Favorite Valentine's scene/CE?

So with this event approaching its end, and most of us probably seeing the scenes for at least the Servants we were really looking forward to, which Servant scenes or CEs stood out to you from the rest?

For myself, I really enjoyed Proto Cú’s. As some of us know I’m really fond of a bunch of the Prototype characters and have great interest in the world in general, so his scene was a really neat read. Tells of how he feels about his Master in the first Holy Grail War.


And the CE itself tells of how he feels regarding us too.

I really like this guy and feel he’s rather unappreciated in general compared to the rest of the Cús, so I was happy when I watched this.

So how about y’all?


I’d probably say Rider Ishtar’s

Forgetting the day is a mood


I liked ruler Martha’s off the top of my head, was sweet


For the girls it is a tie between Nyalter and Quetz Samba. Both of them are really cute, they and MC have a great time and both were pretty fun to read.

For the guys it’s Ryouma. That scene with him and Oryou was just great, Izou’s was really good too but it’ 2 on 1 so he can’t win.


Oh yeah, the girls

It’s probably between Nezha and Rider Mordred for me :thinking: Ryouma’s was indeed a good one.


“A wild Evil Goddess has appeared!”


Among the guys, I have to agree with you – Cú Proto and Cú Caster are both really neat for the return gifts. I mean, holy cow it’s a Gae Bolg! Or at least a runner-up to one. And CasCú gives you a druid’s staff. I wonder if one or either could be translated with you during a Rayshift; the former at least came with a summoning. Ditto Georgios’ protective gift, a charm made from Bayard’s mane. As one of the scenes says, your Servants are your weapons, but a backup piece never hurt anybody.

Cute scenes on the girls’ side were Ereshkigal’s, Miyu’s – I found the third chocolate absolutely hilarious – and believe it or not Gorgon’s, who is so desperate to insist to you that the chocolates are for her sisters, but if you want to and they say it’s okay, then you can share. Bunyan’s was funny.

Those that moved me more: Chacha’s, because you realize she’s not talking to you. Abigail’s, because it’s good to see her getting over her fear of Geronimo. (Oh, and I satisfied my curiosity from last year to see what would happen if you pretended to faint. I didn’t like it, she seems really scared. Piggyback is much better.) Fran’s, which was simple and heartfelt, and I’m glad to see that our dedication is getting through.

One where I very much wish you could change your response: Nezha. Nezha’s uncomfortable with their present gender and misunderstood the purpose of the chocolates. They really wish you could return the gift, and I wish we could comply with their request, but both options leave you teasing them.


They were kinda cute after you teased 'em though

But you do have a point, they’d have appreciated that.


this was my favorite. the tsundere cleavage chocolate

followed by kiki’s “good ending” scene


Lan Ling’s for the CE

Kid Gil for scene

Im not sure actually, there a few that I like, but I dont know if I have a favourite. Something I find kinda sad is how boring OG Jeanne’s scene is, but maybe Shuten threating to rip out your guts or Kiyohime’s being just herself in ribbons messed with my expectations. If I had to pick I would choose either Larturia Alter’s or Jalter’s (OG or Summer).

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I really liked Ryoma’s Valentine’s scene, it’s very refreshing to know that servants actually have romance outside of the mc. Best couple in fate imo.


Jalter’s (either version, really) tsunderous antics are always enjoyable.
But Skadi’s gift just hits different. She remembers how you destroyed her world, the one that she protected and nurtured, and she outright says that there is no more love left in her to give. Yet still, she did make some ice pops for you. Still, she cares.

Out of the lads, definitely Blackbeard. He’s a good egg sometimes. A true kindred spirit. His sacrifice will be forever remembered in the halls of Pirate’s Glory.
A more serious runner-up would be Ozy with his recollections of his beloved Nefertari, concern for his fellow pharaohs, and those floofy little kittens, goodness…


For those who got BB welfare’s bad end, you can still replay it in my room and choose the good ending.

I enjoyed OG Jalter’s scene the most.

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Most liked scenes overall: Jalter berserker and Eresh.
Most unusual scenes: regular BB, Kiara and Anastasia.
Most adorable: Jeanne lily.
Funniest: probably saber Gilles with the Jeanne fanclub.

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Queen of Sheba, Okitan, Kiara, Abby, Jalter, Summer Ushi.

Can’t really choose a favorite, there are so many that i enjoyed.

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The one I’m mostly surprised and wasn’t expecting was with Chacha. The scene was really nice and very wholesome which is something that you wouldn’t immediately hear when you think of GudaGuda servants. It feels like Chacha is more than a joke character and hoping that they give her like an adult version. More Gudaguda content please DW!!


For the girls I liked Lancer Artoria’s the best…mainly because of what wasn’t shown or told but implied. The fact that even though they’re not technically under her anymore and she’s just a “What if?”, the knights still are super protective and adore her, going so far as to help her create this monster of a chocolate castle…I liked to imagine that they all had a hand in it, including Mash since she is an official Knight of the Round (Summer three confirmed this as she calls the knights her “Fellow members of the Round”.) her CE even seems sad and beautiful at the same time…saying she is blessed to have such good and caring companions.

Of the boys…it’s a tie between Arthur and Bedivere. Bedi because he gets so flustered and it’s so sweet to see how humble he is. Before the Voiced ones came out, one of the response options for his question of “You mean…?” (As in, “you mean I mean this much to you?”) is “With all of my heart.” This sweetheart of a man meant so much to me personally…my first ST Saber and a friggin godsend through a lot of events. So his I adored greatly.
Arthur I just got this year…I…have a massive crush on him and seeing that not only does he care about you and makes sure you’re ok when you both leave the simulator but he effing cooks and it’s really effing good…it’s not as deep into the lore and background as the other two were, but it was fantastic surprise for me and it made me love him even more.

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I can never have enough of Avicebron’s golems

Even though it’s not edible, it’s still super duper cutee (Edit: imagine running into these cuties in the hallway)

Plus, every Chaldean problem can literally be solved by his golems. I can’t stress this enough


I’ve not seen all of my scenes yet because I’m doing it all randomly, but my favourite so far is probably Mecha Eli’s scene. The fact that she gave a helmet that let you understand her status and communicate with her instead of chocolate felt a lot more personal, which was cool. The scene itself was pretty good too. Runner up is probably Hokusai.

For the guys, I think Saber Gilles probably had the best scene, although Ozy giving you baby Sphinxes is definitely the best gift.

The worst scene without a shadow of a doubt goes to Jing Ke. That was such a complete nothing of a scene. It was about 3 lines long, and didn’t mention any of her character traits. She didn’t even have any alcohol in it.