assassin: Cleopatra because her design is just so nice (Danganronpa FTW)

Berserker: Cu Alter. They combined the immortality of Cu with an insanely high attack stat to make an unstoppable beast. Mah man.

Extra: Amakusa. Also another favourite from Apocrypha and this boi deserves all the grails in the world.

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Gotta do this for who I like, not pure combat

Saber: Scratch what I said earlier. umu is where it’s at.
Nero is just so likable and fun. Sometimes that energy can be annoying, but for her it’s endearing

Lancer: Again OG lancer. There’s just something very likeable about Bro Chulainn

Archer: Triple combo. I am a massive Emiya fan. No contest he’s at the top of any list for me.

Rider: Ishkandar again, total bro. That man has pressence and power. Just the right amount of arrogance.

Caster: Merlin. There’s something badass about this idiot. He really seems to be casually above everyone. In the story and gameplay.
Nicrotis gets a special mention here, no need to tell why

Assassin: King Hassan. Pure badass, they really sold the idea of a grand assassin well.

Berserker: Lancelot. Kinda cheating, since I like him for berserker+saber. But a flawed and tragic knight is kinda cool. Badass characters do top my lists over waifus.

Avenger: Dantès. I blame the fact that he looks like Komaeda.

Ruler: Martha. Angry saint who also has an amazing beach body. Gotta love women that can kick your ass

Dude tell me about it, I can’t wait for Extella Link at all. Not long to go!

Saber: Okita. She’s such a dork and Guda Guda is probably one of my favorites Fates right next to the Extraverse. I’ve even cosplayed as Okita before. Honorable mention to Mordred.

Archer: Gil or Orion. Started off a huge Gil fan from the original FSN/Zero (and even cosplayed him), but Orion really grew on me in FGO a lot as my first SSR on both servers. There’s not enough Orion fanart.

Lancer: All lancers are bros. The easy answer is Tamamo Lancer (you might see a pattern later on), but Cu, Parvati and Li Shuwen are pretty up there as well. That being said, I do have a soft spot for Hektor. He’s such a mood.

Rider: Ozymandias. Gotta praise the sun. I love the memes, too - when I cosplayed him I handed out Rider gems to people. Rider in general is probably my favorite class, despite most of my favorites being Casters.

Caster: The most difficult class. So many of my favorites are here. Tamamo is the hands-down answer, but Sheba, Da Vinci, Cas Gil, Cu Caster are close.

Assassin: Semiramis. I thought the Hanging Garden of Babylon was pretty cool, and I just knew she would be my first (and only so far) assassin SSR. Wanted to see more of her and Amakusa in Apoc. Probably Tamamo Vitch if she were out.

Berserker: Tamamo Cat. My first pick SR and was always there for me. Worked well enough for farming, and on JP with all her buffs and animation updates she’s even more adorable. Honorable mentions to Nobu summer and Ibaraki.

Extra: Passionlip. I really love Extra/CCC, and she’s a good girl. Holmes is up there pretty close - when I first saw his NP, I had to keep on rewatching it for the satisfying zoom in. BB is close, too. Hacking her way into my favorites.


Saber: Okita Souji is one of my favorite servants, I hope I can get her next Gudaguda event…

Archer: Atalanta evades me in NA, but in JP now she’s one of my best servants thanks to my quick oriented rooster…

Lancer: Scathach, same as Atalanta, she evades me in NA, but she’s my best boss killer in JP.

Rider: Ushiwakamaru, planning on grailing in both servers.

Caster: Skadi is my favorite caster, I like her a lot.

Assassin: Miaoyi Yu when she was implemented I rushed Babylonia, Solomon and Anastasia getting sq only to get her. Thankfully she came, along the emperor.

Berserk: Heracles is close one of my favorite servants in the saga, I like him a lot since FSN, and now I have him maxed in NA server, and working on him on JP.

Extra: Mash my favorite by far. I started to play this game only for her.

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I’m keeping my answer to original classes only, so no Archuria for example.

Saber: Salter and Nero, I may never have an answer between cheeseburger and umu.

Archer: Ishtar because she’s just to tsun.

Lancer: Scáthach is best mom.

Rider: Iskandar is best king.

Caster: Waver because best page.

Assassin: MHX because space memes.

Berserker: MHXA because holy shit she is precious.

Extra: Jeanne/Jalter because all Jeannes are great.

lol I only found this game because of mash

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mmm hard choice to select a few, however …

Saber: Musashi, cause klutz is justice
Archer: Archuria, cause i like to spam her NP and cause i’m sucker for ponytails …
Lancer: Scathach, since Valentine’s gift
Rider: Ushiwakamaru, character and gameplay wise she’s both funny to see and amazing with her NP.
Caster: Medea, cause she’s FSN best girl and the best ST caster until you find Ilya or Sanzang
Assassin: Summer Scathach, cause of Lost Shore event of last summer
Berserker: the one and only Angry Man, just listening to his attacks explain everything.
Extra: Martha ruler cause of the character double face while speaking & Jalter, cause derevenger is justice

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Saber: Siegfried, my favorite epic hero.

Archer: Gilgamesh. Arrogant bastard, love it.

Lancer: Cu. He was my favorite FSN character. Really cool and chill dood, even if he usually gets the short end of the stick, ironically.

Rider: Ozy, basically a Rider Gilgamesh.

Caster: Gilgamesh again, who’s now an arrogant, wise, bastard.

Assassin: Cleo, she’s stylish, fun to use, has a good personality. Also somehow escapes the cycle of fanservice.

Berserker: Nightingale, I think she’s well-written and properly executed as a berserker who can talk. How crazy she is about her obsession in-game lends itself for some hilarious moments.

Extra: Dantes. May just be the coolest character in the game.


Saber: Rama, he’s a quite cute sad boy with some nice design (also sita when)

Archer: Honestly not too sure, I’m tempted to be a tier ■■■■■ and say Artoria Summer, but more realistically probably either Kuro or Billy.

Lancer: LIZ Liz all the way, she’s way too cute and I love basically all of her voicelines, her updated animations are amazing too (even though we don’t have them yet)

Rider: Either Medb for her silly slap animations or Ushi just cause she cute.

Caster: Helena, I love peaked caps and generally military-esque outfits and her poses amuse me (If I’m being fully honest though I like her beta design a lot more though lol)

Assassin: Either MHX or Cleo, they’re both pretty silly in their own ways but I like Cleo’s art more.

Berserker: Oof this one kind of hurts, I honestly like Nightingale and MHXA kinda equally, their story/event scenes amuse me pretty equally and I love both of their outfits. If I had to choose, probably Nightingale, but only because I already listed MHX.

Extra: Nah m8 I’m cheating here

Ruler: Summer Martha, just everything about her is great, but watching her first ascension just absolute pummel everything into the ground is fun.

Avenger: Jalter, I fell for the memes, I fell for it hard but I don’t regret it. I even ended up cosplaying her when I lost a bet that I’d be able to pull her in 60 SQ. still haven’t pulled her either but I refuse to spend money.

Alter Ego: Either Melty or Liz, but probably Melty since I listed Liz already. Her design amuses me basically.

Moon Cancer: Both options are BB

I choose BB

Foreigner: Abigail. Cute little lovecraftian horror girl is cute. Also she’s somehow taller than Nero which is hilarious to me.

Overall my favorite servant though is definitely Elizabeth Bathory and I won’t ever be changing that.

Saber: Artoria because she is the character that brought me to the fate series.
Archer: Asagami Fujino because she likes to break bridges and she is also cute.
Lancer: Valkyrie (1st Ascension) because Ortlinde is very cute.
Rider: Summer Salter because saberface.
Caster: Irisviel because I don’t really have any favorite caster so I chose her for Kerry.
Assassin: Chiyome because she’s adorable or Kerry because he’s a cool dude.
Beserker: Hijikata because I find his character to be cool as hell.
Extra: Angra Mainyu because he’s my favorite servant in the entire fate universe.

I tried not to put too many Artoria versions in the list.

Saber: Rama. Both because of his gameplay and how much he loves his precious wife. If not, then Musashi because Ayaneru, character, and gameplay

Archer: Ishtar because Rin and Konosuba memes. If not her, then EMIYA because UBW sealed the deal for me and I will always have mad respect for this snarklord ex-eroge protagonist

Lancer: Enkidu. He is Best Clay™ for good reason, and anyone who can make Gil call them his best friend is already a winner in my book. If not, then Eresh because she is absolutely the cutest thing and bonus points for Rinface.

Rider: Ozy. Because JoJo memes, Gil-like arrogance and OPness.

Caster: My boy Waver. My first SSR and the one who carried me since I began playing the game. Fate/Zero only made me love him more. Coming in second would be Gil because of his more likable personality and badassery in Babylonia.

Assassin: Cleopatra. This girl screams style and it’s glorious. She is also really fun to play.

Berserker: MHXA. What’s better than space Saber? Cute Sith Lord Saber with a dash of megane.

Extra: Qin Shi Huang. Local Chinese Ultimate Life Form and sharing voices with the OG world emperor Lelouch vi Britannia! This dude is JoJo levels of fabulous and I can’t wait until he comes to NA in the following years. If not then my edgy boi Dantes because he’s pretty badass aside from his memeworthy edginess.