Favorite Units for farming?


What is your favorite units you use for farming?




I love your tastes.


Emiya, Santa Lily, Santa Alter.

I have Arash, but don’t end up using him much as I don’t have the CEs for 3T farming, and would rather just charge servants on round 1 and then 1T rounds 2/3.




I approve of this, yes yes. Very very much!


Arash with Kscope(Which I finally obtained) I have his 3rd skill maxed.

Medusa with Heaven Feel(movie version) or with Kscope/Imaginary Element(Which I finally obtained)

Santa JALTER and Santa Alter

Kiyohime , Sparatacus, Raikou


I run:

Harry Potter mystic code

  1. Arash @ Devilish Bodhisattva (3rd skill level 10)
  2. Farmer w/ 20%-30% battery (Arthur, Cleo, Mordred, etc.) @ 50%/60% starting NP gauge (Dragon’s meridian, Imaginary Element, etc.)
  3. Support Waver (usually I pick one with MLB lunchtime)
  4. Farmer @ 50% starting NP


Turn 1: Charge Arash’s NP. If using Cleo or Da Vinci, hit Golden Rule (Body) now for the passive charge. Then just NP with Arash.

Turn 2: Pop batteries and Waver’s skills; this’ll take everyone to 100% (Cleo/Da Vinci/Medb might need another turn.) NP to clear the wave.

Turn 3: Use the last NP.

Arash + Waver + Spartacus + Alexander is a good Hans/QP farming team.

If there’s a single enemy in Wave 2, then I bring a nuker like Robin, Herc, or Scathach.


Arash + Lancelot (Berserker) + Astolfo + Support Waver
Arash with Devilish Bodhisattva, Lancelot with Kscope, and Astolfo with Holy Night Supper. Clears just about anything and makes daily farming a breeze.
If Assassins are present then I tend to run Helena over Astolfo.


Arash obviously, but imy medusa is the one true waifu.
but i also like my tamamoe cat and edmond dantes. my actuall farm team for all small staff (up to 30k hp per enemy is arash, tamamoe cat, edmond, support waver and helena.
I have no kaleid, so i need a lot of skill for the 3 turn.


Fran, Raikou (support) and Lancelot with Kaleidoscope (mlb for Raikou) but I don’t have what it need to charge their remaining 20% right now

Fran np is espcially nice to clean last wave since it hits quite hard


Zerkerlot, Kiyohime, Tamacat, Arash, Zerkerlot again, Mordred, and of course Waver.
That’s mainly for embers. For QP I don’t have a dedicated rider team, really. In fact I don’t really should be farming doors, but when I do I try to make the fight as long as it takes just to try out stuff.


Farming team basically rotates out the following:

Nitocris w/ kscope
Raiku w/ kscope
Mordred w/ kscope or Imaginary Element
Drake w/ any 50% starter
Cleo w/ kscope or Imaginary Element
Lancer Altria w/ any 50% starter
Pick any 3 depending on waves

Mash w/ MLB Lunchtime
+Support Waver w/ Lunctime

Sometimes Ill mix a few others in there to get them points, but for hands, thats the usual recipe.


This plus friend waver has been my destroy the world starter kit… Even more so when I lucked into np2 on both baber alters. Add in santalter and any enemy 75k hp and lower ceases to exist after their nps. Yeah zerkers are cool an all, but my baber alters are a cut above most lol


2 4 star servant wity class affinity+ Waver (Lunchtime) + Starting NP CE’s
Always try to get bond point much faster from 4 star servant so it will give me SQ. Lol.


Kiyohime♡(Berserker) and Best farming boi Arash with kscopes at hand, they are always present whenever farming is concerned in my chaldea


9 times outa 10
Lartoria np3 with scope and friend waver to np two waves and zerkerlot np5 with scope as well

Any saber stuff just swap in arash and have someone jump in with a scope instead of lartoria and keep zerker boi and waver


I generally use this team with a Raikou friend & MC Plugsuit

Kiyohime w/ kscope
Jalter lily w/ lmaginary element
Merlin w/ Chaldea lunchtime cause why not?
Friend’s Raikou w/ mlb kscope


My favorite unit to use for farming is kleido and mlb kleido. 2 is usually fine, though I would prefer 3.


My Alter duo of Salter and Santa. A Buster steroid and K-scope each. So simple yet such beautiful damage.