Favorite Version Of Chrom?

  • Chrom
  • Spring Chrom
  • Winter Chrom
  • Exalted Chrom
  • Legendary Chrom
  • Valentine Chrom

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I’m voting for w!Chrom for nostalgia and being on my first team in feh


Game play or aesthetically ? If it’s game play I only use 2 in which case horse Chrom because of range and sealed Falchon.Aesthetically ? Hm :thinking: i’d say his kingly garb/posture is the best.
I can’t be bothered with the others,don’t like any of the seasonal Chroms and I never used og Chrom even after his Resplendent which I also didn’t like the Muspell theme pick.

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VChrom is nice and all, but Exalted Chrom? Always fun to use.

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I like Winter Chrom’s art the most so I voted him

Can’t vote gameplay wise because I’ve never used a Chrom so I can’t get a proper opinion lmao

The fact that we will have 7 Chrom come August…


Artwise, I like resplendent Chrom the most, with Valentine Chrom at second place. I am not a fan of the Legendary Attire because I feel Chrom would never wear something that elegant, even after he ascended to the throne. I pictured him wearing at least medium armored garments instead of something that Leif would wear. The attire is cool, but not for Chrom in my opinion.