Favorite Version Of Female Corrin?

I like them all lol but L!Corrin’s art is amazing (tho so are them all except OG F!Corrin, who I don’t even dislike in terms of art). But yeah, ngl I like them all, but I use L!Corrin the most and she has my favourite art

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Hopefully F.Corrin gets a Resplendent… and if Sencha doesn’t do the art I will be severely surprised


A refine would be nice too!

F.Corrin already has a refine, unless you talkin bout Adrift

oops meant F!F!Corrin

Fallen probs won’t be for a good while

OG Female Corrin will always be my favorite one just because of the great artwork :feh_corrinmug:


Ah, this thread reminded me that Sencha drew the artwork for all of Corrin’s alts and I’m glad IS switched artists after the OG.